Soulja Boy - I'm Boomin' Lyrics

Ain't gon tolerate no fakin or flawin from none of you pussies
Me and my niggas is ballin so pussy nigga don't push me
For that 9 (SWAG) rip up off my side (DRE) hit a nigga in his side
Then I dip up in my ride like surprise
No hide bitch I'm ridin lookin for dat pussy yea nigga I know he hidin
Seekin wit dat glocc 9 come and I just find him
Man I'm in that glocc 9 phantom gon rewind him
Tell em like dis I'm da man if you come to my city
Fall inside the club throwin huneds
No fitties who fukin wit me that big bank roll
Red and blue around my neck bitch I'm word around da globe
Bitch I'm stuntin and you know g 5 got me flexin and I'm stuntin on you ho
24 got me lookin like a bottle of nuvo pink diamonds in this ho I'm
Shining and you know, S.O.D untill the day I go
Yuki! (OO oooo !) Wat it do man? Word around town, bitch I'm boomin , I'm boomin, I'm boomin, I'm boomin!
(OO oooo !) Wat it do man? Word around town, bitch I'm boomin , I'm boomin, I'm boomin, Word around town bitch I'm boomin!

Swisher sweet crusin through my city street oppositon to
Make a whole lotta money gee
See me with my baby gee see me wit my gangsta beat see me wit my og
Ridin down op see about 03 backpack in 03 stuntin real hard now everybody know me
Everybody want me ,you dont wanna own me
Cause if you own me ,SK to your nose g
Man I'm ridin so deep, man my wrist is frozen
Man I swear to god she wet like the ocean ,man I swear to god I'm sippin on that potion
Word around town my lamborghini same colour lotion
I'm boomin
I'm poppin it moe
Soulja tellem got hella dollaz, got hella motherz we bout to blow
Man I swear we after motherfuckin planet
Nigga se my chain and then be like god damn him
God damn me, know my niggas got damn to hustle
Paid for the motherfuckin struggle
Rags the richest,bag and bitches
Sod we savageses (aaaaaaW hahaha!)
(OO oooo!) Wat it do man? Word around town, bitch I'm boomin , I'm boomin, I'm boomin, I'm boomin!
(OO oooo!) Wat it do man? Word around town, bitch I'm boomin , I'm boomin, I'm boomin, Word around town bitch I'm boomin!

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Soulja Boy I'm Boomin' Comments
  1. Jaylin Carlton

    I’m playing this song & it’s 2020 😎 $wAgG++

  2. Tay Jenkins

    Still slapping this in 2020

  3. Chris G

    2019, this song kept me until I found it. Hidden gem

  4. Richard Richardson

    Soulja was at they neck

  5. cray Smith

    My favorite Soulja song

  6. Artemio Gonzalez

    He started with full tattoos this was 2010 now 2019 every body have tattoos I know this was going to happen lol

  7. Jullian Thomas

    Wat up brother

  8. Jullian Thomas

    Soulja turnt up aint he

  9. King Fleek

    This when he first stole lil b cooking dance

  10. Mark Cue

    When this dropped I used to play the shit outta this..... uuuuhhhhhh ooooooohhh

  11. J- LEETHAL

    Who came here after Big Draco came back alive?

  12. D Smiggity


  13. Michael L

    This was one of my favorite soulja boy tracks

  14. saltlakecityisdead

    We told u the comback was coming

  15. Tulio Deleon

    this a lex luger beat , goes hard

  16. Valentin Davis

    Still hard af

  17. Paris Anderson

    Big Draco

  18. Trap Stonerz Muzik

    SOUJA !!!

  19. Bo Life Network


  20. Darius Olfus

    Still bangs

  21. Kody Lennox


  22. Alifeoflayth

    Yea we need this energy back!

  23. James Allan

    A classic!

  24. Manuel Benitez

    In October 2018 still bumping to this. This the Soulja we need

  25. Air Chronic

    I'm shocked this is 2010... 8 years ago. Ahead of his time.


    still my jam

  26. Gogo Gaga

    Bumping it 2018 Of Courzzzz

  27. Wesh Morray

    Still bout it ! 2019 on the way BOOMIN

  28. MistaBGaming

    2018 still most underrated Soulja Boy song.

  29. saltlakecityisdead

    Best Soulja track

  30. HennDawg 4L

    This shit still slap 8 years later.

  31. caramel lu

    Timeless song right here 2018 stil bunking

  32. Tekno .357

    lex beat brought out some Gangsta in soulja

  33. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    Beat is fire

  34. _olegsterLV _

    dis lex beat is mard af , better would be with wfflame

  35. Cray Styles


  36. RapperStatusEnt

    I still love this song in 2017! Turn Up!

  37. Liko Suave

    this song so schhhleeeeeeeept on

  38. All Kina Ting


  39. Josh Capitula

    Forever the hardest soulja song

    RAY- RAY

    @Brian Rammah thank you i never heard it just listened and that shit hard af🔥👌💯

    king Cap

    whats good my old account.... SODMG SWAG


    Lex absolutely killed this beat 🔥🔥 still bumpin

  40. Jackeline Mejicanos


    2Face Ace

    This shit still hard 🙌🏾

  41. Scotty Beast

    classic SB hits that had radio potential: My City, 2cupz, Xanax, Zan With That Lean,
    Tear It Up, Im Boomin, She Wants The D, Ridin Round, Hold You Down, Its Not Personal, Lay Down, Spend It All, Make It Rain

    Travis L.

    Don't forget Digital


    +Scotty Beast Smoke weed and buy shoes was a nice chillout tune too.

    Pretty boii Kicks

    there's way more better songs but most of those are my favorites but i'm just saying there's a lot more songs cause he has thousands #sodmg

    Kem-Grevy Henry

    Scotty Beast Nigga you forgot hashtag, cool me off, 1 Up, Louis Vuitton , rockstar

  42. Red14

    sod fans halla

  43. Alec McIntyre


  44. Alec McIntyre

    This songs underrated

  45. Underground HipHop

    this song is wassup

  46. bam2414

    What happen to that soulja

  47. Guccisosachamberlain

    Wow, this  shit takes me back to 7th grade... sagging camo pants and all that swag shit , and just turning the fuck up to this shit 

    Briana Freeman

    Dawg that was 4 years ago. It wasn't that long ago.


    @Briana Freeman lol

  48. TMRWmourning

    lex luger make dope beats 

  49. DJ Carolina CASS

    idk wtf he was talkin bout at the beginning but i like da song

  50. ˈgädˌfäT͟Hər SevenBeenWoke777

    wow the first time he's not on drugs

    ˈgädˌfäT͟Hər SevenBeenWoke777

    I take that back,

  51. Norran'z World

    this the real soulja

  52. Supa Dooba

    lol what?!
    i never heard him spit like this
    its was actually aite
    now he just rap like them migos niggaz...

  53. Quentinn

    Go and look at my channel

  54. King Xoom

    I miss when this nigga was like this.

  55. Prod.By MAC!

    back when soulja was worth listenin to


    back soulja

  57. trvpmoney svmmy

    Souuuulja killed this hoooe .

  58. 92raiders519

    Lol ballout was jammin to dis lololo

  59. tekno815

    sounds like he hit some helium...........lex a beast tho!!

  60. Aaron White

    so who make him whos better track for track him or his engineer

  61. Skinnii17

    You guys are dumb Lex didn't make him sound good he made himself sound good. Soulja can go hard as fuck if he wants but he has so much money now he don't even have to try.

  62. BigDickWarrior


  63. seankhalif850

    fye beat too

  64. seankhalif850

    soulja boy killed it...yall niggas quit hatin....

  65. TheMcfly18

    The beat too hard ,soulja boy couldn't handle it and the outcome of this was garbage lyrics

  66. DJ Carolina CASS

    Soulja Boy went ham on dis track

  67. Calvin Ford


  68. ellena hiwhatisyourname

    catch snooki @ 2:53

  69. ellena hiwhatisyourname

    DAMNITTT! I can't hate if I want to...cause He like Chinese food he keep you comin back for more n more n more...

  70. HandzOn Stylez


  71. Devin Crook

    check this out watch?v=sRTN3HuIsrg

  72. John Martinez

    this song sucks

  73. Isaiah Kno.

    soulja still hot but his 2010 shit ill

  74. dru trotter

    Who wrote this for him? lol

    Abdi tha Don

    Him self, i prosume. I guess sow.

  75. Joeyhighroller


  76. ArcadeKidd


  77. Andrew BDT Rogers


  78. Avantae Ware

    diz dat shytt

  79. polo laflare

    "Soulja boy tell em got hella models hella bottles"

  80. themosthigh16

    If you thought that was hot checkout my boy murder this beat!! Boomin Freestyle- B.O.G.

  81. Mario Luis

    lex luger brought me HEAR!

  82. Qwon brantley


  83. Dznts654

    Lex Luger makes miracles happen!

  84. KingTxne

    I miss these days when he was ripping Lex Luger Beats .... this "Digital" "What About My Clientele"

  85. O1G

    He done that with like a ton of his songs. Smfh. What was he thinking? He deleted "Zan With That Lean" when it had over 3 million views. He be killing his success. This song and his song "Digital" was when Soulja Boy wrote lyrics. He freestyles everything now lol.

  86. RapperStatusEnt


  87. Lost Hippie

    Aye he went hard at the beginning lol then.....

  88. Daors Bejta

    yes but this beat is made by lex luger

  89. Daors Bejta

    right boyy

  90. Kaylin Smith

    Go hard

  91. Kaylin Smith

    Go hard

  92. 1kzz

    This is not soulja boy's beat, Lex Luger Made this beat, Soulja Boy Barely makes his beats now

  93. ThizzmanBeatz

    Soulja makes his own beats, he produced most of his first album