S.O.S. Band, The - High Hopes Lyrics

You've got me like no one has before
I really love you
The way you talk and the things you say
Sound so good
But there you were standing over there
With another last night
Now I'm in the middle of it
Can't you see it's killing me

I had high hopes for you and me
Thought we'd stay together eternally
High hopes for our love
Felt like it was heaven sent from above

Just too hard to let go

You told me you loved nobody else
You never would
You've had my child
You'd even marry me if I asked
But now it seems more so every day
That you need me less
Now you're almost there, come around
I don't wanna let you go, oh-ho

I had high hopes for you and me
Thought we'd stay together eternally
High hopes for our love
Felt like it was heaven sent from above

(High hopes)
This can't be
Caught you with another
And, girl, it's killing me
(High hopes)
You let me down
I have to find somebody else
Since you won't be around

Just need a little time
It'll be alright

High hopes
High hopes

Can't you see, I want you for myself
(And always will)
We had our talk and tried to make things right
Or so it seems
But now it's him for you
I guess you won't need me anymore
Hey, I never ever come around
To see you again, oh-ho

'Cause I had high hopes for you and me
Thought we'd stay together eternally
High hopes for our love
Felt like it was heaven sent from above

(High hopes)
Ooh, this can't be
Caught you with another
And, girl, it's killing me
(High hopes)
You let me down
I have to find somebody else
Since you won't be around

High hopes
Just need a little time
And I'll be alright
High hopes
Ooh-hoo, high, high, high

High hopes
It's so hard to let go
High hopes

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S.O.S. Band, The High Hopes Comments
  1. john leggatt

    as you say my goodfellow this is the berries no problemo????????

  2. King Sports

    Jam m Lewis

  3. Responding


  4. Valerie Sepulveda

    2020 I’m still busting the band in my car blasting

  5. dallasman1972

    Still on this jam...

  6. Junior Herman

    Most excellent. STILL.🌎👽🖖🏾


    Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam written Song.

  8. Burt Lee

    The Fall Of 1982. My Freshman Year In High School. What A Great Year In Music

  9. Life Transitions

    Great work as always Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis so very happy you were honored this year at the Soul Train Awards as it was well deserved!!!!
    Some Sylvers influence on this track as well. Leon Sylvers is one bad bassist. I hope he is honored soon because he also has a great catalogue of music from his family to Shalamar to the Whispers and a track that was sampled by rappers a lot in the 80's "Misdemeanor sung by his brother Foster and two sisters Angie and Pat.

  10. John Hilton

    Remember seeing them in Croydon 84 they were the dogs Swingers

  11. Lenard Shaw

    Leon sylvers bring me here

  12. Jean Guigou

    Sos band avec ce morceaux un delice a ecouter dans la voiture r 15 c etais drop bon un funk de premiere

  13. Threadlady91


  14. Luke Taylor

    Using the local WiFi cause I can’t do it at my residence

  15. Cody Cannon

    Detectives ran in my crib, I had to hide all the EVIDENCE, searchin for SSN’s online hopin one of them’s the president!

  16. Donald Melton

    This lit 🔥 2019

  17. clobbyhops

    This sounds like something Morris Day and the Time would do and it will hit

  18. LVNCSR

    "You told me you'd love nobody else".......OMG!

  19. BigBandsOnDeck 51


  20. uzipolo

    Leon sylvers III

  21. john leggatt

    im 57 and varioutus and this is such food for thought????????

  22. Kim Dee

    This never gets old!!!
    ~We've All Had Those #HighHopes! 💔...Felt Like It Was Heaven Sent From Above! 🎶🎸🎤

  23. East london A.M.W

    One of the best soul band's in the world iam English and the only band that came close too sos was loose ends .

  24. Abdur Amin



    This song makes me wanna go to the club with a new suit on and a fresh fade this is for grown ups only

    James Robinson

    Bro im feeling ya do yo thing

  26. clay portis

    Fantastic song!

  27. Christian Neveu


  28. Hepburn Scott

    Exceptional music. Such superb quality in the delivery, meaning, and the musicians. Real music that moves your soul.

  29. Flash Monkey

    Had high hopes since I was 16 That was 2006 when I heard This Jam now it’s 2019 I still have HIGH HOPES 💜

  30. Big Plug

    Who from teejayx6

  31. Ana Cardenas

    I love You Dad !!!
    My Bestfrienn , Your Daughter Gots u Forever 💯 💙💙

  32. Allen Griggs

    218 thumbs down for this 🔥 ass song well it's official the world is full of people who need to be fuckin shot

  33. dhoshi55

    I only heard Onra's version of this song. Thanks for posting!!!

  34. Mr Manuva

    Love this . Sampled wonderfully by the ragga twins on heroin is killin

  35. Bridgette Dallas Davis

    I love this song. Still Relevant today. Thank you SOS Band for Great Music and Great Memories was a kid then but still listening ❤️

  36. Robert Bell


  37. Nnahsod Mullig

    Rest in peace (Poppa G) long beach rasta....

  38. Ivalina Passe

    The Intro is Dope!!!!

  39. Ivalina Passe

    Sounds Like Dynasty Oh Yes !!!!!!!! Ricky Sylvers bass line!!!!! Love it!!!!

  40. Ronald Lane

    It was this Album that got Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis kicked out of the Time and fired from Purple Rain movie. It was worth it!!

  41. Melanie Shuler



    U know me like to jam 🎶🎶🎶🎶 🕺💃🕺💃

  43. Aprella Butts

    One of my favs this and 'Tell me if you still care'

  44. Paul Moreno

    💣BOMB!!! ™💥✓💣💥💣
    💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣!!!🗯️🗯️🗯️🗯️💣💥🗯️💥🗯️HIGH HOPES!!!

  45. Jhamel Wade

    The *45-vinyl* is still here in my sight, tho'! I love this song STILL!!

  46. Khaba Sahure'

    S...O ....S....BAND

  47. Cherish _Today

    My Saturday is made!


    It’s a yes
    I’m an old cunt ✅✅✅✅

  49. Tony O

    Good grief this is 1st Class! How I missed this one is beyond me!🤔😞🤗😍

  50. clay portis

    Great, Heartfelt tune!

  51. Paul Moreno



    Yep 😎

  53. Arty G

    Why the fuck is this the first time i heard this banger.

  54. jl dotson

    This was my cut ...well still is niice to hear the music 🎶 from back in the day .. recall so many good memories !!

  55. Walter Brown

    THIS IS OLD SCHOOL MUSIC JAM ! Those 168 Disklike THIS Song ? Sip Your 💅 hater-ade somewhere else because you do not know what real music is all about BACK IN THE DAY !

  56. Luis Sam

    Man this shit is funky as a motherfucker.

    Why do feel the need to buy very long car and find women with low self esteem for pimping purposes?🤔

  57. aew1958

    Army Days......

  58. 1blessedbrotha

    my High Hopes were dashed to pieces by someone who was,t worth the trouble!


    Me too😱😱😱😱😱😱

  59. Gwendolyn Banks

    OMG I love this song

  60. Felix Ocasio

    Bringing me back to younger days.love it!

  61. Ivalina Passe

    High Hopes is Just Awesome Song. The Dislikes don't know Good Music 🎶 !!!!!! Love it!!!

  62. Ivalina Passe

    Heaven Sent Love you Jesus!!!!!

  63. Evillincoln

    Onra brought me here. Never knew this was an SOS band track.

  64. Japanese Toyota Corolla

    2019? 2020? 🔥🔥🔥

  65. DeeJayRoyalT2

    Probably my FAVORITE song by the SOS Band...and that's saying something.

  66. Ivalina Passe

    Keep Hope Alive Holy Jesus!!!

  67. Ivalina Passe

    Love it 💘 💘 Love Love 💘 Love this Song!!!!!

  68. Chris Crap

    How can you dislike any of these songs??????????????????

  69. oxxsteel

    That bass guitarist is plugging the shit out of every single note, no games played.

  70. Calvin Gilmore

    No gangbang no shooting just put speaker on the front porch and just jam while you wait on the mailman

    Paul Moreno

    And all the YELLOW... ribbonS -stop the viloence stop!!!

  71. Enjoytheride

    Holy jesus

  72. Gontse _

    I can't get over this beat! Musicians in the 80s were creative!

  73. Ivalina Passe

    Love it Haven't heard this in so long!!!!

  74. Melanie Shuler




  76. Matthew A Trimble

    My Name is Matthew Trimble and I had the opportunity to sit in with the SOS Band in my The Lamar's Regal Room on Campbellton Road in Atlanta Georgia what a Awesome Experience sitting with My 60's Les Paul Guitar previously owned by country singer C. Atkins Chuck. I purchase Les Paul for $500 from idea music in Atlanta Georgia Salesman Stow owner the late Eli.

    Matthew A Trimble

    Lamar wanted me to come in and help out with the SOS band at the time I was in Medical School Atlanta College of medical and Dental Association and was unable to come back and do a second Show by request from The SOS, Band members.!

  77. Mark Hazleton

    Artists nowadays sound like they are either moaning or falling asleep when they are "singing". S.O.S. Band always sounded like their goal was to make people feel positive and fall in love. Even the beat is so smooth. It's hard enough finding a song on the radio with JUST a decent beat these days. S.O.S. Band had it all like The Gap Band.

    Myers 1978

    There were so many great bands back in the day:

    SOS Band
    The Gap Band
    The Mac Band
    The Whispers
    The Temptations
    Kool & The Gang
    Earth, Wind and Fire
    Midnight Star

    Mark Hazleton

    @Myers 1978 hell yeah there were. I saw The Temptations and Earth Wind & Fire with my parents within the last couple years and they still sound good (the remaining members).

  78. Michael Whitmore

    I love your music

  79. StayGold PonyBoy

    to everyone in this comments section.. we are here cuz we love great music an we all got soul

  80. David Churchyard

    just soulful music the best bring back the good times

  81. Salmon slayer 208

    This song I sing to the old women and they live it still

  82. lansburry harry

    miami 80's

  83. David Churchyard

    what's legends good times and just listening to old school music

  84. Neosoulgroovydude

    Jam & lewis were fired by prince when they moonlighted with sos band. But they had a sound that kept them working.

  85. Tracy Sullivan

    Still rocking this in 2018!!! 🎼🎶

    William Lewis

    Hi Tracy

  86. male3339

    I still remember when this first came out how fresh it sounded and it is still oh so good

  87. Michael Tanghe

    The only HIGH HOPES nr. on Spotify disappeared (in fact, the whole of SOS Band!!) dammit!!

  88. andersonthomas2012

    The only song of it's kind. This is my all time favorite SOS song.

    Donney Wright

    I've been a professional radio station announcer for many many years and this is one of my favorite bands ever day's gone bye

  89. Alan Walker

    good and funky for real

  90. smith oliver

    Amazing !!!!!! beutiful !!!!!!!

  91. Alejandro Herrera

    produced by Ricky Sylvers , it sounds like Carrie Lucas song "Show Me Where You Coming From" and "Love In A Fast Line" by Dynasty at the intro

    Perverted Alchemist

    And both songs were produced by his brother, Leon.

    ordonize holmes

    Thats solar sounds

  92. Gabriel Cruz

    Thumbs up to the hopeful ones ya dig

  93. Scott Cherry

    Awesome and CLASSIC 80's Club Banger!!!!! That's how we rocked in the 80's!!!! Blazing tracks from REAL MUSICIANS!!!

  94. Thomas Larkin

    Shits over everything that is out now ... Slick , Soulful , sexy and sounds still very very fresh ......SOS BAND =different gravy mate .... MUSTARD HOT !

  95. Edwin Rivera

    That's the shizz

  96. p ramos

    This goes out to a girl i like..once she stop with those games

  97. charbumar8

    Just need a little time and I’ll be alright

  98. Mike Williams

    So underrated! SOS Band has more hits than most. Too many to name . Fast and slow!

  99. Milo Terronez

    All day long....chills up and down my spine

  100. Demonte Shaw

    thanks mom for playing this good music when I was s youngster man I miss the 80s

    Shirley Butler

    I'm with you all the way I missed the 80's also those were the good old days carefree indeed! ! ! Im a ode skool junkie can't have it no other way