Speed Gang - Rain Drop Lyrics

I've been working on bettering myself lil bitch
To much fake love man I can't do it
Worried to much
Bitch you got me worried sick
All I wanna do is just drink another fith

All I wanna do is grab a knife and cut my wrist ayy!
Watch the blood flow like the river when it rains ayy!
Call a few hoes have that bitch just suck my dick ayy!
Swear to God I never thought you'd do me like this ayy!

I swear to God
I never thought you do me like this
Now I can't drown my demons
Yea they know how to swim
I remember when I loved you
You swore it never end
Now every time I hear your name
I get fucking sick bitch

Yea I popped a molly
I be drinking to much!
Sometimes I go to bed
And don't want to wake up
Tears keep rolling an
I be getting fucked up
Yea the tears keep rolling
And I be getting fucked up

Rain drop top
Until you cum I won't stop
Fuck me baby ride me baby
Cocking my pistola
Rain drop top
Until you cum I won't stop
Fuck me baby ride me baby
Cocking my pistola

Yea rain drop drop top
Baby you a freak
Late night drives
Got you wetting up my seats
Stick stick drop top
Even in the sheets
You gon be moaning all night like eeee

Mere weed more sex more head less stress
Gotta ball I gotta flex
Rolly rolly rolex
Mere weed more sex more head less stress
Gotta ball I gotta flex
Rolly rolly rolex

I hope you die...
I hope you die...
I hope you die...
I hope you die...

Yea I popped a molly
I be drinking to much!
Sometimes I go to bed
And don't want to wake up
Tears keep rolling an
I be getting fucked up
Yea the tears keep rolling
And I be getting fucked up

Rain drop top
Until you cum I won't stop
Fuck me baby ride me baby
Cocking my pistola
Rain drop top
Until you cum I won't stop
Fuck me baby ride me baby
Cocking my pistola

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Speed Gang Rain Drop Comments
  1. TeNaa MaRee

    This song is how i feel most of the time. But this part is my favorite Go to bed and i dont wanna wake up, tears keep rolling i will be getting fucked up.......................................... To love someone and give it your all. They just don't see how bad it can hurt when they did your wrong and what's the point in trying to forgive when they just keep doing it. This song deep and i love it. It help me to keep going but no matter what it will always hurt deep down💔

  2. Dawson Thoresen

    Sit in class listen to speed gang alound great day

  3. Bailey Bruner

    Holy shit I have this band shirt to thats a motionless in white band shirt I also have the same one. 👻 also I love this says alot to me

  4. Alondra Madrigl

    Any one going to listen to this in new years in 2020 just because they are single

  5. Reese Leyba


  6. Jai Deweese

    How has he not went bigger than YouTube! This dude is better than alot of rappers!!

  7. Blake Joyner

    everytime i feel like diein i turn this song on for a few years now this song got me through alot every one of your songs get me through everything in a different way keep doin you.

  8. Allie cato

    You are my idle

  9. Maddie.Sandrson

    you cure my depression

  10. Roberto Alvarez Castañeda

    Damn ok ill die some day

  11. TeNaa MaRee

    I honestly love this song.💖🎶 Speed Gang music is fire🔥🔥😎💯


  12. rad king

    Dope boy be fly as fuck 💯 respect and love

  13. Danielle Norris

    I love your music especially this song

  14. Crazy Pitbull

    I love ur music bro it keep me good


    Okay so this is the farthest thing from the type of rap I listen to. I'm more of a NaS and J.Cole type guy and I hate the over use of auto tune but today I was like "fuck it I'm gonna listen to every speed gang song"

  16. Ethan Newton

    I love your music

  17. Natí nátalía

    2019 616 Gannnnggg

  18. Raquel Gacria

    I like all your music is awesome

  19. Stoner Rapper

    Can i make a music video of this

  20. metro pont

    # team616

  21. Jared Draper

    Speed Gang aka Blood Gang thanks for your music if it wasnt for your music I would already pull the trigger but I didnt your music is the reason I'm still here

  22. Tara & Preston

    I love you Speed Gang ♥♥♥

  23. Nicole Lawrence

    this song is soo mood ;(

  24. Terence Lagrelle

    Whats 616 mean?

  25. jay bright

    Its about me i live these songs

  26. jay bright

    Bad ass shit blowing up

  27. Christy White

    But how this song gets up in your head and grabs your heart..Speed Gang your sound is genuinely genius!

  28. MacKenzie sessions

    This is the perfect song to listen to when ur high

  29. Carnage Carney

    2019 anyone?

  30. Barbara buerkle

    ( To much fake love Man i cant do it )(Now every time i here your name i get fucking sick bitch i cant belive u would do me like this) 2 good parts on one bad ass song and singer this is the only man keeping me from being hurt buy anyone anymore and all my pain will someday go away but the judgeing need to stop the songs r most base on sex and drugs but do u ever just stop and lisson to what he is saying if u cant under stand it then u wouldent get it cause u have never had and lost love walk out on u when they promise something and break it but someday i will be readdy to be with someone one again but for now 616 speed gang keep singing your heart out u help in so many ways keep it real dont ever give up

  31. Totally Avakin

    My ex sent this to me when I broke up with him😞

  32. Jxnna Lxigh

    RIP MArk Dubray jr.

  33. OG_ MIKE

    this shit was his bag should of stayed with it lmao oh well they rise and fall

  34. M FISHER1020

    can i speed your songs up and slow them down plz and post them on youtube

  35. brøk3n bøn3s

    Who are the 328 crackheads who disliked this

  36. Dominique Russell


  37. Kiesha Newsome

    yo anyone still gone be listenin ta this in 2019?

    Last day of school for me and get do what we want, I listen to this and sing it out loud in class, then my friend starts listenin to it .
    By tha way Speed Gang, bro me too i feel you

  38. gage richards

    I love speedgang so much he helps me with my depression

    Elijah'l Nelson

    best of luck to you


    Love this

  40. Nayyy Rozayyy


  41. Sheldon Livingston

    Dude I always bump this!! U made this sick💯💯❤️

  42. Speed Gang

    ON ITUNES HERE: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1440183614?ls=1&app=itunes

  43. ty yazzie

    I can listen to this over an over keep me calm an not lose my mind


    Does anyone know the guitar he used?

  45. April Masias


  46. Holly Mahon

    Love your music

  47. Holly Mahon

    I’ve listen to ever single song of yours even the rare ones

  48. micheal goodwin

    Wish we could hand bro

  49. John Sims

    Fell in love with this song I cry to it shout out to speed gang this is at 965000 views 35000 more views this be at a Millon views I think he should stay as independent rapper and not on radio because he doing way better then them other rappers out there they have nothing on him

  50. Linsey Hilley

    The sigil of Lilith

  51. Mckayla Begay

    I always listen to SPEED GANG everyday non stop

  52. chuck kirby

    this need to be on spotify 😭😭

  53. Holly Debusk

    Love this music love love love

  54. Kaiden Gonzales

    Fuck whoever you think of when you hear this song!!🖕

  55. Peaches Smith

    I’m in love w you Jeremy!

  56. Peaches Smith

    He so real. No bullshit. Like go die bitch or all sensitive and sweet....

  57. MOODY KI773R

    I love this song

  58. Justin Foust

    I love all of your music my life is so fucked up you talk to me in ways you can't imagine. Would you ever consider going to Nebraska to perform?

  59. Chotch Kam

    dope shyt bruh lolz

  60. Kimberly Owens

    Iove this song

  61. Kali Beeles

    I love this song

  62. jasie whatley

    speed gang helps me so much in life like fr fr i love him and i can relate so much to him

  63. Bertram Jones

    Oh shit that's cool he took "I can't drown my demons they know how to swim" from bring me the horizon and put it in this song that's what the tattoo on his neck is that's cool

  64. Kayla Hice

    You should make a music video

  65. Hailey Foss

    Your songs explain my thought and life... your songs have helped me through the worst of times. I fucking love you dude ❤

  66. Mike Tackett

    This song rides ....Dont matter who you are are what you listen to this song touches ur life at one point in this song or another speed gang i hooe you blow it up in the music scene you deserve it mad respect thanks for sayin what everyone is scared to say or talk about

  67. Ashley Maners

    You're my favorite. You hit my soul everytime.

  68. Annie Wireman

    #speed gang

  69. *insert name here *

    Nice bmth reference!

  70. Anilya Coon

    Yaa rain drop drop top baby you freak, late night drives got you wetting up my seats, stick stick drop top even in the sheets, you gon be moaning all night like eeee! Fckn love your songs, keep em coming!!!👌

  71. Joshua James Slater

    616 at speed gang love yous loads

  72. N Daddy Crush

    Download link? Anyone have it?

  73. Maggie Mitchell

    swear to god thought you never do me like this

  74. lil pump

    616 is S-P-E-E-D G-A-N-G your songs are nice

  75. Ally Rosenau

    Omg I love this song

  76. Dillon Griswell

    make me cry

  77. Francelia Sarracino

    speed gane help me with my life

  78. The Pellerinos

    I remember when everyone thought this was fetty wap 😂🙄

  79. Kris Ridgley

    Fav song real shit man love this🔥

  80. Grenzgaenger kid

    On Imvu I made u a shirt it says "Speed gang is bae!"

  81. womaneater44

    Popped a Molly I be drinking too much

  82. Sama Mueller

    Love this song

  83. ashland high

    If you like him check out Death kiss on SoundCloud it will have a pic of a guy with tattoos on he's face

  84. Madison Gunter

    Can’t drown my demons they know how to swim is from another arrest but it’s better in this song love it 😊 level up dude!!

  85. CJ thanks

    ayyyyyy this shit is lit

  86. itskirstenbitchhh

    my first speedgang song. now im onbsessed wit all his music. this song nd lucy in black are my favorite,

  87. Lupe Ibarra

    So this aint fetty wap

  88. Laramie Mitchell

    Keep up the good work bro been supporting sense day one always will keep it 100 bro

  89. Chris Moses

    Speed gang!!!!! Edmonton Canada

  90. speed gang for life

    Fuck the haters hahaha SPEED GANG on fire 🔥🔥 keep it up bro I love all ur shit 🤗💯

  91. Cody Norris

    Awesome !

  92. Travis Mills Mills55

    Yeah rain drop, drop tops

  93. Lawrence Poch

    All of this song help me through life


    Rain drop drop top @Speed Gang don't stop

  95. Aisha Siddique

    obsessed with this song atm i'd say its my fav ;)

  96. lonewolf stasso

    Is it bad that how I feel sometimes on the first verse??