South Park Mexican - Swim Lyrics

I was three when my old man left in the wind
Pushed me in the ocean, turned around and said "swim"
That's what I did even though I was scared
I kept kickin 'cause a person only floats when he's dead

If I had one wish, It wouldn't be wealth
It would be that if we could just love ourselves
Cause every day it's like we kill a million dreams
and it seem everybody on different teams
I don't mean to get deep, I'm just speakin the truth
we in a two-bed traila with a leak in the roof
I ate potatoes every way you could ever make'em
When you're hungry gotta use your imagination
My mom did her best, she would hug and kiss me
Even though we had more fuckin mice than Disney
I still had some polo's and plenty new draws
While she was livin life with the same tow bras
The lighting strikes like Garth say thunder rolls
Life is cold like an Eskimo in summer clothes
I suffa softly, but never let nothing stop me
And I miss my little girl like somebody shot me

[Chorus x2:]

I be prison made cross, fuck diamonds and jewels
Still flya then Jordan when he was runnin with bulls
So many shots had missed, so many cops was pissed
So many songs I have written in the past on this
It's a lot of impostas tryda tell you the same
But how the fuck can I explain, no one knows my pain
From the cord on my navel I was G from the cradle
I don't snort'cause they say that bitch Caine killed Abel
I'm not sure you understand it but I must express it
Santa Claus is on heroine, there ain't no presents
And Mom all this shit makes my eyes so watery
Now I understand why you tried to win the lottery
We gon' make it I promise, don't let the memories haunt us
I remember we was at the bus stop in pajamas
Tryna run from a home that brought so many tears
Bad luck like we musta broke a thousand mirrors


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  1. Sap Sap

    Jesus Christ release this guy... 😔 😢 this song is my childhood

  2. Don’t beg for subs

    Nice lyrics

  3. nlurr

    Still listening to spm in 2020

  4. Myrrissa Cisneros-Worthey

    Sds de. Ces d c cd

  5. Ruben Armendariz

    Damn idk how many times I cried to this song just cause I can relate when I was little 😢

  6. lorenzo cortesi

    First comment for 2020 all love for spm

  7. Alex Medina

    2020 and still bumping SMP I was 3 when my dad left. this song always hit the spot 💪💪💪💪 Aurora IL

  8. Tripple Cay27

    Been jamming to SPMex before I knew who 2pac and bigger were

  9. Life with mae mae

    Christmas eve bitches


    Damn that's crazy

  11. Chris Gutierrez

    Santa Claus is on HEROIN there ain't no presents. ...This Mex on a whole another level, way beyond these rappers today

  12. Arles Garcia

    Free spm por favor

  13. Cavid Vahidov

    Qaraqandan gələnlər?

  14. Ivbh

    best one yet 💯

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    dam who is still jamming this in 2019 @rafael ponce i am

    Ruben Armendariz


  16. Heather Nicole_thehairstylist

    This song got me thru beauty school school

  17. hoàng duẩn

    Bé kẹo mút kyo

    From to Việt Nam 🇻🇳

  18. David Castillo

    "Bad luck like we must have broke a thousand mirrors "

  19. Michael Torres


  20. carlos sanchez

    soy mexicano 100% pero con este tipo de musica me crie desde niño y tuve la fortuna de conocer a este gran rapero viva SPM #freespm

  21. Marcos Zarate

    This is my Mexican homeboy. SPM fever rn 🥺🥺

  22. Kevin Aviles

    free him.

  23. MT The goat

    Free the Mexican 2pac

  24. Mista Smith

    The Mexican 2pac

  25. YoungDaggerDick

    Damn bro 2019 and im still on the s.p max😁😁😁😁

  26. Free Buzz

    When u hungry and don't have anything 2 eat use your tortillas and butter...

    Bryan Salazar

    Tostadas with limon

    Free Buzz

    @Bryan Salazar ( That's right bruh u got 2 use ur imigination when u hungry..I would even cut grape fruits from tress 2 make juice when I was Soo broke

  27. James Thomas

    Free los 2019 like right now!

  28. maddox holt

    Worth buying this album on google play

  29. maddox holt

    This is deep if he wasn't in prison he would be on everybody's top 10

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    who ready for DEVILS MANSION🔥

  31. MR713JOSE

    Don't drown b

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    Why bro ?????? U missya clos!!!!

  33. Flintxstonex riddahh


  34. Curtis Cutastrophe

    Life is colder than an eskimo in summer clothes... so many great lines in this song...............Free Spm

  35. 13FLAKO10

    Hope he gets out on parole on 2024

  36. jin and juice

    Almost 2020 and still bumpin💯💯

  37. Miguel Angel Ortiz moran

    Damnn wen spm gettin out he been in there for a while

  38. Sergio Velasco

    Spm ❤

  39. David Reyes

    Soy de Nuevo Laredo tamaulipazz pero me laten esas rolas en un topon polvadera retumban a lo desgraciado

  40. Enlightened One

    Cain did kill Abel 😎😂



  42. Jose 17


  43. 13FLAKO10

    Desde Chihuahua, MX. We hear you homie stay firme we waiting for you homie 🔥🔥

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    Take Good Care SPM Your Never Forgotten Homie

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    2019 real fans wya?

  53. Manuel Garcia

    I so much relate to this song except having a girl but everything is at accurate.

  54. Jacob Sanchez

    "I suffer softly but never let nothing stop me, and I miss my little girl like somebody shot me."

    That hit me like a ton of bricks, holy shit. This song perfectly describes me, it's unreal.

  55. Rey Cantu

    2019 still here this

  56. Edgar Duque

    I ate potatoes every way you can ever make them when you hungry you gotta use your imagination. shit took me back to my days, real shit.

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    Opposite tho

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    Story of my life.

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    One of the greatest rappers who ever lived. #freemypeople#themexicanpoet🙏🏻

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    Q- vole Carlos coy .sega aldelante Loco.qui rollo para todo las single rucas.mis respecto y mis saludas

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    He said I don’t snort cause that bitch Cain killed abel

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    *puts it in the description*

  78. maricela jimenez

    i remember this song when i was in middle school el tiempo vuela y el tiempo se lleva cosas que no volveran nunca

  79. Diego Holley

    Its so crazy how the system rail roaded him 45 years. This life that we live in is a blessing and a curese at the same time. God plz help us find our way

  80. Melissa Chartrand

    That's true love our selfs

  81. Tay K

    Man its 2019 and all I gotta say is free spm, fuck judge ellis, free lil bing, and trill in peace flatline.

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  84. Alex Martinez

    I love your song i just hurd it yesterday 😇😇😇😇😇

  85. Lalo Villa

    Growing up in the RGV I could relate to some verses in this song. Living in the rat infested projects and eating beans, rice and potatoes. We didn't have a car so we had to use public transportation. Kids in school would make fun of my clothes and haircut. However, I feel blessed because we were never evicted, we always had food and clean clothes thanks to my jefita.



  87. Brave King046

    “Tryna run from the home that brought so many tears, bad luck like we must’ve broke 1000 mirrors”
    Deepest line I’ve ever heard, I felt this...


    2019 🔊🔊

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