Soldier Kidd - Sour Kidd Lyrics

Aye Lil Soldier on the beat (come on)

I caught him lackin' with that heat
Ain't none of you niggas me, and, I ain't none of you
All my niggas throwin' 3s, and we the shit, talk it too
Nigga what the fuck you mean?
Who the fuck you talkin' to?
All these niggas out here green, 'til it's time to get the blue
She give me brain like my teach', but she never tell the truth
I don't practice, I just preach
Niggas know I got the juice
I just crack it, poppin' beans, droppin' xannies in my juice
We was snappin' in these streets, before we ever hit the booth
Come on
Ain't no deuce-deuce, this a stick with a flute
Come on
Ain't no SuWoo, leave him bleeding, noodle soup
I just pulled up to my school, with my backpack and my tool
Man lil shawty dropped the woo, pussy lookin' like a pool
Go to bustin' out that MAC, I'll pull up on a fool
We was hustling dime-bags before they thought that shit was cool
Momma put it on my ass, cause I never followed rules, uh
Ain't no rat, cat, don't get whacked tryna be cool, uh
I say, my gang, my way
Any place, Sour-K bring the K
I don't throw shade, hit the club, make it rain
This ain't Burger King, you can't have it your way
I'm from Hellray, bring that pressure where you stay
Got a TEC, don't get blatt, by the mufuckin' gang
I'ma X, Triple X, what you mufuckas slang?
I done turned up to your ex, cause she tryna be my bae
Now she slidin' Cadillac, with her fuckin' seat back
Uh-uh, this a foreign, put yo fuckin' feet back
All these niggas out here boring, give my fuckin' beat back
I done pulled up on that boy, where the fuck his heat at?
Hit yo street, I'm a demon, shawty tryna steal my semen
Where was you when I was creepin'?
I'm too hot, might be a fever
Niggas sweet, like Justin Bieber
Baby eat, ain't you a eater?
It ain't right unless I beat her
Fuck yo stripes, this ain't Addidas
How I strike, like Derek Jeter
Crackers fuck you for a nina
Soldier slidin' like a beetle
Bring that fire, just like [?]
Got a nine millimeter, bullets fly, Beanie Sigel
Come on
Talkin' Desert Eagle, walk like god, but thinkin' evil
Bust a shot, we get equal
Bend yo block, that's a sequal
Cause we bend it and again, and again, and again
I had jits, told my momma I don't really need no friends
Promise God I'ma come up, he forgive for my sins


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Soldier Kidd Sour Kidd Comments
  1. Gerald Floyd

    I want to see this hit a million!

  2. Loni

    uh uh it’s a foreign put ya fucking feet back 💕‼️

  3. pops1 pops1

    Oooweee 🔥🔥

  4. John Hogwood

    Y&r Shit !!! 💨🌪️🤐💯🔥 Banger .. Jacksonville Florida !!


    solider kidd is a clone of 9lokknine lol

  6. snoop doggy dog

    Yall gotta face the truth x was not killed by a rapper most likely by a hitman or someone else like whose that dumb to be a rapper and kill another rapper ur identiety whould blow yo cover thankxz for reading this :)

  7. ИГРЫ. ТВ.

    Ты умер тварь убил ещё XXXTEKYON

  8. shawne toney

    This nigga to trash to be on sour K beats 😭😂😴

  9. M B

    Noodle soup 😍

  10. Uzi Gang

    this hits on my speakers in my car

  11. DMANIACK05

    I like his music better than Kodak black

  12. Naseem East

    Ain’t no suwoop leave u bleeding tomato soup 🔥🔥🔥

  13. ThouXanbanRoyce YT

    This shit hard

  14. flanzisco maltinez

    Tu ya sabes quien es el culpable de xxx tentacion verdad, ps esa persona va a morir por 100 Sicarios mandadosya sabesmos quien es esa persona, por lotanto la van a matar, no fue una persona si, no que fueron 3 personas que mataros a un youTuber Famoso lllamado Ricardo, mejor conocido como xxx tentacion los que lo mataron ivan es una chebrolet blanca y xxx se estaba llendo de una tienda de motos con su lambo y 2 personas con traje rojo y mascara roja fueron los culpables del fallesimientos porlotanto tu eres una de ellas asi que preparate moriras en 214 Dias

  15. Alex M

    this shit go hard asf 🔥 💯

  16. amouri Wickliffe

    What's wrong wit tha world, this ain't at a mil yet!!! 👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️🔥🔥

    Maria Ortiz

    They sleeping on him mostly hating on him of thinking he killed x smhh

  17. Mike Pierre

    Its a stik wit a flute

  18. Esilia _playz

    After you killed X..people dislike all of your video

    Tre Upshur

    i am evil girl but lovely he didn’t kill x u been under a rock ?

  19. Ivan Hernandez

    Solider kid vs Kodak black

  20. austin vanegas

    do not want to hear your damn Black music you killed a bastard xxtentacion I'll kill you when I see you.

    Maria Ortiz

    Shut the fuck up hoe he didn't kill nobody so shut your fuck boy ass up


    Run it up 1million views 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🎤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  22. Tylar Cardillo

    Kodak black the bootleg version of soldier Kidd don’t try me

  23. Mikey Estrada

    B2b bangers once he releases a track

  24. SprengeMobil

    Sour Kidd

  25. Vee Dimiro

    Nigga fucked this beat up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. SprengeMobil

    Sour Kidd

  27. Kevin Stryker

    Why Rick Ross in the back with a Armark tracksuit?

  28. Thomas Bennett

    Y thank God wen I'm thinking evil🔥💯

  29. Blunt News Political


  30. ZidzisLV

    Wtf is this...

  31. CPT2LA

    punjabi nigga

  32. Blimp activity

    He got that staple shirt too

  33. Beamer Boy

    This fire dawg

  34. CaliCo Bandz

    soulja do his thang i fuck wit it .Oakland tapped in CALICO BANDZ ...Calico Bandz - Tha Goer Freestyle

  35. T100

    That 📦 Chevy nasty

  36. Mariaaa Laraa


  37. Andrew Roman

    He next up

  38. Dumm Myth

    Yo check this out. Soldier ft Kodak and lil baby with Gunna on the hook bruh.... 🔥

  39. Dominique Dowell

    Fuck soldier Kidd because he killed xxxtentacion fuck you nigga but your song hard tho ay ay ay

  40. King Todoe

    That nigga eat on god

  41. King Todoe

    X trippile X wat u mf slang

  42. Caleb Ortiz

    His voice is a mix between Boosie Badazz and an understandable Kodak Black😁😁

  43. Ceif4dor TM

    Soldier in Brazil

  44. EsparzaPierre

    This kid got potential

  45. سمو الفخامة


  46. DanZman PvZ

    Solder kiid killed xxxtentacion😞

  47. Pey R

    Why did you kill x

  48. Beddie Brown


  49. Lina Caicedo


  50. Kyle Mann

    Yo where these niggas from rockin these durban durags and shit

  51. Baby C 10

    Now I wanna move to Florida

  52. Cam Prister

    THIS niggah is one of the best in hip hop history

  53. Atti Ruzsa

    He is the little brother of Kodak Black

  54. Yo yo

    2019 fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Niko Mangisi

    Visuals are on point tho

  56. Dream scapes

    The bass is sickkk!!

  57. Reign Fyre

    I'm a classy man. I see soldier kidd, I dislike.

  58. Brayden Clouatre

    Soldier Kidd high key getting better 🔥🔥

  59. snoop doggy dog

    Wow people here are 10 years old and don't hear their generations rap music

  60. Demari Berry

    I think Tay Keith did this beat

  61. Yo yo

    We love you soldier kidd💪💪

  62. i kill shit

    X pack ⛽️💨

  63. The RyliriFox

    *this ain’t Burger King you can’t have it your way*

  64. chet ubetcha

    This nigga not bad but he sounds too much like Kodak

  65. jacob croft

    Damn BLØØDS takein ova bruh suuuuuwoooppp

  66. Ghost Szn

    Need dis

  67. Golden Tornado

    This dude is so spinky

  68. YZ Nation

    1:40 nah she slidin Cadillac with the fuckin seat back uh uh its a foreign put ya fuckin feet back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Life As The Kingg

    Soldier kidd is kinda fire

  70. HeatedFckin Mindset


  71. NBA


  72. Sach Mo

    Who got dat slidin cadillac wit fukin feet back

  73. Carl Lois

    Smoked crack

    Sach Mo

    Were dat g shit

  74. Ruben Chavez

    This ain’t Burger King you can’t have it your way 🔥🔥🔥🔥 my Nigga

  75. Javon Nash

    sound like glocknine 🤣

  76. PlutoTheGod

    So underrated. So is jdola

  77. Supreme jahari

    Trashest song i never seen

  78. Toxic Life

    Soldier kid go to hell u bitch nigga

  79. Isa Alshawabka

    I'm ready for this nigga to be on the radio

  80. dd 3x

    that beat drop tho 💦

    SKULLS 2019

    I thought the same shit bro!

  81. Lee Covington

    Who else thought the dude with the beard was Rick Ross

  82. mike ike

    Am I the only one who thought rick Ross was in the video

  83. Lei Yellowhorse

    I don't throw shade!!! Word!! Keep doing yo thang!! An OG here giving daps to a young soldier

  84. aLock

    Too underrated

  85. rock lee


  86. Tyjanae Wright

    So I’m guessing he from Florida too

  87. michaelhar har

    R.I.P 😘😂😉🔫

  88. Omar Julio

    Hey nigga try running up on my turf nigga you’ll get popped by my homeboys

  89. Desire Beasley

    He sound like a knockoff kodak 🤣🤣🤣 his music not bad tho

  90. Ronnie Gucci

    Bra still go thou🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿

  91. xodus215

    From "Welcome to Rallys May I Take your ordah?" To "Welcome to rallys This is manager Souljah, what seems to be the problem ma'am?" #GloUp

  92. Angela Schenck

    Better be and this song lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. KjMr.Capalot

    his teeth not yellow

  94. KjMr.Capalot

    this song a lil fire

  95. TheRapPlug YoungPheno

    Show some love 💯

  96. Jaylon Laws

    Songs are trash as hell u scant rap like if u agree

  97. BGP_ツ

    I thought it would be bad