S.O.S. Band, The - S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit) Lyrics

Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit

S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
Sending out an S.O.S.

We're sending out an S.O.S.
And it's not a signal of distress
It's stands for "Sounds of Success"
We're sending out an S.O.S.

We're sending it to Y.O.U.
Take it and do what you want to
This code of funk it's something new
So help up chant this message through

S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
(S.O.S., ni-i-ow)
S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.

Look around and see what's happening
Everybody (Whoo!) is surely getting down
Do your dance, time to get on up now
Don't mess around, come join us in this new sound

S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
(S.O.S., ni-i-ow)
S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.

S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
(S.O.S. ni-i-ow)
S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.
Sending out an S.O.S.

Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit
Dit, dit, dit, dash, dash, dash, dit, dit, dit

We want to make the music movin'
If you would like a sweeter groovin'
We want to make the music movin'
If you would like a sweeter groovin'

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S.O.S. Band, The S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit) Comments


  2. Shawn Denis

    SOS Band Made Great Music,This One ls My Favorite.

  3. Shawn Denis

    Brings Back Great Memories!!!😁.

  4. Carl Palmer

    I loved this song. My high school band played this. So many marching bands HBCU and high schools all over the world played this. Still slamming in 2019 December to be exact!

  5. Marvin Batiste

    My favorite band of all time,most piszass than any other, slam it all day an all nite

  6. Nothing but the truth Brown

    Love that introduction !

  7. Shawn Denis

    👍👍👍👍,Four Thumbs Up.

  8. Shawn Denis

    SOS Band Were Great Back ln The Day,And They Still Are.

  9. Kevin Edinburgh

    SOS to me say's keep striving onward for success . A very good song for the dance floor.

  10. John Davis

    WoW..I had forgotten about this Song..I'm Glad I found it...

  11. Vanessa Duplessis

    This song put me all the way in the middle of the dance floor at the Hershey Bar in New Orleans. Such great memories!

  12. Robert Patrick

    HBCU bands love playing this!💯

  13. Adrienne Thorpe

    My Lord over 40 yrs. and still banging!!!

  14. Kerry Williams

    SOS band is the greatest band from Savannah and Atlanta GA . The SOS band is the greatest band of all time . I LOVE their live performance even now .

  15. Terry Jackson

    This was their funkiest record. I used to play that 45 over and over again.

  16. Georgia Nelson

    I try to explain this song to my grandkids - dit dit dit dash dash dash S.O. S. Sounds of success

  17. Hiram Vargas

    August 15 , 2019.....This FUNK IS STILL BLAZING. .....DJ HOLLYWOOD SPINNING SINCE 1978.....

  18. Greg Abelllera

    Great song for when you're carving up the canyons. 😎🚘🚗☡💨💨💨💨🏁

  19. Shawnta Mcdonald

    Aww shit nah!!! Here come them mighty carol city chiefs ,yall bulls move out the way,them rockets too!!! All the way from miami carol city fl. C/o 1996

  20. PABallin48

    STILL Feelin' it in 2019!!!

  21. Master

    What y'all know about this? Nothing. Now. Some of y'all need to be trying to freestyle to this. Somebody shoulda been sampled this.

  22. Trent Younger sr.

    Popateers 1980!

  23. Zechteri

    Afro. Triangle. Earrings. Disco.

  24. Clive Alexander

    London,England checking in......Club Royalty....North London 1980....massive tuuuuune


    Clive Alexander right on!

  25. Larry Kelly

    Hit the like button if you jammin to this in 2019💰💰💰💰$O$

  26. Markku Kivinen

    I own that album. Masterpiece👍

  27. bigtay1966

    My high school band played this!!!!!!!!

  28. Christopher Pixley


  29. Stephen Johnson

    It sounds better than Take Your Time.

  30. Guilherme Taranto


  31. Kianna Williams

    WHO IS LISTENING 👂 IN 2019 THO ?!?

  32. bigmandl

    I remember putting this in the mix in the 80's Dj Ham Baby !!!!

  33. sunglassrider69

    turn it up

  34. docgan7

    Still funky in 2019.

  35. Truth Be Told B

    Who here 2019

  36. Kevin Hayes

    Back in the day music still in my soul heeyyy

  37. GVocalz

    This song is still being played by marching bands with musicians who weren't even born when this song was written - and they LOVE IT!! I still love the original

  38. radiotvgod

    FYI… You sound they do in the tune is correct: dit dit dit, dah dah dah, dit dit dit. (S O S). There are no dashes in Morse code anymore. “Dots and dashes” describes the days of the old clicker telegraph transmissions. Today, there is a tone generated for the code and the appropriate term for it is DIT ( formerly dot “.”) and DAH (formerly dash “–“). Confused? Listen to the tune again because they got it right.

    Technically, perfect code has a dah three times longer than a dit. Frequently the sounds are generated by a semi automatic key. When an old style manual key is used and the code is sent by hand, nothing there is a certain individuality and characterization of the senders “fist“, as the jargon refers to it.

    It isn’t unusual for the recipient translating the code to be able to identify the person sending it from the “swing“ or rhythm of how they form their characters when they are using a manual key.

  39. docgan7

    Super sound of success still in 2018.

  40. Raheim Jumbo

    TODAY`S MUSIC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Raheim Jumbo

    grew up on this great funky shiite, can not take shit music anymore...ny phone is filled with over 4100 songs like this.still jammin to it.

  42. Tanya Lawrence

    North Shore High marching band!! Class of 86!!

  43. patty Fox

    the sos band is always my favorite! !

  44. Richard Thurmond

    S.O.S Band at Lamar's Regal Room. Campbellton Road. Atlanta,Ga!! back in the day

  45. docgan7

    Still feeling funky in 2018.

  46. Tamara Gathers

    I sure wish these bands would come back...now this was music where you actually played an instrument. Those were the days!

  47. Willie Garrison

    Damn,what memories! Played this in my freshman year in 1981 of high school band.

  48. Kofi Hemmingway

    Still Jamming

  49. Orante Frazier

    This is an HBCU standard. I couldn't wait to play it in college.

  50. Brent Green

    The memories of fun skates and jams.....,....diss still poppin!!!!!!

  51. Reginald T Hammond Sr

    When this song first came out back in the early 80s I was in high school I went to Pacific Palisades High School in California heard this song on the radio I almost lost my mind , with just the way it starts out it's just incredible This Groove is a Groove that you can just get down on the floor and roller skate I read some of the comments and just like they said I'm all up in my feelings about this song cuz it brings back so many good memories especially when I was with Uncle jamm's Army back in the days . YES , HELLO BABE !!!!

    Barbara Dyce

    Reginald T Hammond Sr
    Great Comet Reginald. My father wrote this song. It made me smile to see such a wonderful complement. I am also from Los Angeles I went to Hamilton. I also went to uncle Jim’s army LOL

    Michael Ivory, Sr.

    Yes I feel ya on that nothing like it. Miss those days on the real.

  52. Kenneth Mckoy





    Their all on thumbs down avenue

  53. Cig Guard

    The "Globalist Social Engineers," took [THIS MUSIC] off the Air, AT 432 vibration; AND GAVE US ([SELF- DISTRUST]) "GANGSTA RAPP" VIBRATION... LIKE THE FOOLS WE ARE! WE ACCEPTED IT... NOW LOOK AT US!!!

    uncaring nousername

    @Cig Guard. Good to see there's at least one person who is awake to the neo agenda. They wish to destroy your people, your culture, then take credit for your music by calling it acid jazz. No one invented anything called acid jazz in London. Its a total lie and an attempt at cultural appropriation.

  54. Wolfgang Werther

    u have right
    but is perfect
    i mean ucraine1

  55. Master Bolding

    My shit right here. Ladies sway DAT ASS!!

  56. veronica cooper

    Real music upbeat music dance 🎶

  57. Jamil RAHMAN

    Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash, horn section off the chain

  58. Disco DeeJay

    Great track from a great band.

  59. Ze'Queen DivaLoach

    This is very SERIOUS groove. In addition to the synthesizer being on fire..there are so many jammin'hooks in this song, its craZzy-awesome-bopping-cool!!!!

    Jean Glenn

    You are so right Soul Diva

  60. Marcus Adams Sr.

    northside high marching band class of 82

  61. Derrick Tinsley

    Skateworld 2 Orlando,Fla. We Da Best 32805

  62. Hilton & Kim'La Braggs I.

    This song should have been a Main Jam 1980 Go!😘

  63. J.L. H

    Ooo. I love SOS.😃

  64. Junior Hamer

    Thumb up if you are still feeling this funky jam in 2017 and beyond

    John Donaldson

    Thumb up if you are still feeling this funky jam in 2019 and beyond

    Judith Henderson

    Junior Hamer Yaasssssss!!!!


    Mannnnn R&B is sorely missing these dynamic horn arrangements. This song is STILL blazin!!!!!!

  65. Kimberly Stanley

    This particular song was hard to find at one time, not being on any of their collections so if you didnt have the cassette tape or original album...it was impossible to get! So finally they reissued the album on cd, and I was able to buy it...so yippee!!!

  66. D'Artenya Granger

    SOS Band - S.O.S. ( Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit )

  67. Alyssa Rosssa

    we gotta play this song in my marching band i'm so excite

  68. Michael Ivory, Sr.

    They simply started a new movement in R&B with this song and never looked back.

  69. Ukraine 1

    Incredible Master Production...But this is not the Album Version from the Album? Is it the long (Special Disco Mix) from the Single release?

    syndicate syndicate

    Ukraine 1

    *AS YOUR ACCOUNT PHOTO TOO; REALLY!?!?!?!?* .......

    Gregory Gardener

    I remember buying the 12 inch single promo in a used record store when this song was released.

    Ruby Rosano

    Cool down @syndicate syndicate. The person is asking questions. Can’t you see the question marks?? It doesn’t matter where you come from, if its in your Soul to feel good music then more power to you.. don’t be so mean. We should appreciate that ones from another country love the R&B sound.🤗

  70. Mohmar-Kwesi Nosakehne'

    THIS Was the Song that GOT The S.O.S. Band NOTICED by The MUSIC World !

    I Got The DEBUT Album my Senior Year of HS. I KNEW this Band Would Be a MAINSTAY.

    Barbara Dyce

    Mohmar-Kwesi Nosakehne'
    Great song! However you are incorrect. Take your time do it right was what made the world hear THE SOS BAND Check out the producer and writer SIGIDI Abdullah. Rest in peace Daddy.

  71. Hubert Hurst


  72. SoDope29

    Don Cornelius: And it is The S.O.S Band on the Soul Train with big one everybody sure nuff digging they call this one S.O.S

  73. Kimberly Brabson

    I was 10 years old when I heard that song in 3rd grade!

  74. Geoffrey White

    Didn't realize there was an extended version of this song. Dang it woman!!! You did it to me AGAIN!!!!

  75. Eddie Augustine

    Classic Choonage......

  76. Sumanth Bhat

    true classic 80s

  77. Orante Frazier

    Played this one in college

  78. Mike Kennedy

    good times sound like this

  79. Michael Ivory, Sr.

    One of their early hits that sparked a movement to many generations and the R&B industry. Remember like it was yesterday as a young teenager. Miss those days.

  80. Will Smith

    this is their baddest cut....pure funk. real shit!!!!!


    Hott ! Flashback Party Jam, that's sure to get the dance floor humpin,

  82. W. Fitzek 2

    cool E-Piano-Chord Progession and heavenly performed, cool Groove and Sound

  83. Archangel0263

    They will be in concert this weekend in the ATL along with Cameo and Cherelle.

    Fitzgerald Young

    Archangel0263 all of them was on that tabu label.

    Ian Jones

    Wish I was there.

  84. Tsuruta1

    " ...- - - ... ...- - -..."

    Is the name of this tune. 🌎

    # dragon

    Tsuruta1 Best reply ever!


    # dragon For one of the BEST tunes by one of the BEST R&B bands ever.😃🎶📻.

  85. yutaka utsumi

    soooo funky !! aaah yeah !!

  86. Lord Fourth

    FAMU Marching 100 - S.O.S

    Search it

    Demetrius Mullins

    My favorite 100 song

    John Johnson

    James S. Rickards High School band ! Southside drummers.

    Shawnta Mcdonald

    Lord Fourth shout out to mr.richard beckford famu marching 100 alumni and carol citys finest

  87. Can Taşkın

    Arama çubuğuna ditditdit yazarsan tabi bu çıkar mk

  88. Thea Carter

    The Lancaster/York Connection was in full effect back then.

  89. Thea Carter

    Haven't heard this in years. I'm in my feelings right now....

  90. Fred Early

    this is classic funk I was a yung buck coming up so many memories of this song

    Clayton Toney

    I feel you guys I know exactly what you was talkin about I was a young buck running around myself doing this time that was one of those records that I jammed to

  91. Arthur Workman

    This song started off sounding like Heat wave's - Groove line am the only one who noticed this. I just noticed it after hearing for so many years when it was originally released back in the day don't know why I never caught that before.

    Andrew Hutchinson Sr.

    +Arthur Workman   It's close but the guitar chopping is different.

    Don Mason

    sounds exactly like a Heatwave track. and that's good.

    Arthur Workman

    Don Mason - well they say imitation is a good form of flattery - or something like that.

    Arthur Workman

    Andrew Hutchinson Sr. - they say imitation is a good form of flattery or something like that.

  92. Peter Horne

    my best sos song yea

  93. Marcus Reeves


  94. Don Mason

    the greatest introduction of a song I ever heard.

    Darby Settles

    Totally Agree.

    Darby Settles

    Except for Rose Royce Get up off your fat

    Adrienne Thorpe

    For real!!!!

  95. John Verge

    Their debut album

  96. phillip brown

    sos marathon Dayton ohio

  97. phillip brown

    yeah sos!!!

  98. bagley232

    Horns are killing on this

    Sharion Tipler

    That's why so many HBCU bands played this song!! BLEW the H-E- double hockey sticks out of it!!