Soulja Boy - Kill Bill Lyrics

I'm back to the basics, Ya'll Masturbating
S.O.D catching cases in different places
I'm Kill Bill for real, S.O.D we here
I'm on some legendary shit bitch my flow is eternal
Smoking kush blunts, Writing bars in my journal
Nah fuck a journal writing bars in my brain
Cause I'm free-styling off the top of my membrane
All my guns is blasting, Lyrics everlasting
Yahhh Yahhh Trick yeah bitch call it magic
Kill Bill I will with the steel
I'm here for real, One mill. done deal
Got me to the money, Show me to this dummy
Sit back and take a toast, Now this nigga went ghost
Couldn't been intelligent, Ran inside his residence
Slipped past the security just like they did the president
Music rap game bitch why would I leave?
Don't compare me to him bitch I'm in my own league
I'm getting to the cheese, Spit my shit in Portuguese
I'm so hot like 35967439 degrees
I'ts an astonishment, When I get on the mic these rappers feel like they on punishment
Your favorite rapper's checking in just like its a hotel
Five star bitches on my dick boy oh well

Pass me the candlestick
Lining up the canibus
Me and my niggas getting high
Pass me the drough bruh
Yeah we bout' to roll up
Man I'm feeling so fly

And I'm about to Kill Bill
Kill Bill
Nigga I said Kill Bill
Kill Bill

I'm on my Obama shit yeah its official
Presidential, Collar pop like a pimple
Old school game, Just like Atari
Mac'n on bitches, Just like Safari

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