Speed Gang - Paint The Walls Red Lyrics

Cruising down the street in my 6-4
I be jokin on bitches
But the only hoe is you
You swore you would never do me
Like the rest before
But bitch you just the same oh
Bitch you just a hoe...

So paint the walls with my brains
Bitch ohhhhh!
Cause Red is Your Favorite color baby I know
So paint the walls with my brains
Bitch ohhhhh!
Cause Red is Your Favorite color baby I know

Yea I told u what I went threw
You told me id be fine
Cause I been there before
But you told me you were mine...

Yea I said the same thing
But I proved I wasn't that dude
An I ain't gunna lie bitch
Yea that pussy smelt like cat food...
How you got be that rude?
Watch how fast I drop you...
I'm famous around the world bitch
Your just a local slut boo
That Michigan run threw
That 616 cum ouzzee
All in your stomach bitch
I swear to God I hate you...

Cause all I want is you!
All I need is you!
Angel on my shoulder
But we do not get along
Angel holocaust
Bloody wings an all
Chopping up happiness
Cocaine, adderall

Cruising down the street in my 6-4
I be jokin on bitches
But the only hoe is you
You swore you would never do me
Like the rest before
But bitch you just the same oh
Bitch you just a hoe...

So paint the walls with my brains
Bitch ohhhhh!
Cause Red is Your Favorite color baby I know
Paint the walls with my brains
Bitch ohhhhh!
Cause Red is Your Favorite color baby I know

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Speed Gang Paint The Walls Red Comments
  1. Rechinu

    2020 someone?

  2. Team Shelton

    Yo he needs to come to glassport pa

  3. Asia Taylor

    This is lit lol i love this song 💖🔥💖🔥💖🔥

  4. Allmighty Snail

    bazanji lights go down in reverse/ this beat.

  5. Kendall Parnell

    Best rapper ever! Fuckin love you bro keep keepin it real🤞

  6. Mel P

    Were supposes to be ❤ together forver wtf suece una....

  7. Huffmaster TV

    Are the videos in the background a movie if so what r they

  8. Ang Berthold

    618 shouting out 616

  9. Ang Berthold

    This my shit

  10. Robert Garcia

    Are these from movies

  11. coolo green

    Cannot get this song out of my head

  12. A12T

    Anyone still her listening to heat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Allmighty Snail

    how do i obtain this instrumental

  14. Elizabeth Ann

    " your pussy smelt like cat food " ❤😂

  15. Gaming emo

    So paint the wall with my brains bitch ohhh cause red is your favorite coller baby I know

  16. Oakland Sams

    Tf where is std smh 😭

  17. Dominique Russell

    I will obey my king i work hard as well 2 hoe lol could be be someones wife one day. Cant turn a hoe into a house wife lmao yeah right im beg a difference

  18. Ivy Kurowski

    I sent this to my ex and all she said was goodbye and blocked me 😂🤷‍♀️

  19. Rick James

    Happy halloween🔪🕯😈

  20. Dominique Russell

    Fuck yah just for. Min lol an pink an other colors

  21. Dominique Russell

    My favorite is real

  22. Anthony Omeasoo

    I aint even gonna lie yo pussy smell like cat food

  23. Dominique Russell

    It is my fav color

  24. Dominique Russell

    Fuck yass it is Red #babygirl

  25. smol Shigaraki

    I miss my friends trinity and natasha I mss u guy I love this song seirra u miss natasha hehe

  26. Xray Thompson

    Man idk wtf happened to all the subs, but you still got good shit, i just wish I woulda heard of you sooner than I did

  27. Victoria


  28. Speed Gang


    ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1413642475?ls=1&app=itunes

    Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1413642475

    Mystie McGowan

    Where do you get the clips in the background of your videos??

    Thomas Sanderson

    Good work keep up the good music.

    Thomas Sanderson

    @smol Shigaraki same💯

    Thomas Sanderson

    @Dominique Russell 😦

    Thomas Sanderson


  29. Anthony Lord

    Man u fucking to good to be doing this

  30. Savage Scar

    Speed gang 😈😈😈

  31. LG The Rapper

    @SpeedGang yo man, I just recently became a fan of your music and I really enjoy this song; I was wondering if I could use this beat for a non-profit project?

  32. Tyler Poor Eagle

    The vid is so creepy but still %100%like it

  33. Moroko Tear

    Love this song

  34. Lincolium Gaming

    This song is one of my fav. The old ladie thinks I'm fucked up 😂😂 keep it up man love this shit. 🖒🖒

  35. LucasYostinfection

    Same rhythm always the same, never switches up, lame ass no talent bitch

  36. Sabrina Valenti

    can't stop Listin to it. ❤❤🔥🔥

  37. sarah renee'

    Speed gang taking over 💙💙💙

  38. Death SawX

    Fuckin sick bro 606 ky

  39. Nobody Important

    Did u know human brains are blue

  40. Brian Thompson

    Hell yeah man keep it up

  41. ass eyes

    Dope soap

  42. Philip Kay

    I love your songs speed gang

  43. Ethel Telegadas

    Your the shit speed gang never give up on making music 😍😘😗😙😚😚😚😚😚😚

  44. Cory Stevens

    a week ago i told my ex i hope her boyfriends head gets beat in with a baseball bat. the next day i beat his head in with a baseball bat lmao hope she dont mind i made a few changes. best part is i even took a picture with him after and sent it to her hahahhahahaha

  45. Alienated Shay

    Listen to this song more than once in a day 🔥

    Gaming emo

    I have been addicted to it for the last week lol

  46. William Sammons

    My girlfriend showed me this song and speed gang


    How arnt you famous your better then fetty. Wait I think I know cause they all illuminate I don't think you are. Are u? And please reply speed gang I'm a big fan

  48. AFJ Follmann

    how do i buy this song???

  49. Jordan Fetkiw

    Yo what is up with this instrumental where can i find omg it is fire just like he song

  50. SonOfShadows

    The vid 🤢

  51. Fortnite Plays

    This is amazing but why the scary shit

  52. April Drake

    He'll Ya me my homey so want to party with u

  53. Vicki Nelson

    Who hurt You!!!

  54. Amy Fedder

    I like the song but the video creeps me out

  55. beanzy 18

    Yo music got me catchin them feels bruh keep it up

  56. S1LeNT- M1ND

    Speed gang is always 100% real 💯🍇



  58. YUM-YUM112

    I wish this was a published this song is 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Long Dick

    Please make a song on that new movie "it" the clown it will be so dope

  60. Levi Shedrow

    This song came out before my birthday, it was like an early birthday present, keep up the fire brother

  61. Alessandro Kanina

    Guys anyone knows hows possible he sings exactly like fetty wap. Im new in speed gangs world sorry

  62. Dwayne Ballantyne

    Then again an other good one

  63. Brandt Dwarf

    paint the walls wit my brain

  64. Brandt Dwarf

    paint the walls wit my brain bitch ohhhhhhh!!

  65. Brad Harrison

    you screaming 616 and i respect that. im screaming 618 tho. got my town tatted. much respect brosky you going to blow up in 2k18

  66. Matthew Bradley

    I want the instrumental to this

  67. Juanita Savannah

    Omg I love you and your music....my little brother just loves your music too we blast your music 24/7 can you please reply back❤️🔥🎶

  68. Koby Warnock

    Speed gang, do you ever get noticed in the streets?

  69. Jimmy Coughlin

    Thank you so much for your music. It makes me wanna take my lips of a loaded barrel and keep pushing forward. Your song "my last song" saved my life. I feel into a deep depression that I thought I'd never emerge from but I started listening to your music and it help me get out and see the real beauty's in life. Thank you speed gang 616!

  70. Mm Jj

    This diss song is LITT!! n SG is on FIRE!! Burning it Down!!

  71. Michelle Herbest

    Chopping up happiness,cocaine adderall

  72. YNW Davidson

    Speed gang 4 life my girl just took my baby and left me to be a hoe speed gang your the only one who understands

  73. coty's playlists

    When will speed gang be on Spotify??

  74. Im Bored

    Yo all of u guys go follow speed gang in Spotify!!!! He has one song and it's called London bridge

  75. Angel Of Darkness

    it's a hard life to be a center

  76. Windex `

    Song is lit as fuck

  77. Christopher Dickie Bryan Crowe

    his ex hurt him like mine. this song relates so much!!

  78. Jac Ashurst


  79. Celeste Kent

    #speedgang #be #pimping

  80. Jeremy Gabriel

    the video is dope a'f straight up. 💯

  81. RaQuel Thomason

    As always chopping up the hits like happiness

  82. Jason Beckman Jr.


  83. Grave yardgaming


  84. gustavo armenta

    Yo this shit lit af frfr💯🔥...Keep it up tho!!

    gustavo armenta

    Can't get enough of this song..Its to fire💯🔥

  85. robby riggle

    What all scary movies are in this vid?

  86. Justin TM

    Put your songs on spotify!!

  87. Rick James

    When u gonna drop the next track bro?

  88. Emily Honsinger

    #speedgang love u💞💞

  89. Rick James

    🎶paint the wall red wit my brains bitch ooohh cuz red is ur favorite color baby i know🎶

  90. Nope no

    I can't this song is bomb❤️😍😤

  91. patronbullets1

    Speed Gang come to Indiana


    What part?


    Lafayette but there is a stadium in Noblesville that rappers perform at

  92. VibeThe Mood

    Been here since 20K you growing ‼️616🎗🎬

  93. Maya !!!!!!!!

    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  94. Kolboth Men

    Love this song fire

  95. ghostunit9

    song is lit !

  96. Grave yardgaming


  97. mlg recker

    1 word..... FIRE

    mlg recker

    Speed gang makes such fire