Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz Lyrics

Normalize the signal and you're banging on freon
Paleolithic eon... put the fake goatee on
And it booms as cool as sugar-free jazz

Schools he bombs, he bombs...

Stack wax; lie like a placemat
Won't lap or help you at the automat
And it's clear and clean as sugar-free jazz

Schools he bombs, he bombs...

Fossilize apostle and I comb it with a rake
You can't escape, you pull out the brake
And it booms as cool as sugar-free jazz

Schools he bombs, he bombs...

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Soul Coughing Sugar Free Jazz Comments
  1. Alan Malcheski

    i never would've believed that prick with his walking through walls story and all the 20 and back stories if you and your fungus wridden face didn't stand out so clearly in my memory. You, and the thing that was SC, which is now nothing, disturb me. The DC dweller you know as Joe, he Also put me on edge, and yet, like a horrific traffic accident, I cannot look away.
    This train isn't moving. The only way out is... out. There is no hope for the damned.

  2. Karmairiproducciones

    Great song, we used to jam to this tune in Cartagena, Colombia the middle of the 90´s.

  3. Todd Lasseigne

    I saw an interview with mike doughty talking about how he birthed the music and all this shit but the entire band was so talented and they worked great together it made me like him less... I was disappointed in him.

    Leo Metcalf

    I know what you mean. But in Mike's defense the guys in the band had a habit of treating him like he wasn't an integral part of the band. The bass player especially. I read an interview with him and the drummer and they really seemed like unfriendly people, like, " I'm an amazing musician...who are you?" kind of attitude. Probably that and the fact they were all SO much older than Mike when they formed Soul Coughing. They weren't friends or anything like that. So I believe M. Doughty when he bitches about that band. Put together by studio exec's and then stuck in a contract. But I will also say that Mike Doughty probably wasn't in the best mental or physical shape at that point in his life either so ya know. Truthful I'm sure but I'm sure it could have been handled better by all parties.

    Steve Gartside

    Well you have to remember, they were all jazz players and Mike was a minimalist. And unfortunately, that's the way many jazz musicians are. I know from experience...they are, for lack of a better term, chop snobs.

  4. Angel Portilla

    Está mamalona como pa una escena triste en la que despiden a alguien de su trabajo y camina mientras suena de fondo esto, o la típica escena donde cierran alguna escuela o algo y todos se van a sus casas mirando dramáticamente por la ventana del camión o carro :v

  5. kij100

    One of the highlights of Glastonbury 95 for me, met them in Glasgow the following year, thourghly nice guys.

  6. gombis666

    That bass though.

  7. Tyler Baraby

    How the hell does this only have 5k views.
    Fun fact: This song was in Malcolm In The Middle, Season 2 Ep 2 as Hal digs up the speed bump he made. Pretty sure it was uncredited too.

    Ian Brox

    This is a pretty chill song. People need to take a break once in a while and let go.. just calm the fuck down.. ya know?

    Faux Kima

    I agree, I really do.

  8. Stéphane Grangier

    Transmusicales, Rennes, Salle de la cité,1995 (ou1996), de la pure bombe scénique.