Soilwork - Feverish Lyrics

Feverish like the joining of hands
In a futile attempt to draw lines in the sand
Feverish like the merging of limbs
So that one body burns where the other begins
Feverish like a gothic affair
Where you long for the dark but it's already there
Feverish, the mechanics of life
All the means to ascend that you gave me tonight

And there were times when I got closer
But as soon as the light departs
All this needless longing
Shatters me as we drift apart
Let it go

If there's a way that I could reach you
Feverish like this
'Cause now I've found the final part
That's missing
If there's a place where I can feel you
Feverish like this
Where our beings will be reunited

Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this

Feverish like the coming of death
The inevitable urge that I felt on your breath
Feverish, the mechanics of life
All the means to ascend that you gave me tonight

And there were times when I got closer
But as soon the light departs
All this needless longing
Shatters me as we drift apart
Let it go

If there's a way that I could reach you
Feverish like this
'Cause now I've found the final part
That's missing
If there's a place where I can feel you
Feverish like this
Where our beings will be reunited

Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this

Let it go

If there's a way that I could reach you
Feverish like this
'Cause now I've found the final part
That's missing
If there's a place where I can feel you
Feverish like this
Where our beings will be reunited

Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this
Feverish like this

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Soilwork Feverish Comments
  1. UK Orbit IV

    Shitty album, fuck this band! Didn't know she's fat as hell, least say ugly as fuck.

  2. Perry the corpse Flower

    Not sure why they are overusing the blast beat to high hell

  3. Phil Hickman

    Big Big Train have just shared this link....Think some are in for a shock!

  4. Formulaic One

    Katey’s got some big ole tittays

  5. Spiritcr1jsher

    One of the best vocalist in metal . Does some strong work in others bands . Motionless in white, Demon hunter ( collapsing) , desarmuni mundi or some

    Nagy Ádám

    Spiritcr1jsher disarmonia mundi dude 😂


    @Nagy Ádám LMAOOOOO, give me a break. At least you knew what I meant.

  6. Lynette Harris

    AWESOME DOUBLE BASS-----SHUT UP I LOVE IT!!!! And ya know what else is funny, I'm 57 so I recognize those outfits from the 70's---hey not saying I enjoyed wearing that style 🤭🤣 LOVE SOILWORK!!!! 🖤🖤🤘🤘 I just remembered what we used to drink too, Boones Farm wine and then also this other wine cooler came in a two liter bottle (FAH REAL) it was citrus flavor with pulp in it, my friend and I would each buy one get two straws and stick em together so it reached the bottom of the bottle!!!! 😲🤭😁🤪 But we just played Backgammon all night--didnt get into any trouble.

  7. Domas Norkevicius

    Awesome song, and the video is also not bad no matter what say others. <3

  8. andy scher

    мы потеряли хорошую группу

  9. A K

    Oh these swedish girls! Almost as beautiful as ukrainian ones.

  10. Will Cwik

    that beer can is not from 1975

  11. Luke Garwood

    Cool track + that brunette

  12. isoharmi

    In summary:
    1. Abba girls acted in the 70's for your video.
    2. "Yo check out my mixtape, it's lit"
    3. Severus Snape

  13. Dizzy Kincade

    Nothing more metal than 70s chics in the Woods.

    At least they weren’t playing alone in a factory or on a hill overlooking a city...

  14. Papa Q

    Пьяница мать - горе в семье! Даже в шведской !

  15. Tuukka Ojansivu

    Is this the Swedish version of lake Bodom?! Amazing song and quite a special video as well ✌🏽

  16. BrantheBroken

    Sigh 🙄
    Bjorn must be like top 3 vocal talents in Metal, period.
    Soilwork are absolutely _brilliant_ musicians.
    Lot of great riffs yet so much of their stuff sounds like 80s pop/rock cartoon themes.
    Add the relentless blastbeating and ....Metal head that I am. I just can't get into it 😥


    Some older work might change your mind. Natural born Chaos, Figure Number Five, Stabbing the Drama. Those Albums had a more groovy approach.


    @Tristi Thanks, will research those. I know bands evolve, more power to them. But hopw they evolve to a new level of heavy groove I prefer.

  17. Vladislav Bayev

    Typical soilwork, flame, growl, energy... And video 100$

  18. Niklas MX

    Soilwork is mutating into a hybrid between themselves and The Night Flight Orchestra, they are losing the identity of the two humble opinion

    Juan van Niekerk

    Completely agree.

    Wilmer Auyon

    Agree but it isn't a bad thing either


    @Wilmer Auyon I think it is a great thing. I feel Soilwork had good stuff in the early 2000's, but got a little stagnant later on. My two cents, but The Night Flight Orchestra seems to have given Soilwork new direction and inspiration. It certainly stretched Bjorn's vocal talent, and we can see how big an influence David Andersson has had on the band. Both bands are incredibly talented, and I feel that Soilwork's latest is really good; like awesome in the way A Predator's Portrait was, just a different type of sonic variety.

  19. C. Harris

    Do not like. Boring. Over produced.

  20. Sami Inquisitor

    The Keybords in the beginning sounds like The Night Flight Orchestra

    Sargarr Gorthus

    @Ste Hampson Dude, that's what i've been saying. I like NFO, i think what they're doing is great but a lot of it seems to be leaking into Soilwork and it's not my cup of tea. I also really appreciate Soilwork putting songs like Arrival in their newer albums that cater to people like me that preferred their earlier albums but Verkligheten was very mediocre imho, especially after The Living Infinite and The Ride Majestic, it's not even close in comparison.

    Unleash The Fury

    Agree exactly. Their my favorite band and sadly am disappointed in the classic rock infused direction they're taking.

    Ste Hampson

    @Sargarr Gorthus definitely, living infinite and ride majestic were both fantastic pieces of work in my eyes and very much overshadow the latest work, I'm not saying it's bad, because it's not, it's just somewhat less to my tastes and seems a lot more simplistic both musically and in composition

    Sargarr Gorthus

    Spot on. I didn't want to be rude but the first word that came to mind was "lazy", i know they work hard but it's just how it is.

    Grave Angel

    Totally agree. I absolutely love NFO and listen to it almost as much as Soilwork, but I would personally prefer the two to remain individual entities. Soilwork is my true soulmate and NFO is my whimsy. Each is exactly perfect for what it is, but it would be nicer (IMO) for them to not blend. The NFO vibe is crystal clear on the latest Soilwork album and although I love everything Soilwork puts out there, my favourite songs on that album are 3 of the tracks on the Underworld EP - because they are classic Soilwork masterpieces.

  21. Awer Metal

    The Drumms!!!


    *Soilwork keep delivering the goods!* Top quality as always! 💪

  23. Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel

    In form and in form again! Love what they're doing lately!

  24. McShine

    This song is a bit meh tbh. Probably one of the songs that didn't make the cut for Verkligheten, for obvious reasons. The drums aren't as tight as they could be, the double (maybe quad?) bass is more distracting than anything else and the lyrics are a bit too repetitive by Soilwork's standards. Not bad, but they can do much better.

  25. Alex Estevam

    They should just stick to videoclips like this

  26. SirRiffsAlot

    I dunno... sounds like the drummer is trying too hard, lol. The choice of drumming-style as the chorus kicks in is just too much; it doesn't help lift anything else in the song at all. Rofl.

  27. Manuel Reyezmoya

    I love it good good song soilwork

  28. The Dorchaidhe

    The song is awesome. The video looks like a 80s horror film with more grain and tint. I actually don't hate it.

  29. Kamron Khannakhjavani

    This video sucks donkey. WTF is this BS?

  30. eldoebarino

    Pretty cool track but does anyone else think Bastian should swap bands with Kai Hahto? Kai is definitely underutilized in Nightwish and I think that while Bastian is an incredibly skilled drummer that he could probably use the kind of direction he'd get from Tuomas.

  31. Cory Snyder

    I fucking love this. I'm guessing the ladies went into the woods and sold their soul to the devil.

  32. Théodore Muller

    Always the best !
    I love so much this kind of supersonic chorus, wild drums with slow vocal melody !
    Great job guys !

  33. Poida

    Yeah. Na. Been a favourite band of mine since 2002. You’re slipping. Bring back dirk. And Peter.

  34. João Marcos

    Nightswish os best

  35. João Marcos

    Nice, please post more nightswish

  36. returnformer

    i was wrong. as soon as they set out into the woods, i was sure that they would end up either fighting or having sex, but all they did was dance around a fire while some evil voyeur chick splashed in the water. i guess she got bored and went to play in the water instead. id be worried about leeches. that looks like leech infested waters...

  37. Ruby Elizabeth Blackdeath

    Not impressed with this said feverish way too many times

  38. Vinícius Bernardes


  39. Horror From Below

    Metal 🤘

  40. Dan E

    Am I the only one getting a Dethklok/Kvelertak sorta vibe from this new stuff? 👍👍👍

    Dan E

    @jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911 vocals aren't everything bud, this isn't karaoke

    jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911

    @Dan E vocals arent everything? Are you dumb? Its completely different than dethklok,

    Dan E

    @jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911 you tell me this doesn't sound like dethklok

    Dan E

    @jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911 then go back to listening to rob zombie cos you're "edgy"

    jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911

    @Dan E you're dull as fuck 😂😂😂😂 you're the one sounding like an edge Lord, the idiot who's comparing dethklok to this when its not even close, im surprised you're not a ffdp fan

  41. Emperor Kellanved

    Chicks way too fat for 1975.

    UK Orbit IV

    The one who's singing for Arch Enemy even more so.

  42. Darren Miller

    So that's how wildfires start...

  43. Cunning Linguist

    video reminded me of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  44. Herr Thunder

    I'm pretty sure this is a Swedish H&M campaign because they have all these 70s clothes on their shelves right now.
    Good song, though. 😂

    Amanda Davidsson

    I can assure you it’s not lol

  45. Doctor Aven

    The video would totally fit with a Night Flight Orchestra song.

  46. Bruno Mendonça

    Where can I find the lyrics?

  47. Linus

    Wow intense!

  48. Robert Almeida

    Disgraçaaaaaaaaaa q foda!!! Batera destruiu!

  49. Stevie Wolfe

    Synthwave keys over black metal blasting? Neat 🤘

    Michael Beddoe

    Not really black metal, but definitely blasting.


    Oh shit, somebody who I'm subbed to. Hey Stevie haha. Glad to hear you like Soilwork lol.

  50. David Prawira


  51. Trevas_永遠

    Strangely 0:17 reminded me of Black Diamond by Kiss.

    Loved the fusion of drums blastbeat and the relatively slow emotional riffs!

  52. Eric Fernandez

    Soilwork needs to show In Flames how to kick ass!

  53. Sargent Butternut

    Lesbians, booze, fire, metal! \m/

  54. 300bpm

    This is just a mess of kick drums. Getting tired of it.

    Tyler Hancock

    Bastian certainly isn't on par with Dirk


    @Tyler Hancock no, I mean this whole genre in general

    Evan Hayes


  55. EricXavier G.

    It begins like the Solo of Barracuda

  56. Jonathan Orara Voice Talent

    Did they just conjure Severus Snape?

  57. Tyler Zuazua

    Fuckin Nice

  58. Búri

    Probably the first soilwork song I'm not sure about. It has its moments though for sure.


    Same, just sounds murky... too many blast beat drums maybe and the vocals too underwater?


    @Skycania yeah perhaps. It is a bit messy, devoid of a meaningful structure maybe. Who knows, it just doesnt resonate as much with me as some or their other tracks.

  59. aKitchenChair

    This chick just walking around in a damn forest drinking Hennessy?

    CW Nicholas

    That's how these thots be tho

    Milly v

    aKitchenChair 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  60. Mr. Fuck Hughson of 123 Eat Shit Lane

    The Work done did it again. Still my favorite band of all time and always will be.

  61. Blake.R

    Damn, wish I was invited!

  62. German Enrique Gavarrete Velásquez

    Great song and video👏

  63. Weska13

    What Alyssa White-Gluz?

  64. Cosmicforeigner

    Love the intro❤️It’s beast as hell

  65. David Renzo Choque Escalante

    Perú 🇵🇪🤘🤘🤘

  66. Michał N

    Total boner.

  67. wertcon

    What is this shit? Amazing song thou

  68. Byron Graber

    Soilwork bringing the fucking heat!

  69. Hugue Bouchard

    where is jason x.

  70. Rustam Kerimov

    The song is great but video is bullshit

  71. Anemix Coro

    I'm not a big fan of Soilwork but this song catched me.

    Michael Beddoe

    Have you listened to The Living Infinite? Its an insanely good album. I suppose you might not like it if your not into the melodic stuff, and clean choruses.

  72. Jacek Byno

    The power od 6xD battery !!!

  73. Mika Vanonen

    Boring.... I dunno... really liked the "Ride Majestic" but after that... meh

  74. Derek M

    not a fan of the drumming

  75. MrDakeyrass

    Who mastered that so badly? Overly congested with playskool drums!

    Michael Beddoe

    I doubt you could do any better. It sounds great...


    @Michael Beddoe I would just leave the mix without mastering and it would be punchy and dynamic, certainly light years ahead of the current turd. A good mastering engineer might improve on the mix. Not here.

  76. The 5yfthM


  77. karazzo

    Crystal lake

  78. Fredrik Fjeld

    Love the new song, and the new version of Stålfågel. Without a doubt one of the best bands around, and definitely the best in their genre!

  79. Todd Anderson

    Excellent offering to the gods! Skål!

  80. Alex Fry

    Obviously that tape was 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Shugghead Gaming

    In flames really need to pay attention to how soilwork are moving forward

    jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911

    @C. Harris seriously? They still sound fucking amazing and make great and in depth music dipshit

    Shredder Steve

    @Shugghead Gaming I have been saying this for many years. The last great In Flames was Reroute to Remain, IMO

    PiNa ZiNk

    Lmfao. No. Stfu

    Hot Shot

    @PiNa ZiNk Yeh stfuu weirdo this is youtube man

    PiNa ZiNk

    @Hot Shot lmfao. No. Stfu

  82. Rob Cheshire

    Totally got into that straight away as the intro totally reminded me of the burning (movie)Also at the end gave me The witch (movie) vibes!!! Killer head nodding tune 🤘🖤🤘

  83. zecdysiast 1684 C A


  84. Warge 101

    At 1:01 the girls swapped their drinks

  85. LightningJokerProject

    Not so sneaky Synthwave-Attack with a great blast beat. That’s exactly what I love :D.

    Video isn’t that spectacular

  86. Dirk King


  87. Archon0003

    Brilliant band .. Horrid music videos ..

  88. André Cesar

    Uma das minhas bandas preferidas. Mas eu sinto muita falta das linhas de guitarra do Peter e do Ola. Não soa mais como Soilwork, para mim.

  89. mackansmack

    Makes me very proud to be swedish! 🤘

    Rock Barn Records

    Better than Greta, that's for damn sure! 😉


    @Rock Barn Records Hating on Greta is just plain stupid. All she does is raising awareness to the greatest issue we as mankind have right now. And ignorant shitstains like you just don't get it.

    Rock Barn Records

    @GOffensive Greta is an instrument used by propagandists who are pushing for ubiquitous and crippling taxes, population control, and the destruction of cheap & reliable sources of energy. Anthropogenic climate change via trace atmospheric CO2 is pure, unmitigated bullshit.

    Mars Topia

    How the heck are there still people denying the anthropocene climate change? That's fucking ridiculous.

  90. Kurban Nepesov

    I'm starting to feel it was a wrong choice of drummer or drums.
    It's their second song that gets ruined, in my opinion, with randomly put blastbeats.

    Stevohn Alvarado

    Kurban Nepesov
    I love it ...

    Evan Hayes

    Worked for When The Universe Spoke at least, but Soilwork is missing Dirk no doubt.


    Yep. He needs to dial that shit back. Blast beats do nothing for me.

    Blake Coronel

    @Poida Dirk did the same thing though in TLI and the Ride Majestic.

  91. jd brisebois

    Never comment negative criticisms to a band, but those blastbeats through me off. Is the entire new album like this?

    Phallica 2000

    Not really, it's quite varied. I didn't really like this song to be honest. Seems a bit boring.

  92. Only for the weak

    Blastbeats feel out of place but overall good song


    Totally wrong, it sounds amazing. Shitty video thou

    Aaron Perretta

    No, he is correct. It’s as if they wanted to write a NFO song, but the drummer insisted it could be a Soilwork song with the right blastbeats. It’s too bad - would’ve been a sick NFO track.

  93. Antonello Nusca

    Just no.

  94. Oceanbleed

    I was sorta hoping the members of Soilwork would appear in Jason masks and machetes...

  95. Sean Stewart

    What a great Halloween treat! Thank you for this.

  96. Luis Eduardo

    Quedé confundido con el vídeo , buen tema si, quién lo explica??

  97. Jose Lopez Camba

    Creo ke a esta gente le espera un futuro tremendo de brillante ...