S.O.S. Band, The - Just Be Good To Me Lyrics


Friends tell me I am crazy
That I'm wasting time with you
You'll never be mine
It's not the way I see it
'Cause I feel you're already mine
Whenever you're with me

People always talking 'bout your reputation
I don't care about your other girls
Just be good to me
Friends are always telling me you're a user
I don't care what you do to them
Just be good to me

You may have many others
But I know when you're with me
You are all mine
Friends seem to always listen
To the bad things that you do
You never do them to me

People always talking 'bout your reputation
I don't care about them other girls
Just be good to me
Friends are always telling me you're a user
I don't care what you do to them
Just be good to me

Just be good to me

Life is a game of chances
So I'll take my chance with you
And you, I won't try to change
We talk about it, and I'd
Rather have a piece of you
Than to have all of nothing

But just be good to me
In the mornin'
Just be good to me
In the afternoon or evening, oh, yeah
Just be good to me

I'm like the jealous type, I won't tie you down
When you need me, I'll be around
I'll be good to you, you'll be good to me
And we'll be together, be together, ha

You never do them to me

(I love you so)
(Be nice to me, be sweet to me)
Just be good to me

(We won't worry)
(No, don't worry 'bout what the people say)
(We'll be good to each other)
(Oh, each and every day)
Just be good to me

(I'll be good to you)
(You'll be good to me)
(We will love each other, oh, yes, we will)
Just be good to me

Just be good to me
Just be good to me
Just be good to me

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S.O.S. Band, The Just Be Good To Me Comments
  1. Isagre Green

    Gorgeous woman!

  2. Jasmin mohd-zain

    2020 and this is still my jam ;D

  3. Yonjin Chang

    I wish could bring back time 80s was the best

  4. Jon Lane

    timeless. still slaps in 2020. that bassline tho!!!!!!

  5. Radix Reuel

    Oh, FERSURE ✨

  6. craig cleveland

    Will our kids still have a copy of a song in the attic 37 years later? Didn't think so.

  7. Christine

    I don't care bout' your other girls, just be good to me.....

  8. 木枯らしにゃん次郎


  9. Mikenkfalls P

    I guess I was around eleven when this came out. But still love it after all these years.

  10. David Bee

    Posing in my fila and diadoras can of Autumn gold in my hand ah 83 one of the best

  11. Denis Ndavi

    Still dope in 2020!

  12. Richie Ware

    Bring back the 80s

  13. Franck Gauthier

    god she was stunning... it lets me breathless...

  14. Charles Williams

    This stuff is still 🥵 on Fire!


    And she not good to me 😕


    And she not good to me 😕

  17. Peter Klonwurst

    the bassline... the bassline... the bassline... it`s it!!!

  18. Ron Dabbs

    Smooth R&B 80s! I loved this decade of soul. Sos Band, Gap Band, Midnight Star, need I go on? LOL

  19. Raider Leo

    Mary Davis is some fine chocolate! Yeah

  20. Aleke07 Games

    G T A 4 !!!

  21. Marshan Thomas

    this is my song

  22. Srijan Agrawal

    Patrice sent me here

  23. Remember The Moment

    https://youtu.be/4Y2b6Mj_qR4 I love that Coverversion, too

  24. JohnnyRetweeter

    I mean this from the heart. I was a teen in the 80's. Music is life for me. Most of the 80's pop scene were created by amazing black artists like these artists. I truly hope the black community can rise up and find that inspiration to create magic like that again. You were the spark. You're always the spark. You have the gift of soul. Stay blessed. Mind☆Body☆Soul.

  25. José Carlos Silva de Andrade

    Like 2020

  26. Mark Anthony Harrison

    That’s perfection. Right there.

  27. Introspective Consciousness

    If you're not dancing you're dead peace.

  28. Brandi Hunt

    The side chick mentality real talk

    Sunny Island

    Yu Kno, tho,
    It's kinda mo like tongue-in-cheek

    Gotta be exaggeratin' sum, to getcha feelin it fo' sho all da way can...😉

  29. kotelli fors

    patrice o'neal

  30. Isaac Estrada

    Shots out too the sos band real gangter shit everytime still bumping this . Funk never stops . SOUTHSIDE CALI NIGGA

  31. Victor Rollerson

    Atlanta's own The S.O.S. Band banged out so many Fire cut they are one of the most underrated groups ever!

  32. Kurt Adams

    Always loved Ms. Mary Davis

  33. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis

  34. Kurt Adams

    Classic Soul

  35. Latif Boolaky

    Who wouldn’t like to be good to you???????

  36. Memo Musa

    The song still good to me in 2020.

  37. Heavenly Wells

    Wow that little girl could blow

  38. masomaf

    Typical 80s sound love it

  39. IndyMode

    I heard this in a movie and had to come find it...

  40. Thomas Kowalski

    Roland Tr 808 👍

  41. Christine Penick

    love this was my favorite


    2020 we here

  43. Igor Logvinenko

    ПИЗДЕЦ ! ! ! 👍🌿

  44. *prince/ *marie

    Still here in 2020 music today just doesn't have soul, beat & oh so funky🎆🔥💓🎆🔥💓🎆🔥💓🎆🌟🔥🎆🌟🔥

  45. John Wick3.5


  46. sarah holland

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  47. Eleftherios Pilitsidis

    Listened fi dis when mi was young

  48. Dwight Love

    Jimmy Jam&Terry Lewis from The Time wrote this '80s classic.

  49. miss diaspora levy

    2020 and we still rocking to the classics for new years

  50. Cee Vee Queen

    I loved this song as a kid. Not sure why I was singing such lyrics lol.

    Sunny Island

    Beat, melody of the lines, vocal verve, stepping groove.... all those happening.

  51. Shirley Thomas

    Hot damn! Just be good to me! Rockon straight into 2020 with this cut! Do it S.O.S. Band!! 🎶❤️💯

  52. chris wilson

    I was born in 83, but my parents would play sos band, Angie and Rene, parliament, and etc every time they had a cookout/house party back in the 80’s /early 90’s. I listen to this now just to relive those good times

  53. tillallareoneluv

    Patrice O'Neal. We love you legend.


    The song that got Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis fired from The Time.

  55. Jim Ernst

    These guys are just soooooooo amazing!

  56. Claudia Rosier

    This is why the song with Lily Allen and Professor Green sounded so familiar!

  57. Faro Cicero

    GTA IV 💯✊



  59. funnyvideos for life

    my man Patrice brought me here ... This is gold

  60. ldyluv6988

    That intro is everything 💃🏾🔥

  61. William

    This beat could come out today and still be fire 🔥. Came here from sada baby video

  62. felix Doggy Depot

    There nothing like it was design to stand against the test of time indeed it is

  63. Nestin24

    MIAMI SOUND MACHINE copio y la nombro "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You'".

  64. SteLo1008

    GTA IV :)

  65. Lux Voltaire

    I came here on the vague recollection that the original version of this song was so much better than the later 80's version. I've come away with my favourite song for the year. Again.

  66. gurll 1234

    Dumb song

  67. DHurlComedy

    Original side chick anthem

  68. Tech Srvs

    I tell ya,, this stuff is timeless....

  69. KG Smith

    Patrice o'neal brought me here

  70. Uno Honcho

    This era of black people was the best, all down with the funk and none of this 'Is it cos I is black?' chip on the shoulder mentality

  71. TheIrishrogue68

    Pure genius begins at 3:38

  72. Rattle Snake


  73. Amanda Esparza

    Just heard this song on Facebook and I thought the girl singing it was the singer 😂 I was dead wrong but she sounds good singing this song

  74. Laurent c

    Excellente music 😍chanté par un grand groupe de funk 👍

  75. kyle ebuna

    Here coz of Black Philip Show

  76. caleb rush

    The opening is out of this world.

  77. Monique Walker

    This song is everything 😘😉

  78. paul miller

    YO YO BABY !!!

  79. The 90's kid remembers

    Patrice O'Neal via The Black Phillip show brought me here.

  80. Derek Bortree

    ABSOLUTELY love this song! This started as one of my depression songs to make me cry ,then as I grow older It became one of my beautiful inspiration songs. Still love the SOS Band to this day

  81. danny black

    How sexy was the lead singer tho 😍

  82. rodboi Jones

    the older guys at my job put me on this song lol. they would always come in and change the radio station to the 80s music.

  83. Muaaz Mahomed

    GTA IV brought me here

  84. thinker

    The beat and tune is kicking I change the lyrics into a Christian hymn and it kicks more as************. How can you not care about a fornicator who could bring diseases home to your bed. In the spiritual warfare against these other women and the licentiousness of a man that you're talkin about walk the hell away. There are good men out their prey. In Christ Jesus name. Carry on.

    Lady Cheyne

    Thanks for ruining it🙃


    @Lady Cheyne hey better to be informed and not go to hell or get a disease. I love the beat I just changed the words as a Christian. Be careful of hypnotic beats though do not fall into temptation who sang you can't change the words. Much love. Carry on. Blessings in Christ Jesus name.

    Lady Cheyne

    @thinker Your name is so ironic. I'd rather be in hell than stuck with you self righteous douchebags in "heaven" kissing ass of an abuser for eternity. You literally worship someone that watches children being raped and murdered. Get help.

  85. Elizabeth Long

    "◔ ◔¨ * ..yes

  86. Ted Day

    In the 80s, things were more real in life despite the hardships then: love was love, it was genuine love from heart and soul not pegged on wealth on any attributes. Everyone cared for one another irrespective of who the other stranger was. I had multiple friends from far and totally different backgrounds. Those were simple, genuine and sweet times and of course with peaceful romantic music.

  87. Letrice Warren

    Great song!! Nice boobies too!! You go girl

  88. P Kelly

    OMG Mary Davis in that red dress !! A sight for sore eyes if ever there was one. "I'm Not Runnin'" also another song off their "On the Rise" album that i like.

  89. SniffyPoo

    miming moog keytar.

  90. Nurse B723

    Who's here after the Soul Train awards?

    Nurse B723


  91. Brian Castillo

    Love the bass line

  92. Willie Black

    The original side piece song 😂🤣😂🤣

  93. King Sports

    Jam mlewis tried to help out vanity6 but prince like no

  94. King Sports

    Damn thankgod for this hit jam n Lewis wouldn't been shit after prince fired them

  95. Thomas Humber

    serious talent- unlike todays shit

  96. Michail Voursoukis


  97. Slowmotion Beat

    Hey was this song in.. back to the future?

  98. David E. Collins


  99. Martin Platt

    Anyone out there listening in late 2019?

    Joshua Edwards

    Still listening December 21st 2019+......


    It's on my playlist