Sparks - Scheherazade Lyrics

Scheherazade, you enslave me
Others begged, crying "save me"
Wasted words, hatred tore me
Scheherazade, tell me stories
Ships at sea, all imagined

Bravery, all imagined
Bloodless blood, colorblindness
Scheherazade, who's behind this?
Scheherazade, there's a sameness
To the world in its plainness
But your worlds are on fire
Filled with lust
Filled with liars

Once upon a time
Very, very long ago
Once upon a time
Very, very far away
All I want are illusions
Scheherazade, no conclusions

Every night, entertain me
No repeats, entertain me
Ships at sea, all imagined
Bravery, all imagined
Bloodless blood, colorblindness
Scheherazade, you're behind this

Scheherazade, Scheherazade, Scheherazade, Scheherazade
I won't kill you

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Sparks Scheherazade Comments
  1. T Watt

    Balls is a great album. Great band.

  2. Comet

    I listened to this all the time in middle school
    6 years later, finally fucking found it!

  3. Janet Broadley

    I love the live version of this.

  4. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    WHAT! how can I be hearing this for the first time ! well.. universe has the power to impress me, I know. :=). Excellent move sister ;). Thanks!
    Time to restart after its finished and listen that time. Sweet ;)

  5. Anna Backman

    The story "One Thousand and One Nights" / "The Arabic nights" are actually many, many stories. An exact number seems impossible to find, though through centuries there have been both additions and removals.
    According to what I found out the earliest stories go all way back to the seventh century in Persia (Iran).
    The storytelling character Scheherazade occurred later, but before the ninth century when the stories were translated into Arabic.
    The stories originate from the areas around The Silk Road from Turkey to China, such as Persia, Iraq, Arabia, Old Greek, India and so far away as China.
    As stories usually been, they have been altered and adapted to times and areas where they have been told.
    There is an original script from 1300th century, but the sources I used couldn't tell any more about that.
    "One Thousand and One Nights" was brought to Europe by a French man, Antoine Galland, in early 1800th century. He had added some stories he claimed to have heard from a man from Aleppo, Syria.
    The original stories were filled with sex orgies and violence, which has been changed, or more like censored I think.
    Scheherazade was a princess who was bound to marry and spend the night with a king, Shahriar of Persia. He had been deceived by his (previous, we can guess🗡️) wife and took out his fury on all women. He had one woman every night and killed her in the morning.
    When Scheherazade was next she skillfully told him a really exciting and entertaining story. Sly as she was, she never let the story to end in the morning, and of course the king wanted to hear the end. (Cliffhanger 😁)
    After 1001 nights he was so impressed with her that he let her live as his wife.
    (Sources: Wikipedia and a Swedish newspaper Kristianstadbladet (from the city Kristianstad) written by Sigrid Nurbo)
    (If my grammar sucks, sorry. Live with it.)

  6. Anna Backman

    Seductive, like a night in a Persian fairytail. A thousand and one nights. 💖

  7. Flabby Bum

    Cracking track from the most underrated album from the most underrated band.

  8. Ervīns Kalniņš


  9. Tiago dos Anjos

    Muito bom, que pena aqui no Brasil praticamente não tem nada do Sparks, conjunto bom mas desconhecido, em 1980 conheci o Sparks, mas conseguir comprar somente três Lps (Propaganda, Indiscreet e Kimono My House).

  10. Maia Jintcharadze

    "No repeats, entertain me" :))

  11. Gusdocs1

    A very underrated song from the greatest band ever

  12. mikesaxclar

    incredible tune! Amazing, I hadn't heard this one before!

  13. Victor Wong

    Thanks for the lyrics!