Soul Coughing - Blue Eyed Devil Lyrics

Blue-eyed devil
Blue-eyed devil
Born to be a God among salesmen, working the skinny tie
Slugging down fruit juice, extra-tall extra-wide

Blue-eyed devil
Blue-eyed devil
Thirty-three degrees, six-hundred and sixty-six
Dig-digging it, come on
Moving door-to-door-to-door, stoned motel room
Nice cool on the bathroom floor

Blue-eyed devil
Blue-eyed devil
King of Siam, get the trouble frying. Another devil
King of Siam, get the trouble frying. Another devil

Blue-eyed devil
Blue-eyed devil... blue-eyed...
Spoon to the lighter, to the lighter, to the gun
Devil lapsed out in a pool of sun

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Soul Coughing Blue Eyed Devil Comments
  1. Rita Cannella

    I'm guessing it's a casio

  2. Nick W

    Just discovered this, heard it today on the ever awesome KEXP Seattle (check out their youtube!).

  3. Mordock999

    Funkiest Tune, EVER!

  4. MarkMac

    I always loved this song, but after a pissed off old Korean woman called me a "blue eyed devil" while in Korea it became one of my favorites of all time.


    Maybe she caught your pointed demon tail peeking out from under your shorts.

  5. Jake Eff

    I wonder if Doughty regrets destroying his band yet?

    Rene Segat

    Do some research. You’ll understand.


    Read his "Book of Drugs," the sampler orvhestrated a revolt and sued him for rights to songs because he didn't coptright shit. The other members sided against him basically along the lines how Danzig got robbed of Misfits.






    @Melissa Thompson

    I can imagine how that authoritative double bass can form a burden on your being.

  6. Moorman Sensei

    my favorite album of 94, by far


    It blows my mind how much outstanding music was released in '94: Superunknown, Purple, Jar Of Flies, Downward Spiral, Ruby Vroom, these alone are some of best albums in history

  7. Heather Draxl

    Can anyone tell me what instrument plays in the background around 1:15 - 1:28. Driving me nuts, I can't figure it out.

    Heather Draxl

    Bagpipe and something....?  

    Tom Watts

    its an Oboe

    Tom Watts

    @Tom Watts with a tape loop


    @Heather Draxl
    Mark Degli Antoni ripped an oboe sample from somewhere and played it on his sampler. Most weird noises you hear come from his hands, really.

    Glenn Hefley

    +Heather Draxl Mark de Gli Antoni is using a sampler with clarionet. You can hear he has several 'reed shrieks' and some low clear notes

  8. Ron H.

    This and My Favorite Game from The Cardigans

  9. Velasquez Velasquez

    Matthew 16:23 

    But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a hindrance to me. For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.”

    Mystic Sarcasm

    Humberto Velasquez blue-eyed devil

  10. Sean Manley

    ty....ty !

  11. rebjiii

    this is a kick-ass of their top 5


    @***** my top 8 soul coughing songs: Circles, Soundtrack to mary, the idiot kings, super bon bon, true dreams wichita, janine, $300 and blue-eyed devil


    @rebjiii my top 8 is: super bon bon, is chicago/is not chicago, disseminated, casiotone nation, $300, rolling, st louis is listening & circles (of course)


    @Martin Arratia Yep...Circles is a good one.....i will add it to my list

    Jake Eff

    +Martin Arratia St Louise ... so dope


    How the hell no one mentioned Screenwriter's Blues? It's one of the most atmospheric tunes I've ever heard
    Anyway: Blues, Sugar Free Jazz, MoonSammy, Super Bon Bon, Circles

  12. Luke Baumstark

    Why don't other bands sound like this?  Outstanding.


    doubt many other bands could make music like this while abusing Heroine and other recreational drugs

    Arthur Dent

    rebjiii Not both at the same time surely.

    Kevlar s

    Because most bands are beholden to the record label and are forced to make commercially viable, radio-friendly toe-tapping crap. Good question Luke.

  13. CBD Grow Solutions

    M. Doughty , your not so silent screams do not fall on deaf ears !!!

  14. Earle Monroe

    It did wonders for M. Doughty! ;-)

  15. Eric McCarthy

    SO lucky, I can not tell you my love in words...

  16. mark barrett-bee

    stoned hotel room,argh its cool on the bathroom floor.

  17. SylvanaForrester

    Stay in heroine, kids. And don't do school.

  18. Wayneright

    Awesome!! Thanks for posting - this song brings back some great memories.

  19. StormyK2011

    I don't know how you got this song to stay up here but I'm damn glad you did. Every time I've uploaded it they block it immediately. Grrrrrr lol

  20. XmanORE

    They might not have thought to but this is a GREAT song to dance to...

    "Spoon to the lighter to the lighter to the gun
    Devil lapsed out in a pool of sun"

  21. Eric Arner

    Every one of us who is lucky enough to be familiar with this band is so lucky! They are SO good. I was fortunate enough to see them live twice! Awesome band. Cool sound. Cool lyrics.

    Kevlar s

    Well put, I saw them in a small theatre in Chicago back in 91', so cool. Doughty immediately put a stop to the moshing that wasn't 'about that' as he said.