Solomon Burke - You And Me Lyrics

I won't tell anybody
I swear to keep it a secret

You and me, we can be alone
Walking through a world of our own

I don't care what they say but
I don't want to hear their opinions

You and me, we can be alone
Walking through a world of our own

Don't think, it's only silly
If I go, you're gonna miss me

You and me, we can be alone
Walking through a world of our own
Walking through a world of our own

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Solomon Burke You And Me Comments
  1. Mickey Bowser


  2. rita kopetzky

    nice song

  3. Mickey Bowser


  4. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH OH!!!!!

  5. Mickey Bowser


  6. Conny Oyibocha

    This song touch the heart deep inside stay bless Salomon ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Mickey Bowser


  8. Sylvia Edwards

    Wowww song in 2019 december.

  9. Pedro Pedraza

    Rose Segal put me on

  10. seven1666

    Listening nov 2019.

  11. willy laan

    this was covert by dutch band ( after all) check it its a great version of that song

  12. little Bo Peep

    Sounds a bit like Sam Cooke bring it on home

  13. kaye mohammadi

    kids now have no soul like this man had

  14. Bingham Guevara

    Does anyone think this song sounds a lot like 'Oh Darling' by The Beatles.


    Maybe the opening chord progressions and open sequences but other than that, not much. If anything, McCartney developed this song into something very different, possibly even superior to this song according to some people. If anything either, the bridge part reminds me more of Happiness Is A Warm Gun, than Oh Darling!, so yeah.

  15. den key

    7/10/2019 Yes babe 💚💚💚💚

  16. Mickey Bowser


  17. Jantine Steenbergen

    Need you always :-)

  18. bill chew

    Philly's contribution to dynamite soul

  19. Jevezy

    Mr. Smooth Soul, Solomon Burke, still enjoying this in 2019.

  20. Timothy Mckee


  21. rinat islamgulov

    Вячеслав Добрынин в 70 х написал ремикс на эту песню!))

  22. Jolanda Resoort

    Very good old song 😘👍

  23. den key

    4 years...

  24. Lisa Marie Mike

    i love you steve ♥️ 12/03/18

  25. Marcella Norfleet

    If you need me, call me and I'll hurry home where I belong!! Holler in 2018.

  26. Ladonna Williams

    If I recall I heard this song before I born in 1989

  27. Хочу правды

    rock - cover this song from 1975 and from ....USSR

  28. city zen

    Wilson Pickett and the Stones did good versions also. Good SOUL-GOSPEL MOOD.

  29. Cary Elliott

    This song puts any Sam Cooke song to shame.

    Mané Farmer

    Cary Elliott no need to compare or hate either one. Bring it on home to me is on the same level

  30. Luc Van Hout

    there are no words for this music

  31. Mané Farmer

    This is very beautiful

  32. Joe Adams

    guitar work by the great George Barnes

  33. Roberta Elder

    I love all these songs and I am very pleased with the best music keep them coming for me thank you from roberta

  34. Ljiljana Križan

    fantastic song

  35. Roberta Elder

    All the songs are extremely good I like these songs they make me cry so when I am not busy thank you so much for the songs keep playing them for me thank you you tube and country collection I am very happy with the best music keep listing thank you so much from roberta well done

  36. Roberta Elder

    I love all these songs they get straight to my heart I don't get why people put thumbs down there is good songs keep playing them for me thank you you tube and country collection I am very pleased with the best music keep listing thank you so much for the songs keep playing them for me thank you from roberta

  37. D Doeser

    Een goede vriend van mij Ja wat zijn er dan ook niettemin de afspraak Vrijdagavond gaat door zal ik doorgeven Ben benieuwd of je dan mij belt voor die tijd en welke dag bel je mij ? Ik heb een vraag over de Muziek ! Jaaa mie'n Laiverd hest'n mie gaud verwent bin ik zowies mit , dat komt wel mie'n jong

  38. Beverly Ambush

    This was me and my husband song. I guess never again in a life time. Sometimes people need to grow up. Beverly Ambush Dawson

  39. Michele Fioretto

    Absolutely smoking hot. God he was great.

  40. Janet Boggs

    M Saint & Peggy BRADLEY,you should,nt be allowed to comment on anything,you are totally inogrant,dumb,stupid and no intelligence at all

  41. alex arolas garcia

    Esta bonita canción la compuso y la canto WILSON PICKETT en el año 1962 y la versiono SOLOMON BURKE en el año 1963

  42. ruby tairi


  43. Wahkontah Little Crow

    Solomon Burke was fantastic . These old time singers were the best ever.

  44. Jacob Tepou

    herd the saffires version googled for the original an found soloman burkre awesome!

  45. Compton Warden

    The best song I have ever heard and is with pleasure that I would always remain a fan of Mr Solomon Burke
    Compton Warden

  46. John Starr

    The Eyes do an amazing version of this. Theirs is called, If You Want Me.

  47. Dorothy Abeyta

    solamon-burke- the-best, especially-none
    of us are free!! ♡♡-_☆, amen and amen!!!

    Fred Wright

    Souls alive

  48. Christian

    I needed you

  49. Roxy A

    Nothing but Love for this talent!

  50. Angelica Garcia

    One of my absolute favorites👏👏

  51. вася васильев

    Вот откуда наши содрали песню "Если мы будем вдвоем."  Смысл, в принципе, один и тот же...

  52. Myles Geronimo

    Thanks for the upload. I saw this cat, oh, early 90's when he could still stand. He f9ckin' rocked. A lotta people don't know what they missed.

    m. saint

    I remember him from the late 1950's and all through the 60's too. He had a big church in Beverly Hills, CA, and also a huge harem there during the late 60's and early 70's. Lol, he could've given Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump some lessons on pimping. He was definitely one of the true pioneers of R&B and soul music.

  53. Christiane Tabert


  54. bvanenburg

    suriname 1962 fan club chuck jackson bloemendaal deze music komt niet meer.

  55. strandwolf

    Dee Dee Warwick on backing vocal just about overpowers Solomon.

  56. Juliao Ceu

    do i have to remind you? i don't think so! any time...don't wait so long. just come running

  57. Doreen Beckford

    very nice songs

  58. lance bates

    That would be Sam Cookes' "Bring it on home" but Percy did it justice! Ha

  59. Patricia Price

    Sounds like Percy Sledges song " BRING IT ON HOME TO ME"

    La Russia Douglas

    Sorry, But Bring it on home to me does not belong to Percy Sledge, SAM COOKE wrote that and sang it.
    Very good though

  60. music lover

    I love this song!

  61. JUAN PABLO Colombo

    This song is beatifull, could you tell me more singers or band that play songs like this? Some of soul or good blues? Thank You!!


    see my playlists lol

    Mark Wigle

    Wilson Pickett, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding.

    J Sproule

    search for STAX record label


    The Dells, Otis Redding, Ben E. King, Billy Stewart, Percy Sledge, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke ... Atlantic Records and Motown Records

    Celeste Butler

    Joe Tex, Al Green, The Delfonics, The Ojays, The Persuaders,

  62. Joyce Johnson

    I love this song!

  63. 86 GrandNational

    R.I.P. Solomon Burke miss ya man!

  64. Cody Melton

    great ring tone. if you need me call me. that's what's true soul☺

  65. johnypireaus

    "The Dark Horse" brought me here

  66. Terry Winter

    damn good stuff...

  67. Gramztoker

    The way I determine a perfect song is if I can listen to it 3 times in a row....I listened to this 4 times.

    Murdell Watson

    Gramztoker Mr biggs

    sulthon naseer

    Yes kinda truest way to understand music for me too 😮😁

  68. Yvonne Watts

    If you need me I want you to call me , I said  If you need me all you gotta do is call me

    86 GrandNational

    +Yvonne Watts don't wait to long...if things go wrong...jus pick ur phone

  69. Ani Thomas

    Real music. Soul. Love and obsessed

    Anton Brooks

    Ani Thomas u know it lolol

  70. m. saint

    This is the record that was playing the first time I ate pussy.

    Andrew Carl Elliott

    m. saint really!!!? you had to say this?

    Peggy Bradley

    m. saint. that's alright baby you told the truth..lmao.

    Just Sayin

    Surely, you couldn't have a sing along with Solomon at this point. Would have been a good time to practice lip syncing, my brotha!...Lol!

  71. Michel Bilodeau

    Pour Toi Marilou.

  72. michael Delgado

    Yes I do

    Cody Melton

    beautiful. try Otis Ray Redding. Solomon Burke is a true legend too!

  73. Thom Mathews

    Best love song ever. Period.

  74. Byenia

    This song comes up on my personal playlists regularly. Love the tunes of Solomon Burke, may he be resting in peace.

    Harry George

    Goodbye baby

  75. 59cadcoupe

    Sweet soul from Mr. Burke ~

  76. Rose Simmons

    such good music

  77. Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker

    Some crazy people actually put thumbs down on this song....

    Rebecca Q.

    Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker
    It's because taste along with respect is a rare commodity these days.

    Sonny Carlsen

    You've got that perfectly correct gal..and that ain't gonna change any time soon, if ever. 'These days' will continue to look uglier and uglier on a cultural level to someone who grew up in the 50's and 60's, as I did.

    Jeffrey Shustet

    Seriously unbelievable. Someone needs to right themselves.

  78. margaret andrews

    Almost sound like a spiritual...That's the beauty of having the "gift", I know this man loved the LORD.....There isn't a great song artist nowhere, who don't know HIM

  79. Selena Garcia


  80. Deborah Pruitt

    can't believe I was 10 when this came out. I am 61 now and its still a fantastic song


    I am 20 years old now and I love this song to. I feel calm when I listening this!

    Cody Melton

    +idance0001 it's true soul! that's what's it's for to calm the soul☺

  81. SugahBTV

    My best friend sent me this song smh I love her and her taste in music this was a much needed refresher.

  82. Alex Zinovenko

    Few soul singers could touch the hearts of the listener like Solomon Burke could. his words cut through a person's defense's and MADE them listen -and react. This one is one such song. Early on, in this song perhaps, you could tell he had a career as a preacher later in life. 

    The Rolling Stones also did this on an Early LP(which I own). And while I love their version as well. And FAVORED their version for a time, Solomon's  masterpiece wins out. It's  shame he never got the widespread recognition he deserved. 

    Alex Zinovenko

    @Rex Toops I agree. this is a great music to chill to. I love the soul music era form approx 1953 (Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers)  to around the end of 1968. By 1970-soul music, as an art form, ceased to exist.  Only here and there. 

    Johnny Ford

    While Solomon Burke may not be a household name to soccer moms across the planet, nearly every legend of music(all genres) have credited or have been influenced by Solomon in one way or the other. His legacy is sound as long as we share what we know with others.

    Nathan Crofton-Bond

    With all due respect, I completely disagree. Soul music didn't cease to exist as an art form in the 70s. There was great music being released by the likes of The Staple Singers, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway, even Aretha Franklin's early 70s material. And soul music didn't emerge until the early 60s, before that it was still classified as R&B. Burke and Cooke were perhaps the pioneers and originators of soul music. Ray Charles gets the credit, but I don't think Charles ever released any music that can be classified as soul. It was always R&B, and I believe there is a distinction between R&B and soul.

    I do love early R&B music though.


    You don't know what the fuck you talking about.

    Bruce G

    Stones did a great cover


    love this track

  84. hawi oselu

    Awasome if you want me send for me. My favorites song

  85. Pink Army

    v=qdrEIIRVZ9g (fashawn - life as a shorty #hiphop)

  86. Roger Padilla

    ...Don't wait too long
    I was 17 when this song hit. What the f--- happened?


    I was 13 and I also wonder WHAT THE F----

    Enthalpia Entropia

    Fast is life...!

    Victoria Fernantez

    Time flew!

    leslie hiatt

    Nobody puts their heart and soul in a song anymore, it's just a whole lot of noise!!!!!

    Mary Lane

    I was 10. My parents had a junk box in the lounge of the hotel.

  87. Billie Swann

    I've had the privilege of hearing both Solomon Burke and his son Jr. sing though it was more than 20 years ago and both are incredible.

  88. Kathi Mh

    As all of his music .. so beautiful!  I could listen to him all day.

  89. Ray S

    One of the first oldies I can remember hearing, always be great (and relevant) to me for the rest of my life..

  90. Sally Zak

    loved this song, so long ago..I had the album..just great.

  91. berzerker1100

    I can dig it ! beautiful song, I've got to hear it again and again thanx for posting..

  92. RetroJenny


    Phyllis Finks


  93. CL Emau

    Thanks for posting this great song!

  94. bop517

    It moves me. Friend of mine shared with me again.

  95. paul dolph

    After this we will play Jerry Butlers for your precious Love. My Grandmothers name Nada and I used to dance with her to the Platters harbor lites>

  96. paul dolph

    My dear Grandmother was named Nada and she loved to dance.She loved the Harbor Lights, It was likely the Platters but there was a guy called Acker Bilk or something so the Platters it is tonight.