Soluna - Spanish Lullaby Lyrics

(oh, te amor, te amor, te quiero)

I have always dreamed to find someone like you
No more lonely nights I'll never make it through
Won't you say you will fulfill this empty part
Cuz I've been searching for what's missing in my heart

My Spanish lullaby
For you are my Spanish lullaby
You are the star that lights my night
And with you I'll make my dreams come true
Underneath the starlit moon
You're my Spanish lullaby

Come with me to a place
Come feel my warm embrace
There's is so much I have to give
(You don't know, you don't know)
Come feel my passion rise
There's so much I have inside
So much more life you have to live

And I never will abandon what we share
For I cherish every moment that you're near
I will never let you shed a tear for me
Cuz every ounce of love I give to you

You're Spanish lullaby
And I'll be you're Spanish lullaby
I'll be the star that lights your night
And I'll make all your dreams come true, yeah
Underneath the starlit moon
(Spanish Lullaby)


You're my beautiful melody
No querido estas sentir
Quien es mi amor
I can feel your love calling for me
De amor, de quiero
You're my Spanish lullaby

Come...passion rise
Have inside...
You're my Spanish lullaby


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Soluna Spanish Lullaby Comments
  1. Racheal Mugisha

    Still here and it’s 2020

  2. Huhujw Hhjjj

    I like this version better than Madonna.

  3. ShotByZ

    Any other sleeper agents have this pop into their head recently?

  4. noxiouschocolate

    I remember getting a video of this on my first mp3 player

  5. Nishtha's world


  6. Nishtha's world

    Nice singing👏☀⛅☔🌂🌈🌁❄⛄

  7. Nishtha's world

    You got 100/100 in this song

  8. Nishtha's world


  9. Nishtha surpam

    Song Spanish or English

  10. MD. Al-Amin Siddiky

    Childhood memory 😍

  11. Melanie Rice

    She sting my ass tho

  12. Tim Rice


  13. Christopher Isac

    That’s an old ass song!

  14. Jim Snow

    Does anyone know where I can this version of this song to put into my Ipod? ITunes does not have it.

  15. nithin uday

    finally found the song
    after searching for 10 years

  16. I am love

    Omg a female night elf

  17. Mark Kamau

    Shocked to realize this is Madonna. The realization hit me like splash of water in the middle of sleep. Why her!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. S P

    She is not real madona

  19. Masuma Afroz

    I was only 5/6 years old when i first heard this song! And I still love this one!!!

  20. matthew stoddart

    She's way hotter than Madonna.

  21. S P

    She is not real madonna

  22. Jim Snow

    Where do so find this version of this song. I would love it on my IPOD?

  23. Michael Moore

    Who is this gorgeous woman?

    Blackout's whore


  24. Annie Ding

    Madonna sings far better but she plays too sexy.:)

  25. Prita Singh

    Mind blowing

  26. Ken H.

    Hot, Hot, Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. sharan wankhede


  28. Adalaya

    Long story short, the easiest way for me to fall asleep is to listen to any Spanish song in my dads car while it's moving.He started playing this song and I yelled "I FALL ASLEEP TO SPANISH SONGS ENOGH ALREADY!I DONT NEED A SPANISH LULLABY!!"

  29. светлана самойлова

    когда я была молодая советская власть не дала моей семье квартиру и поэтому у меня нет детей

  30. Zarish Ahmed

    I can understand her song who ever can plz like

  31. Zarish Ahmed

    I love her song

  32. Jaden Nikkie #

    I've loved this song since forever( when l was five) but l never managed to get it's name... Years later, here l am (17), finally tracked it so excited >< >< n shez so talented and gorgeous,, she makes me love the song even more (if that is even possible) ><

    R Jackson

    What is this singer's name?

    Dimasha Fernando

    bruh this literally me. exact same ages

  33. chris costello

    Why is she the most beautiful human on earth?

  34. Eddie Addam

    march 2018😜 i still love this girl😘

  35. Filemon Carrasco


  36. Big Daddy

    Ahh! Your Spanish fly

  37. Savanna Oliva Peralta

    So tired of hearing this at Walgreens. Lmao

    oochie wally

    lol they play that there?

  38. εdωαrd27

    Now she's 33 but she looks like 20. She's so beautiful <3


    This song randomly popped in my head. I must have heard it recently, but I don't remember where.

  40. sierra jones

    is she dead??

    Blackout's whore


  41. Aishwarya Mole


  42. Mark Mithi

    shes like the twin sister of letty from fast n furious


    Yes but more beautiful. I think I fell in love <3

    Harold Lanuza

    Where's Dom?

  43. Dennis

    bellisima..... ;-)

  44. Bert Cochran

    she's Irish.

  45. 周加麟

    Perfecto...whats her real name? I didnt know mexican girls can be so hot...oh wait....I dont think shes mexican.

    Joshua Greenslade

    周加麟 shes spanish


    Joshua Greenslade She's french.

    Disciple Dude

    Google salma hayek and demi lovato


    Isn't she Alizée?
    In that case, she's French.
    Mexican girls don't look like that, anyway.

  46. 周加麟

    She is

  47. James Hoverman

    The was the first song my wife and I danced to but back then we were just dating

  48. Nick Corello

    Beautiful song I like it a lot

  49. ironically true

    simply mesmerizing...

  50. devi singh

    it's how simple this girl is .. my 7yr old stands for this songs and dances just as this girl does.. so simple and beautiful

  51. KKillaPRO AMV & Gaming

    My mom bought an mp4 YEEEEARSSS ago, this song was already on mine and my brother's and I couldn't figure out how to add my own music so I put this on repeat until the next day, by then, I'd fallen in love with it. never knew the name. Years later, here it is!

    Trinity Caldwell



    KKillaPRO AMV & Gaming yo me tooo

    Aidan Malcolm

    Same here man

    Scott Barclay

    I had the same on my mp4

    Leila Davis

    what the heck!!! Same story with my mp4!

  52. Marie King

    What's her name

    Elizabeth Hamilton


  53. Row Be

    Beautiful in so many ways! She's effortlessly gorgeous, song is great and those eyes... *_*

    Robert Shwe

    yeah look at the eyes beautiful😘

  54. Laura Stephenson

    Strange.  Good song, but at the end, she thanks the audience in French

    Laura Stephenson

    @Laura Stephenson On down, ZaraHatke, explains


    +Laura Stephenson It's a cover. The singer is Alizee who is French.

  55. Jenny

    I remember being 6 or 7 and having my mom playing this to me. It was my favorite song ever. Back then, I was in China and did not speak a word of English but I absolutely loved this song. Now, almost 7 years later, I managed to finally track down this song and all I remember were the words "Spanish lullaby" and the melody. *sigh* childhood memories

    Yashita Garg

    Oh my god. Same! I was young back when my brother(who is a lot older than me) used to listen to this song. I loved it. Now I traced back this song. :)

    Pavel Smolyar

    Madonna's song, i also heared in 1990's when i was a child, one of my favorite pop-songs

    Melanie Rice

    Jenny why did ur mom show u this song u should tell ur mom that the frickin song has “Sting My A$$” ok and then she will regret that she showed this to u Kay thanks

    Sachin Dhital

    It might sound dramatic but it's the same case for me too,

  56. xKaChiiNg

    this nigga called mr.patel showed me this song

  57. My Freaking Vlogs

    "la isla bonita" means beautiful island


    oh yea thanks pal for the translation

  58. Rishi Chhajed

    Dis song is just awesome.... simply loving it #rocking#fantabulous

  59. Rachael H

    This was the only music video I had on my IPod when I was little and it first came out. Ah, finally found it.

  60. gtrhero100

    Does anyone know the name of the flamenco guitarist standing to her right?

  61. dizzyne420

    Effortlessly being so sexy walking up to the mic...

  62. Lexi M.

    love this song magnificent

  63. Amber Tahir

    this the best song ever I love it I can't believe I've found the actual song. "OMG!"

  64. Matiul Islam

    I luv it

  65. Curly Mike

    She's a very beautiful and talented young lady!

  66. steven west

    she good

  67. Christopher Sanford

    No, it is a cover by Alizze

  68. PentagonThief1

    Probably not all I know that the song is by madonna

  69. PentagonThief1

    I think

  70. PentagonThief1

    The girl who is singing it is madonna

  71. LBC562J

    damn she rockin those track pants thooooo

  72. Paul Darkow

    Who is the woman in this video singing Spanish lullaby?

  73. AHDBox

    I fell in love with some bagel lol


    My friend heard she sang " last night i dreamt of some bagel"

  74. Asela Gamage

    i first hear in 2012.after i know lyrics in 2013.oh ,,,then i enjoy much more

  75. KZ Official


  76. KZ Official


  77. KZ Official



  78. nadeem saca

    lolololollmbo that's soo funny

  79. mursal hamdard

    what is her name?

  80. Tom Stuart

    who is she

  81. Shady Tu Ta Loko

    where can i find a female like this omgg !!!

    Vijay Shankar here you'll find

  82. Kamal Omar


  83. SveaMike

    1985 for the win!

  84. BigDaddyM

    you know you has an amazing child hood if you know this song......born 1992 :)

  85. jerrygurl92

    the only woman that can make tracksuit bottoms look sexy hahaha

  86. frapistat

    A cover better than the original!

  87. frapistat

    I love the chorus, it gives the song such depth.

  88. botnet

    used to listen to this as a baby 14 years later i remembered it and searched it up:P

  89. villamatt96

    i first heard this in a karaoke bar in turkey but they changed it to Turkish lullaby

  90. Sakura Sasaki

    She's sooo pretty... omg im a girl but i still think she is pretty :)

  91. KingDanny Moses

    thats the same thing i thought

  92. Freshco

    srsly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen :O

  93. michael baumet

    hey this song is really good who cares about the lyrics or body well maybe the body is fine

  94. Aria's Mom

    ctfu u made my day!

  95. FeeltheDowski

    Yeah shake that girlfriend!!!!!

  96. salvador soto

    she is sexy