Sparks - Stereo Lyrics

Make you choice and that is that
Live with her and don't look back
Easy, simple, tidy, ultra-clean
Not with me, I don't know why
To the left and to the right
Good things come from just one side

(In) Stereo

In a sandwich, in a vice
Stuck with too much paradise
It's okay with me, it's not too bad
Each of you has other scenes
smart professors, clean marines
You too live your life in Stereo

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Sparks Stereo Comments
  1. BlueSoulJim

    Is this real music video?

  2. rafel pou

    sugestiu però massa dolç pel meu gust

  3. Grey Ever

    This world we are living in is for ignorant and stupid people. That's why this song couldn't be a hit.

  4. adriän ogando

    instagram/ fromfiorito (fan of sparks)

  5. David Frankel

    Yeah, always evoked for me Hawaiian disco-coconut- harvesting .Great rock to disco crossover track. Can you do one for Pineapple too?

  6. ben franklin

    Just another day at the Almond Joy-Mounds factory.

  7. Paddy Mitchell

    Love this album even though Sparks were not happy with it


    Music pneumonia

  9. Rob Davidson

    paradise yeeees pleeeeeeaaase