Soulja Boy - Actavis Lyrics

[Hook - Takeoff:]
Some nigga drink on that Tussionex
Some nigga drink on that Hi-Tech
Some nigga drink on that Tussionex
Some nigga drink on that Hi-Tech
Me and Soulja drinkin' Actavis
Me and Soulja drinkin' Actavis
Me and Soulja drinkin' Actavis
Actavis, Actavis
Some nigga drink on that Tussionex
Some nigga drink on that Hi-Tech
Some nigga drink on that Tussionex
Some nigga drink on that Hi-Tech
Migos and Soulja sip Actavis
Migos and Soulja sip Actavis
Migos and Soulja sip Actavis
Actavis, Actavis

[Verse 1 - Soulja Boy:]
Yeah, I'm sippin' on lean and I'm feelin' like a king
Balenciaga Balmains wear 'em in Paris, look at my jeans
I'm pourin', I'm pourin' the lean, we got the pint, 16
Hop in the Benz and we take off
We pouring the Activis and the cream
The money, the money on money the commas is commin'
These niggas, they runnin', I'm runnin' at niggas
They know that I'm stuntin'
Shout out my squad cause we gettin' to the money
Sippin' on lean, sippin' on Act, keep that Hi-Tech
Nigga we made it, swimmin' pool full of that Act


[Verse 2 - Soulja Boy:]
Yeah, I be sippin' on Actavis
Sippin' on lean with the baddest bitch
Migos and Soulja be savages
Ridin' around with my savages
All of my niggas are glad that you happy
I got the money, It's comin', unpack it
I got some lean is all on my baggage
She go oh, I'm in love with that gone drink
Rest in peace Tennessee, all the drink on me
SOD on me, pills, lean
I just needed PT, I just need that Act
I don't play with Hi-Tech, put it back
All of my shooter shoot you in your back
Pourin' that lean, don't know how to act
Lean and gats


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    when am in paris look at my jeans.....

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    Soulja boy still looks like his 16 years old self from like 20 years ago lmao

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    that soulja boy console need to be a lil cheaper bruh

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    I love this shit it makes me feel sexy when I'm dancing ❤

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  32. Tonci Adrian

    Why is soulja Boy so Bad , takeoff rescue this

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