Soluna - I'll Be Waiting Lyrics

Can't you see
You mean everything to me
You're in my heart
You've touched my soul
You're all I'll ever need
And it hurts so bad
Not to have you by my side
Nothing's right; I cry all night
Just waiting for your call

I'll be waiting for you till the sun don't shine
I will wish on a star to make you mine
I'll be dreaming all night that you're by my side
I'll be waiting for you
Said I'll be waiting for you till the end of time
Can't you see that I need you in my life
You're all that I want; I can't deny
I'll be waiting for you

(I'll be waiting for you...)

Love is hard
When the days can seem so far
We were both inseparable
And now we're torn apart
I refuse to try again
To love to someone new
Cuz what we shared was heavenly
Like a rose that's in full bloom


(I'll be waiting for you...)

You make me so happy
I never thought I'd lose you
You're love was and still is
The only thing I run to


Every minute of every hour
You know I'll be waiting for you

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Soluna I'll Be Waiting Comments
  1. israel172251

    I love #SOLUNA FOR EVER.❤❤🥰😘🥰❤🥰😘🥰❤


    I still love them to this day!

  2. Valek Irwin

    Thanks for making this available in 1080p. You really haven't heard most music until you've heard it in hi-res.

  3. kyle praseutsack

    such a beautiful song.