Soulja Boy - Pineapple Fanta Lyrics

Ice cubes in my cup, you know?

Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, woah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, woah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
I got them birds in Atlanta
I got that line, I got hammer
I got that, I got that hammer
Pourin' up lean under the slammer, woah

Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Yeah I'm a fall like a counter
Hop out the 'Rari, the spider
I'm on another level
I'm on another level, money checkin' in my bezel
Money comin', I'm incredible
I got that green, incredible
Money comin' with the edibles
Pourin' lean I'm a heavy weight
I got lean on my schedule
Fifty thousand on the regular
Hundred thousand on the freeway
Hundred thousand on the E-Way
[?] in my suitcase, Louis V on my briefcase

Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Then we took down in Atlanta
I got the hammer
I got the, I got the hammer
Then load the hammer, yeah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta

Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, lean
When I hop out the 'Rari, I got the Robin, the Robin Jeans
I'm a go check out the two Celiné
I'm a go check out the Louis V
I'm a go check out the Gucci, 'vinche to gucci, the shit with double C
Hop out the 'Rari then skurrt
Hop out the 'Rari then Vert
Look at the money and work
Look at the money, it came
Nigga, I'm makin' it rain
Hundred thousand on my chain
Ruger on me, pinky rang

Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Diamonds and diamonds in Atlanta
I got the, I got that hammer
I got the, I got that hammer
And I'm on another level
Pineapple Fanta
Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pineapple Fanta
Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pineapple Fanta
Pineapple Fanta, yeah
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta
Pourin' up Pineapple Fanta

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    way better than a lot of these new guys.

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    i think that as we hatin on his music he makes more songs on a day or month & he always talks in his song bout his haters (that's we) not me :-p but yeah Soulja always be on top swag nigga$....he always do it....

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    souljaboy is the best

  22. CEO KD Bandz

    Sodmg need too sign me one day

  23. prod. kp 4x!

    Only listen to this song for the beat honestly

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    The ending got me dead lmao

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    what I noticed about Soulja Boy is that he can make hits but there never consecutive. listening to his music is like watching Naruto, you will get one cool episode and then a s*** ton of filler

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    This video is sponsored by pineapple fanta

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    dab confirmed at 1:49 lady's and gentlemen the dab was confirmed

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    soulja boy is garbage he is straight hopping on old trenda

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    Your a good business man...I have to give that to u Solja. Check my instagram out. I dont think im better than you. @thompsonnehemiah



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    Sponsored by Dr Pepper

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    this is literally garbage.

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    I love those song100

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    He said "nigga" more in this video than N.W.A has said in there whole career

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    Better late than never album soulja boy

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    Drowsy VDA

    Its About Lean

    Zane Nyt

    But lean mixed with pineapple fanta so its a drink mixed with fanta thats what i was saying

    Drowsy VDA

    Lean Aint A Drink,Its A Cough Syrup That Gets You High😂😂😂

    Zane Nyt

    oh hahahaha

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