Soul Coughing - True Dreams Of Wichita Lyrics

Signal got lost to the satellite; got lost in the ride up to the plungedown
Man sends the ray of the electric light, sends the impulse through the air, down to home
And you can stand on the arms of the Williamsburg Bridge crying "Hey man, well, this is Babylon"
And you can fire out on a bus to the outside world, down to Louisiana; you can take her with you

I've seen the rains of the real world come forward on the plain
I've seen the Kansas of your sweet little myth... you've never seen it, no
I'm half-sick on the drinks you mixed through your... true dreams of Wichita

Brooklyn like a sea in the asphalt stalks; push out dead air from a parking garage
Where you stand with the keys and your cool hat of silence
Where you grip her love like a driver's license

I've seen you fire up the gas in the engine valves
I've seen your hand turn saintly on the radio dial
I've seen the airwaves pull your eyes towards Heaven
Outside Topeka in the phone lines, her good-teeth smile was winding down

Engine sputters ghosts out of gasoline fumes
They say "You had it, but you sold it..." You didn't want it, no
I'm half-drunk on babble you transmit through your... true dreams of Wichita

Punch it
I got, uh, fed
I got, uh, too much things on bounce on my head
I got to burn 'em up
I got to burn 'em uptown
I got to go uptown, uptown
I got a thing... I got a little bit pushed
Got to stand on the corner and bellow for mush
I got a bomb, I got a baby-bomb-bomb
Got to stand on the corner and bellow for my friend Tom
I got a thing, I got to thing it, I got to thing - team
I got to run by my side

True dreams of Wichita...

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Soul Coughing True Dreams Of Wichita Comments
  1. Bully Billy

    this is about my meth girlfriend that never loved me becuase I needed a penile injection every 30 minutes of pure elchapo

  2. Butt Snatch

    And you can fire it on a bus down to Louisiana you can take her with
    My favorite line

  3. WIlCO lENnoN

    3:29. You're welcome.

  4. Will.I.Am.7

    ICT baby!

  5. Ibuki Mioda

    TikTok better not find this song

    Butt Snatch

    Ah shit you right or any song from mt sims

  6. Louis S

    few songs produce as much imagery in the head as this

  7. Javier Rangel

    Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

  8. Michael Reid

    Why don’t people make more songs like this? Just brilliant.

  9. Gretchen Ann

    I loved this so much when I first heard it, still do.

  10. Switcharoo12

    Thank you

  11. jack master

    Correct me if I'm wrong
    I love how hard he is ripping this guy but I'm a bit confused is it his or her dream of Wichita I'm guessing it's her "dream"

  12. Game Wizard

    Wichitan here. Still long for TRUE DREAMS.


    What is it like in wichita, game wizard?

  13. floataloft

    Brb gonna cry now

  14. jo lemark

    This song is so stupid.

  15. Russell Solomon

    On a bus to the outside world- down to Louisiana you can take her with you...

  16. Amy Neff

    You don't know who the fuck I am, to tell ya the truth....

  17. Michael Meyer

    Love and miss you James.

  18. Michael Meyer

    Still best "I'm blasted" song.

  19. Eli Walker

    What a banger

  20. Shawn B

    24 years later, still one of best songs ever. Oh, and being from the ICT its even better!

  21. Vininn126

    Where you grip her love like a driver's liscence - I just really appreciate that line

  22. John Dowd

    Doughty, I love your music.

    Martin Grover

    John Dowd he's still around and being awesome

  23. Hungrycheetah


  24. Burnham_Daley

    i feel like you all understand me just because we all love this song


    Don't be gay


    @Brian Don't be gay by telling him what to do

  25. Alaric Jones

    That's true poetry of which you talk.

    Object Of the Proposition

    Alaric Jones of True dreams of whichyatalk

  26. Amelia Moore

  27. Matt Grostick

    One of my all-time top 10 favorite songs


    same here!

  28. Richard Armstrong

    One of my favorite bands of all time. A shame they are not still together.


    For you maybe but probably not for them.

  29. blahblahblah Debra Wilde

    just so good!

  30. mnsnota

    Spoken word on a drum beat with a stand up bass and keyboard/sampler.

  31. glyph68

    Still a Soul Coughing fan.

  32. boogbitch

    His voice is like butter....smooth lol

  33. Jonas Kgomo

    melodies could heal malady

  34. mnsnota

    I never graduated from college, but I can/could recognize good music.

  35. angus snow

    Saw these guys in Vancouver, great show.

  36. Chris Deriso

    This song deserves more likes.

  37. Jake Eff

    SHAME Doughty had to fuck up such a good thing.

    Jake Eff

    +José Manuel Rivas A friend of mine is a HUGE Doughty fan and called out a song request one time that Doughty replied telling my buddy to "shut up."
    So yeah. Like Perry Farrell he had to dbag a great band into oblivion

    Jake Eff

    @michael lachnicht "Soul Coughing music makes my skin crawl" -Mike Doughty

    Jake Eff

    You realize other people have used drugs and not been world class dbag? For decades?

    Jake Eff

    @michael lachnicht and yes his solo music is watered down, uninspired bland quasi pop tripe. But hey , enjoy.


    I hate that he does not regard the insanely amazing music they created. All the bad blood aside, it saddens me that he feels this contempt for the finished product that we were graced with. If ever to meet him I would say these words to him as I was shaking his hand.

  38. mike4390116

    a song about condescending love... i see where both parties are coming from but it is still harsh.

  39. snideelf

    Signal got lost to the satellite
    Got lost in the ride up to the
    Plunge down
    Man sends the ray of the electric light
    Sends the impulse through the air
    Down to home
    - True Dreams of Wichita

    Julie F

    snideelf Probably my favorite lyric ever written ever. Sends chills down my spine every time.

  40. WaZaaa

    It's never loud enough

  41. Chris Haven M.S.

    Grip her love like a driver's license. Maybe the best single lyric in history. I understand his love for a woman.

    Chris Haven M.S.

    +Chris Deriso Thank you Chris for the compliment. Best of luck to you as well sir.

    Chris Deriso

    Appreciated :)

    Chris Deriso

    +Criminal JustChris System meant *a way with words and good observation. I've felt this way before.

    Karl Noel

    Evocative lyrics for sure. But they have nothing to do with the guy (the "you" of the song) loving the girl, who was Doughty's real-life ex. The guy in the song is an a-hole (someone wearing a "cool hat of silence" is a good guy? Really?) who is possessive and dependent without actually loving the girl, and most of the song is Doughty ripping him a new one for it. At least that's what Doughty has said about the song, anyway.

    Poppies Please

    Hmm it is decent but i like

    That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
    Now the workers have struck for fame
    'Cause Lennon's on sale again
    David Bowie
    Or this little gem from bush (the band)
    Mickey mouse grew up a cow
    Dave's on sale again

  42. nailbomb1994

    miss the great bands of the 90's..was a mysterious era for music

    Exit Humanity

    There was more good music, better music, and a hell of a lot more variety. STP, Alice in Chains, Soudgarden, Nirvana. All the same genre, but distinctly different.

    Sarah Mitchell

    Where you stand with the keys and your cool hat of silence while you grip her love like a driver's license.

    Flawless description.

    Gretchen Ann

    It was fun

    Long Ladder Home

    nailbomb1994 one of the best 90s jams

  43. Amy Payne

    True dreams of Wichita...only someone from Kansas can really appreciate the meaning behind these lyrics.

    Mary Elizabeth

    Amy Payne Topeka girl here.. I must admit, this is one of my favorite songs.

  44. Kenzie Mack

    This guy must have been frying throughout this whole bands records

  45. jesus500

    "Hey man this is Babylon"

  46. ddremoboy

    Pretty sure this has been my favorite song for 9 years running now.

    James Row

    Try 22+ brother!!!

  47. John Dowd

    I am the wanderer, I wander around.... I LOVE THIS SONG Doughty.

  48. Stephanie L Davis

    Such a classic. I miss Soul Coughing!!

    rande stuart

    @Stephanie L Davis me too,i love them so much

    George Kaplan

    @Stephanie L Davis I needed a fifth CD to get a discount and grabbed Ruby Vroom without knowing Soul Coughing at all. One of the best albums I ever bought.

    Jake Eff

    I had tickets to see them co headline with Morphine the week .. the week... that Sandman died. Then Doughty blew up SC


    +Stephanie L Davis this song kicks ass....its one of their best songs along with: Soundtrack to mary, the idiot kings, super bon bon, janine, and blue eyed devil and $300

    Jake Eff

    God it sucks Doughty is such a massive dbag

  49. SuperSpacequeen

    A timeless song...excellent

  50. RockityRoll


  51. cojo

    i ate a good sandwich once.

    Stephanie L Davis

    wins the internet for today

  52. Nate Dogg

    Lyrics are on another level

    Travis Ward

    Buddy, you couldn't be more correct

    Vin Mason

    How did you make this comment 3 years after you died?

  53. IceyOne

    Love this song so much.

  54. reblahuty63

    ok, seriously,  someone needs to post the whole album.  i don't have it.  but it is one of my real favorites.  if i could just find the youtube video of the whole thing it would be very groovy


    Send me your e-mail. I will send you the whole cd.

    Rose Brown

    MelonHead1848 can you do this for me as well?

  55. CtrlAltPhreak

    I still have this CD, but this track has a scratch. Bums me out, but at least, there's youtube.   :D


    better audio quality, but zero "having the CD" quality. Thanks though :)


    Check discogs.

  56. MelonHead1848

    Seth Bailey, I agree with you. My page is actually dedicated to Hip-Hop. This is the only song I have posted that isn't Hip-Hop.

    Jonas Kgomo

    Actually I felt a hip hop experimental genre

    Dan Stoner

    I can hear a hip hop influence in this music. Big fan of this!

    Scotty McAllister

    It's partially Alternative Hip Hop

    jack master

    Spoken word more like a jazz hip hop hybrid I love it wish he still did more like this but his newish stuff like sunshine or country roads is amazing I love the un drugged Mike he is very positive

  57. ColinMan1999

    I was drunk on a beach in paradise in Tenerife, Spain and I walked along the water's edge in a tuxedo and sang this song a cappella, circling back to the "I'm half sick on the driiiiinks you mixed".

    Please god, take me back to the days.

  58. Ray C. Merrill


  59. Futureman75


  60. MelonHead1848

    almost 23,000 8/27/2013 moving slow but moving steady ;)

  61. MelonHead1848

    Why can't they both be lyrical geniuses?

  62. MelonHead1848

    I love this comment.

  63. NotoTruth

    Sad but true.

  64. Tiffany Smith

    use the drugs!

  65. HorkingBrahma

    I always get shivers on the line "I've seen the Kansas of your sweet little myth"

  66. MelonHead1848

    I understand what you mean, but good music is not worth a drug problem. Best just to remember the good times and let it go

  67. Luke Schwartz

    I'm sure he disagrees.

  68. RedEyePergo


  69. Linda Cannon

    I went to Wichita once, it was a true nightmare. (this song still goes in the that's my jam category)

  70. Markus Mayer

    saw them live in germany way back in time. only about 30 paying people. but one of the best gigs ever

  71. Diane Stojentin

    God, this brings me right back in time. I was 24 once.

  72. Ethan Anderson

    woot listening to this while driving around in wichita kansas


    at night blazed outta my skull

  73. chloe lovette

    i wish i could see them live(:

  74. Mike Walsham

    Fucking WOW! Yet, Eminem is considered a lyrical genius. W.T.F!?

  75. Jason Schaner

    This is my one of my favorite songs and bands of all time. Mike NEEDS to start using lots of drugs again!

  76. jcab404

    This is gorgeous

  77. Shanda Buckley

    Where you grip her love like a driver's license.

  78. fl510

    we are for a ride.

  79. YellowNumberFive

    Just a haunting song. Gives me shivers every time.

  80. alicemonsta

    love this song/band, so chill<3

  81. spadehatesscrewtube

    every time he says "of whichita" i say "sam peckinpah"