Soft Cell - Cleansing Fanatic Lyrics

Cleaning the house is my idea of pleasure
I get a thrill when I polish the windows
I get on my knees and I scrub for enjoyment
Cleaning the toilet is also relaxing

I spend my evenings washing my body
Roll-on deodorant is my way to get high
My hair is so natural, it's washed every hour
Covered in soap for a feeling of power

I had a family, but they were so dirty
So I sat them down and made them drink bleach
Now they're all clean and don't make a mess
They lie in a tanker of disinfectant

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Soft Cell Cleansing Fanatic Comments
  1. J. Beamrider

    This is amazing

  2. Roxy Rocket

    Is that marc and dave singing


    Yes Marc sings the first half and then Dave sings the second half.