Sparks - The Ghost Of Liberace Lyrics

It was a dark and stormy night that I stepped out
Something strange was in the air, I couldn't figure it out
Who's there, tell me what you want from me
Oh no, I can't believe what I now see
They say the paranormal's just a sucker's game
I keep an open mind, but deep down I feel the same
Oh no, now I think I've changed my mind
Oh no, now I know I've changed my mind

The ghost of Liberace keeps on hanging 'round
Hovers over farmland, lingers over towns
The ghost of Liberace still has that mystique
If he were alive he'd now be at his peak

The ghost of Liberace
The ghost of Liberace

Across the street, in fact across the whole damn town
They're making fun of him, they try to put him down
Oh yeah, but I wished they'd let him be
Oh yeah, he's not hurting you or me
Sometimes he blinds the drivers with his shiny suits
They see that smile and they laugh at him, hey don't shoot
Oh no, now he's hung in effigy
On no, why can't they just let him be

The ghost of Liberace
The ghost of Liberace


He hums Evita and Moon River and Michelle
Maybe that's why the people scream out "go to hell"
Oh no, now they're throwing cans of beer
Oh no, I thought ghosts could disappear
But he remains in all his glory, it's so strange
These aren't the kind of people he can change
But wait, now they're starting to applaud
I guess there really is a God above


The ghost of Liberace

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Sparks The Ghost Of Liberace Comments
  1. lez king

    First person to come back in 2020?

  2. Anna Backman

    So beautiful... 😢😢😢😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Derek B

    all-round Superb.......Thanks.