Soulja Boy - Jeopardy Lyrics

Finessin' the plug like jeopardy, cookin' that dope in the kitchen, on the skillet, water Whippin, ' I got the recipe got so many bitches, she throwin' me an extra key. Finessin' the plug like jeopardy, cookin' that dope in the kitchen, on the skillet, water Whippin, ' I got the recipe got so many bitches, she throwin' me an extra key

Jeopardy, I got them keys like every week
I be yawnin' in my sleep, yeah, I get the cash in my sleep
Finessin' the plug like jeopardy, I'm runnin' that money up heavily, they jacked my in atl, Yb in heaven as well
Ridin' around town tryna do a twelve, I bought me a brick then I got a scale
Don't count no money, I weigh it on scale
My boy Rarri, put that blue in his hair, I'm ridin' around with' that bell
Young Draco Nigga, you know I go in
I bought my rich shirt, to join in the gym

Biggest comeback 2018, all of my niggas pull up with' the beam
Young Draco, Passin' the lean, pull on your block as I spray up the scene
Pull a foreign hand time, half the clip was game man, I want heat shoutout to my block zone 1 website, Simpson road street
Shoot out the jump like Stephen, niggas say u haven't, he flexin' just fucked on your bitch in the west, then pressured by the bitch, Lil nigga you stressin' you famous but broke, where they do that coupe real fast like who dat lush hit hard, got the few packs bitch booty jumpin' like two tramps

I got my diamond on me, all of my niggas on fleek
You know that I got the keys that's why y'all run up on me
Rollie wrist, I got it on me, in the Rarri when I blow it, G
All these people really lonely, I was rollin' on the pony

Finessin' the plug like jeopardy, cookin' that dope in the kitchen
On the skillet, water Whippin, ' I got the recipe
Got so many bitches, she throwin' me an extra key, ooh

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Soulja Boy Jeopardy Comments
  1. Gassmann

    Why the fuck is this on a UFC fight motion playlist?

  2. Feedah Foom

    They sleeping on this one

  3. Gouki818

    God damn this soundssssss like fuckin shit.....

  4. Booo Boo

    Bruh 💀💀

  5. MadeMeSpice

    Glad we put rarri at the trash

  6. Jasper Nooij

    rarri ist deutscher stolz! Deutschland über alles

  7. Thubo Kooers

    We love you rarri of the gay dolphin community we miss you in germany 🇩🇪

  8. Emma Isabella

    Guyz you have opportunity to get VIEWS n likes from the site *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\*

  9. Big Shaq

    We love you Armoo🇩🇪

  10. Daan van der Wiel

    Kanker armoo

  11. Jalen B

    Song would’ve been better without that German guy

    mapangpang / Vuqaii

    Nahh hes better

  12. Ri Ki


  13. Z g

    So... Armo heeft met grote namen dus tracks gemaakt. Nog steeds niet doorgebroken in Amerika. Ik vind wel zielig man.

  14. Jantje21 Dro

    This is cancer for my ears

  15. Default Gang

    0:01 i thougt he was gonna say my name is jeff 😂🇩🇪

  16. Wiebe Pippel


  17. 'Riilax

    This clipmaker needs to find another job... THA FUCK IS DAT BRO.

  18. FrostClaw

    en wtf heeft hij op zijn hoofd?!

  19. FrostClaw

    hz komt armo opeens dit nummer verkrachten? XD

  20. finleyjwzz zhekus

    Rarri 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭

  21. Ferronify

    Ik vind het gwn zielig voor souljaboy dat al zn fame naar de knoppen is door die homo dolfijn xd PS:eerlijk bleu chack is wel echt dik


    Komt niet door Armoo. Souljaboy weet niet wat irrelevant worden betekent. Dropte veel te weinig en wil nu een comeback maken. Dat word heel lastig voor hem, want in 2K18 is t m niet gelukt

  22. Michael

    Nope no biggest comeback and who is rarri?

  23. Immigrant Mentality Stiopic

    1:33 for Rarri!

  24. 175 Growtopia


  25. Yanoah Noya

    Wtf is dat die dolfijn?? Hoe heeft hij dat geflikt

  26. ThePyroz H

    Zwaar matig

  27. Belastingdienst


  28. Omar Amaya

    Rarri is trash!!! Lol he fucked up this song!!!

  29. Peter Plopjemamma

    Are jij taking me in the maling

  30. rtje 187

    Rarri is a fake flexer

  31. apoc m

    biggest comeback 2018
    *makes song with rarri*
    biggest downfall 2019

  32. TVC_Drapuz

    🇩🇪🐋 Ik weet niet hoe hij van Duitsland naar Amerika is gegaan

  33. puppyismyname

    I'm in Berlin looking for rarri but I found him here!!!!

  34. Hehebdbdj Djeiwiidbw


  35. Indy B

    Rarri is the best gay rapper🇩🇪🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  36. HUNT


  37. LetsGoNuts Live

    Rarri, the biggest faker in the bizz, man this guy gets 2 much hate. fuck Rarri fake ass gang bitch.

  38. Erwin Bosma


  39. Gaiaphage gg

    Armoo isn’t from germany.... he is from dolfinarium duisburg

  40. haters everywhere

    The song is good🔥 but he a cone he dont look tje same in he took valencia dance !!!!!😞😬😤

    haters everywhere


  41. fast cash

    2016: Armoo Was Right
    2017: Armoo Was Not Right
    2018: Armoo
    2019: Rarri


    2020: Dolphin Rap BOIIIII

  42. kkanker26

    Rarri proud of you, representing the german gay dolphin community👍🏼

  43. Kasis Gamer

    Armoo blijf maar in Amerika of ga terug naar duitsland

  44. Sven0620

    Yo Germen Guys hes not from germany

    But you can have him

  45. Vintage Daz

    I love this song more and more everyday 🔥🔥🔥

  46. MK Music Group


  47. Stuart Lynch

    Soulja don't like you anymore I was a big fan of you but you made music whit this stupid rarri dolphin so you ain't fire for me anymore

    Elvin Tubanza

    Suck a dick and Die hâter

  48. Arichikato

    Kanker dolfijn

  49. SuppaPepe _


  50. Tom Roijackers


  51. marra1628

    Ik ga zo stuk om de dislikes die deze man krijgt (armoo/rarri) gwn de helft bijna dislike.

  52. Hasan man

    1:43 new dab?

  53. Morris Ammeraal


  54. dimma West

    50%: saying hes german
    50%: calling hima dolphin😂😂

  55. GwnYoussef

    Kanker armoo

  56. Gabriel

    Without rarri you would even get less views than this

  57. ThijsIsLive

  58. Soldier For peace

    I dont believe any word of this bullshit. Soulja boy is a bitchboy because he works with suckers like vieze kanker Armo de kontenlikker van elke influencer in NL

  59. Arresker


    Idd hij is Duits🇩🇪🇩🇪

  60. rafael mangelschots

    Kanker gay armoo ik kom je klappe hoor

  61. Tibo Vlaeminck


  62. Senna Leegwater

    1:00 wat doet die gozer

  63. Aqua

    Rarri is actually Dutch

  64. Aqua

    Ik ben teleurgesteld in je Armoo

  65. S.A. K.E.


  66. Miky DDD

    Rarri Armo Robin your wack as fuck!

  67. Like June

    Speed 1.25 firee

  68. Marianne Markus

    From Germany to LA, armo Made germany proud 🤣

  69. Zsolt Láng

    Welcome back Soulja! This song is still rocks!

  70. OsamaBlunta Official


  71. Rik

    de domme duitser xD

  72. WishWeCouldTurnBackTime.

    We love rarri 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  73. MELANIE Schmidbauer

    Boah is das schlecht

  74. Jesse Pinkman

    I really want rarri (armoo) to get serious

  75. tijme


  76. Swat team messi soccer game team

    You were die gun swat team


    Wie komt hier nog regelmatig om te kunnen lachen on het feit dat deze pokoe nog steeds geen millie views heeft 😂

    goldbarzz 7

    kijk hoe die er bij staat dan dolfijntje

  78. Raf&Jens_Movies

    rarri is fireee

  79. Bruvskie

    Armoo, we missen je! #DeutschlandUberAlles #ArmooComeBack 💕

  80. Freasy Deluxe

    #Freedrako !!!

  81. anonymous

    armoo rapt 12 seconde is dit serieuss

  82. Tawfik Dos Santos Aveiro

    How much did rarri paid for 14sec??

  83. lucien addison

    People seem to get arrested after making a song with armoo im from holland but armoo os from germany i can confirm

  84. Alexander

    Soulja boy we're never gonna forgive you for beating supa hot in a rap battle. He isn't a rapper ;'(

  85. Teltje _YT

    Armoo waar ben je

  86. Seal de Hoog

    Kkr op armo vieze hondje

  87. August Kellers

    Way too much fucking auto tune back in 2009 he had like none

  88. Mouhamed Barry

    Soulja killed that shit.period

  89. GFY

    Say what you want, but rarri legit just was the best part of the song.

  90. Plug

    Who is NOT listening to this shit in 2019?

  91. Angelo Eindje

    wat een gaar lied zeg by the way die rarri oftoewel armoo is echt fake ass dit is fake ass people iedereen in die clip he

  92. marnicktop

    20k likes voor soulja boy en 8,8 dislikes oor armoo a.k.a. rarri 😂😂

  93. Terror Bhaudet

    Liebe rarri best gay rapper germany could wish❤🇩🇪

  94. Levinson

    Armo je kan terug naar dolfinarium met die blauwe haren van je.

  95. Ayman Akodad

    When did off beat rapping become a trend?

  96. MaskMan

    Wie is hier gekomen voor armoo 😂😂

  97. ThespiritMolecule

    youre loosing fans now!!!