Space - A Faster Way To Travel Lyrics

Gotta get away from expanding cities
Gotta get away from lazy head-down dreams
Gotta get away from fantastic hallucinations
Can't you see I need a rocket up my arse?
I need to go so much quicker
I need to go so much quicker
I need to go so much quicker now

I need a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel
Show me a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel

Gotta get away from this fairy land
Gotta get away, it's being torn to pieces
Gotta get away from benign indifference
Can't you see I need a rocket up my arse?
I need to go so much quicker
I need to go so much quicker
I need to go so much quicker now

I need a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel
Show me a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way

Faster, faster, faster, faster...
Fast fast fast fast!

I need a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel
Show me a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel

I need a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel
Show me a faster way to travel
Let's talk about a faster way to travel

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Space A Faster Way To Travel Comments
  1. S.A.A Miller

    No Man's Sky thankfully is now adding everything they promised and even more

  2. GiorgosZ GiorgosZz

    I understood how m drive works and how it does it and it's simple physics

  3. Jacob DeMar

    EmDrive was disproved:(

  4. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ


    i thought he gonna say Time Travel!! fastest methods of TIME TRAVEL.

  5. David Dupont

    weres the orion drive?

  6. Charlie 502

    That eyebrow

  7. Trevor Seidl

    I like cheese planets

  8. Steven Burgess

    EM drive not M drive

  9. zerocool

    Love MGS, the phantom pain was awesome. 3 thumbs up!!!

  10. Adam Demirs

    Seems like the way to travel through space at the speed of light or faster would be through creating gravity through natural energy. A center of gravity in a craft would cancel the g-force that would normally kill a person from moving that fast. The person that worked at the test center near area 51 claims the alien craft they were trying to reverse engineer had a power source that created its own gravity or anti gravity. He claims when the device was turned on that it would push any organic matter away including himself, like the north side of a magnet facing the north side of another magnet. He claims that several alien space craft are stored in a bunker built inside of a mountain close to area 51. I believe his name is Bob Lazar.

  11. Danish Anton

    Insufficient research. There isn't a Aisha Mustafa -

  12. Jim Green

    I don't know if this is just a poh-TAY-toe/poh-TAH-toe thing or not, because of being from opposite sides of The Pond, but my information says that the element used in one of the drives you discussed here is spelled 'xenon', and that the only entity spelled 'zenon' is the Girl of the 21st. Century in the Disney movies, and that the pronunciation is ZEE-non rather than ZEN-on.

    "Jeesh!! Are you picky!" Yeah, I know.

  13. Lin Yen Chin

    Is this Dumb-Fuck really saying "M-drive" rather than *E.M-Drive?*

  14. Lin Yen Chin

    Ahhh this Dumb-Fuck with it's heavy mouth breathing and shitty british dialect... the subject is desirable, the orator is revolting.

  15. Hugh Jass

    The fastest spacecraft is not Voyager 1. It's the Juno probe launched on July 4, 2016. It accelerated up to a speed of 165000 mph.

  16. sergioreinert

    EmDrive is a hoax

  17. ajr993

    EM drive is complete bullshit.

  18. Mr Extraordinary

    I thought the helios 2 was the fastest man made object?

  19. winglessang31

    Bring an Xbox and a copy of Red Dead 2 for the long space journey. That’ll keep you busy.

  20. xadam2dudex

    Go to Area 51... they have had FTL drive for decades according to Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works ex-President

  21. Dylan Sullivan

    Thoty2 lolol

  22. Petra44YT Nein!

    What's with the ANNOYING music?

  23. Dr. Nutsack


  24. Mariana godinez sansores

    the real problem that we cannot live forever yet, If we could it would be a more realistic option so that is the first barrier we have to overcome

  25. StormShadow

    Heh....No, we don't need the speed of light to travel the universe. We need it faster than that. Most of the stuff in our galaxy alone is several hundred light years away.

  26. #MIaSMa#

    The last one was basically a warp drive theory? To bend space and time creating extremely powerful thrust or “warp”

  27. bright gaming

    NASA needs to see this 😅

  28. NickTheAwesome100

    I got into this stuff yesterday because of a game called stellaris.

  29. SmithN' Wesson

    So far the Orion drive is the best option but even travelling 250 thousand miles an hour is extremely slow. Hell 250 thousand miles a second is really slow

  30. VC YT

    I think this guy has just come back from funeral an couldn't be bother to change his clothes.

  31. The weird kid who sits alone at lunch

    Pause 8:31

  32. ClearlyAnArtistAnimations

    When I was 12 I thought ; why not use space itself to create thrust...

    3 years later I found out it was already an idea. Wow.

  33. Hyperb2002

    I would've brought Metal Gear Solid V instead of No Man's Sky.

  34. Bobby

    The video is all bullshit.
    Even if you could travel at 10% of the speed of light -
    just hitting a spec of dust would destroy a large spacecraft.
    It would explode like a tonne of dynamite.

  35. Deivs Platais

    shots fired at Dave

  36. joolian feline

    0:51 Correction: The New Horizons Pluto probe was the fastest spacecraft ever launched.😀

  37. M A

    If the humanity spend one year money in space travel Tec research like they spend on weapons and wars I think wethen 2 years we will find away to travel in space faster then light and every nation can have her own planet and stop fighting for ever

  38. Sir I.K Elzyy

    9:45 yoooo the shade 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  39. David Bond

    No man sky was pretty bad

  40. Rknchld 123

    Fuck yea Metal Gear Solid V is way better than No Man's Sky

  41. Desert Ranger

    Unless this thought has been thought before this is my idea for space travel in space theirs not a lot that can slow gravity definently if your inertia is going towards gravity so if you could cause a controled fore of energy so dense on an atom level and think of a how a black hole works its so dense that gravity pulls in light so if you could recreat that in a directinal use you could travel much master then light not like i did the math and be able to reach other solar systems hell maybe galaxys if you found some way to control the fore of gravity and dissapate the Dense electric material so as to allow deceleration. This in theory should work but their are many things that need to be figured out like how the gravity will be directinal and not suck in any other things besides the space ship. For long flights maybe instead of cryo their could be a stasis pod that kept your cells recreation as to not allow deth due to time. Thats all i can say of the top of my head and I hope for inteligent comments on the matter.

  42. Matthew Kingston

    Just build a TARDIS

  43. Rathnaw Inc.

    Love the gaming references, but we can tell you're not a gamer... Sorry

  44. SouthBayJay

    Antimatter thrust could go 1/2 the speed of light

  45. Karen


  46. Ryan Grissett

    Microwaves are just photons with less energy, right? I don't understand how the EmDrive "breaks physics" by producing them and funneling them in one direction from solar power. Maybe I just don't understand the EmDrive at all.

  47. Bud Gates

    Just glad we're finally headed back to space commercially not just governmentally

  48. David Ombogo

    So stick a microwave in a road cone??

  49. Henry The Cocaine-Sampler

    0:20 rip mic

  50. SirGrem

    Mathematically possible? Come on now, mankind. Catch the god damn Alcubierre drive and build it or make it with different material!

  51. Jared Jams

    Warp speed!

  52. Shatakshi maji

    me and 3 of my friends are actually working on kepler186f. We're trying to make the planet suitable for living, which till now is going on pretty progressively. The problem comes when we're thinking about travelling from the earth to kepler186f. According to the information we've got, this planet is 500 light years away from us, so it is clear that if we are to reach their alive we'll have to move faster than light. We were reading some articles on hyperspace and wormholes but it really didn't seem to help as even if we are able to prove the hyperspace and drag our galaxy towards the kepler galaxy ( which still seems impossible for us) we have no idea where the wormhole will land us. Is anybody here who can help us with this ???

  53. samuel young

    the EmDrive probably emits electromagnetic propellant of some sort. at least, that is my theory. also, the larger force is probably simply the waves having larger waves

  54. SauceyRed

    Arachnophobe here

  55. Ricky Flores

    I like how everyone is talking about the shots fired at no mans sky but he threw shots at Einstein by saying that we would travel faster than light in some time

  56. DJ Rafa

    The key for travling faster than light is moving space arround as suppose to moving the spaceship 😂

  57. Brototi Biswas

    No Man's Sky , roasted yet again

  58. The Queen Of Fandon

    Please do terraforming Venus

  59. Aidan George

    like ur intros

  60. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Wait there isn't any friction in space just need a big boom

  61. FableBlaze

    Well the coolest way would obviously be a spacecraft powered literary by nuclear bombs. (not making this sh*t up here)

  62. Rares Oance

    EM Drive is made up shit by a guy who has no ideea what he is talking about

  63. Stormy Anne

    This channel

    Me: *comes for facts*...
    Also me: *stays for sexy accent*...

  64. CurbsideUnderwood

    I love this video :)

  65. Premintex

    as long as space traffic is ok
    omg i love this guy

  66. The Tik-Tok Man

    ee by gum lad

  67. Noside Noside


  68. Dobbys Boggart

    Even if the EM drive turns out to be no good for space travel, it may be good for land and aircraft travel.

  69. Greendude0101

    When one of your favorite channels roasts one of your favorite games. How to unsubscribe

  70. Louis Butler

    2 parts Plutonic Quarks, 1 part cesium and bottled water

  71. comedy without borders

    what is that beginning song playing in backround

  72. Tosche Station

    em drive would take so much energy it would be like putting a nuklear power plant on a rocket

  73. Jared Jams

    4:47 thought you were gonna say deep space 9

  74. K D

    wait ikaros is only going 400km/h? that cant be right

  75. Derp Herp

    I got a better idea. Make stargates that can link portals to certain planets.

    Changpeng ZhaOwO

    Wouldn't you need ships to deliver those stargates to other planets tho?

  76. Sriti Islam

    "Hey , forty two here"...................damn

  77. XISTIXofficial

    Magnetic propulsion .... that's all I'm going to say...

  78. jordan dixon

    porn magazine joke at 9:09

  79. Retro Electro

    I reckon that if you make a big parabolic mirror you could absorb photons then Throw them back out again at a very preside point this will allow you to move in space without anything apart from a big space mirror

  80. chris langlois

    what about dark matter and anti-matter and stuff, its been theorized in science fiction, and we know how well it would work, just not when well find some or how to use it properly yet, but u didnt say fastest well b able to use in 100 yrs or less and u did technically talk about an alternate version of the warp drive, also exotic matter is a lot harder to produce and gather than dark matter, i mean supposedly from stargate atlantis it would b thru taking it from another universe :) lol

  81. Jackson Makarewicz

    You are my spirit animal MGS5 is bae

  82. i might be yo daddy as many times as i fuck yo mama

    no mans sky

    recive this shade

  83. James Walker

    I respect thoughty very much but what exactly makes him at the end of this video state that mankind will eventually travel past the speed of light?

    I don't understand it especially since scientists pretty much have stated that it is indeed impossible

  84. christian goodpaster

    at min 2:50 "it passes Venus at 400 km an hour" ??? upps.

  85. Torva Messorem

    So if we go at lightspeed, won't a stone the size of a pebble drill a hole straight through the ship...?


    Torva Messorem No because the sheer mass x velocity would vaporise it before it could cause damage. Much like a mosquito doesn't make a hole in your windscreen, just splatters a bit.

  86. Running ThruFudge

    are you anti trousers?

  87. Chris Matthews

    lemme guess


  88. Toast

    Hey, forty two here

    CBT Connoisseur

    Toast are you from my oven

  89. Sleepy Pancake

    I liked no mans sky


    Bring back rif

  91. Demon Thr

    That advertisement about feminist electronic music is complete cancer.

  92. GAPDaTsar

    Alcubierre drive does not travel faster than the speed of light, it bends space-time around the spacecraft vastly contracting space in front of the spacecraft and vastly expanding the space behind the spacecraft.  Within this warp bubble of bent space-time the spacecraft is existing in its own reference frame of space making an observer on the outside of the spacecraft think the spacecraft moving faster than light when in reality the spacecraft is not moving as fast as light within its own warp bubble.

  93. Mr Sloth

    he straight up roasted no man's sky

  94. Benjamin Brown

    Ur name should be "42"

  95. thegalaxy2012

    Maybe some sort of spacecraft could have a good space drive that can recreate itself (Like the Solar Sail) can be made onto a ship that has an ecosystem that allows people to survive for long enough to get far. They could have farms, livestock, anything a group of people would need in an earth-like environment

  96. Matthew Black

    The solar sail reminds me of that one Disney movie Treasure Planet

  97. Nicolino Will

    You mispronounced New Horizons...