SOAK - Life Trainee Lyrics

I know that look, your puppy eyes
Like your forehead has a vacancy sign
Swingin' a bag like the palm of a hand
Always late to the party 'cause you never want to land

Smilin' at strangers, it's normal behaviour
But it's new to me, I'm a life trainee
Screaming at carpets, please pardon my darkness
I'm present, not just here, for the first time this year

Is it just me
Or is everyone lost too?

What fazed me before leaves me cold and bored
This sadness addict just couldn't hack it
A life trainee, learnin' happy
Let's be honest, I'm a work in progress

Your bedroom's not the same room
Your next birthdays come all too soon
I used to be so sure before
I realised I knew nothin' at all

Is it just me
Or is everybody starin' at their shoes?
Is it just me
Or is everyone lost too?

What fazed me before leaves me cold and bored
This sadness addict just couldn't hack it
A life trainee, learnin' happy
Let's be honest, I'm a work in progress
But I'll solve it

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SOAK Life Trainee Comments
  1. Stars Hollow

    1:32 EXO's Chen voice in the background, his song was playing in the store 😍❤️

  2. Cheaters never win, but I just graduated

    Lowkey want to go to a kpop academy but it’s either to far away or my parents might not support it

  3. Soliva

    Can someone who does not know korean but knowz english go there?

    Acopia Star

    Many participants come all around the world. Plus our staff is international so you can join with any fear.


    @Acopia Star thank you so much❤

  4. Aghali kiho

    5:50 Oml that girl in black ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    she looked like a zombie while dancing ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Rafah BBH

    #exo 👑

  6. Angel Lagman

    My dream to be kpop someday😣💓✨

  7. Brandy Diaz

    Is it me or make doesnt work with me

    Just powder and liptint and done

  8. Wintergukk

    Trust me if your going to be a kpop star in the future please don’t do cute stuff we need more badass girl groups in the kpop industry no cuteness no girl crush like badass no wonder blackpink is famous for being badass trust me you would score really high in the kpop industry

  9. akari nahami

    Yo quisiera ser trainee pero mis papas no me apoyan piensan que es una pérdida de tiempo y dinero
    Pero cuando ya sea más grande y legal:"V osea después de los 18 are todo lo posible para ser una guía de turistas y ir a corea y entrenar para trainee :' )

  10. Sasha

    okay..okay.. OKAY... ALRIGHT... ALRIGHT. had me dead

  11. Jordannyboy

    what’s the song they danced to at the end? 👀

  12. Angelicc Jayy

    the girl at 1:08 looks like hwanjoong from Oneus to me.... idek lol

  13. Liling Chheak

    How to get in there? please answer

  14. Liling Chheak


  15. Marelle Ashley Ng

    i also want to but u see i have no money, i only have the talent

  16. KPOP Nivaatha

    Iam an Asian I can sing, dance but Iam an Indians I know becoming a kpop idol is hard for Indians but I have a strong confident that I can become a kpop idol I have a lot of fake friends they never supported me I don't need them I can do it on my own after some years im going to study in Seoul and I will do audition I hope they will select me I hopeeeee!!!

  17. 하늘

    I am auditioning for KQ as a cleaner and meet ATEEZ

  18. Senjuwu -

    Okay so i taught it will be nice an extreme fun if i became a k-pop idol then i remembered im not korean so i guess i dont have ant chance

  19. Eva Fez

    I need answers: I'm a foreigner from Spain I don't know how to speak korean and I'm 18 but still want to be a trainee and become an idol. Is there any chance for me to do it? heeelp 😭😭

    Eva Fez

    @J K instagram and tik tok

    J K

    Eva Fez what’s your Instagram?

    J K

    Eva Fez You still there?

    Eva Fez

    @J K yeah I'm sorry for not answering but I'm still here 😅 my Instagram is @_wolfie_08

    J K

    Eva Fez followed you ^^

  20. jaysé

    I’m sorry but they r dancing tooooo hard it’s great they have full energy but let’s face it they can’t dance like that while singing and stuff

  21. Saleha Atif

    yall know that Asia isnt just korea, japan and china right? there are also other countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc....


    Me: wow they are so prett- 1:27 OMFG IS THAT A BT21 TATA?!! 😍

  23. Ajeng B

    I'm 16, asian, skinny ho, and i have been doing hip hop dance for years, i've learned how to rap and speak basic korean. But i knew how hard it is to be a kpop idol, how many things you gonna sacrifice, even affer debut and fame. In the end, i decided to join a local dance group instead, which will never par to a kpop star fame and talent but, i'm happy and content 💕

  24. Rachel Liu

    6:48 the girl ad-libbing is great XD

  25. Kim Taehyung love Rish

    *After watching this video I found* all around is only BT21 sorry for my bad English

  26. lea. nni

    what entertainment are you guys in?

    Acopia Star

    Acopia is a K-pop entertainment. But we also work closely with 15 other K-pop agencies such as SM Entertainment, JYP, Acube, etc.

  27. Rizwana

    Everyone , does anyone of you know that how to be very good at singing and dancing ??
    I mean any method or any tips ??

    J K

    Rizwana If you’re an aspiring kpop idol, I would be happy to help you 😄


    J K aww thank you friend but unfortunately I’m not a kpop idol I’m a Muslim I want to be a kpop idol but I can’t I’m just asking any tips and method to be very good at singing and dancing
    If you know any can you tell me ??

    J K

    Rizwana Sure. I’m not sure of your skills but I would start off with vocal training to see how high and low you can sing. So you should practice with some vocal warm ups on YouTube. Then I would find a singer you enjoy the songs of and then u could learn their songs and try to mimic their tone of voice. For dancing, you should search random dance practice on YouTube and try those dances, also dance with a mirror and try to do freestyle 😄


    J K ok I got it thanks a lot friend

  28. bobatae.__

    2:12 the girl in the background is mood af

  29. Jas Jeon

    I auditioned to bighit/plus and I got in. My parents said no they can’t go to Korea cause I’m too scared to be up on stage. I have anxiety but I really want to recover cause my parents won’t do shit, anxiety has taken over me but when I heard I got in. A whole lot of confidence came to me ☹️

  30. Regina Trias

    and those types of people are the reason on why i'll never even try to audition

  31. Starlight1929 ss

    I am good at dancing singing and rapping my looks are quite good according korean beauty standarts and I am Turkish(Basicly Asian) but I do not know Korean and do not look so Korean do you think I have chance of becomin a trainee and then an idol

    J K

    Starlight1929 ss Yes as long as you stand out compared to the rest and are very respectful and know how to entertain people

  32. Aria_Qween

    I really want more Foreigner k-pop idols. So Foreigners who wan't to become k-pop idols feels more confident and feels like they can make it. Stray Kids Bang Chan, and Lee Felix both come from my country, which makes me feel more confident about wanting to become and Idol but the fact that i'm not the culture to being an k-pop Idol makes me feel like I wont make it to being an Idol. I don't know. That's just me being insecure, I hope i'm not the only one.

    J K

    Aria_Qween You’re not alone, there’s many people who share the same feelings as you. I’m actually an aspiring kpop idol from England and am not feeling that way at all, kpop is drastically changing like you’ve noticed. You can do it if you really want it. Just believe in yourself and work hard ❤️


    @J K Really boosted my confidence thank you! ^.^

    J K

    Aria_Qween I’m glad, you’re welcome. Just don’t give up on something if you’re passionate about it that’s all I can tell you :)


    @J K I also hope you make it.

  33. my showcz

    I want to become a kpop idol, but i'm not asian and I'm from Europe. My parents won't let me to become an Kpop idol. Even thought I'm working hard and train for it.

    J K

    my showcz Added you

    my showcz

    @J K Try to text me.. I didn't see you.

    J K

    my showcz hello??

    my showcz

    @J K hey! Sorry but I didn't get any text messages from you. Maybe you added someone else. What's your snapchat?

    my showcz

    @J K Hey! Just added you.

  34. Iconiclisa

    Do they get an allowance?

    J K

    Iris It depends on the company you join. If you join a big company, they’ll pay for everything and expect you to pay them back when you make your successful debut

  35. Gita Khadka Thapa

    After watching it i want to be k pop idol even I am from nepal
    Never mind

  36. mochimin

    Am I the only person who doesn’t really wanna be an idol but just wants to experience how trainee life is like? I really admire how hard working trainees are and yes, I’m aware of how brutal it is.

  37. 앤더슨아리아나

    i cant audition cause im black lol

  38. christine balayo

    can i audition i really want to be a kpop idol even im not korean like lisa can i

  39. Julinha

    4:41 song???

  40. F F

    Dalla Dalla lol😂
    if you saw it then

    Then you have a good eyes sight👍😂

  41. • Miriam Mazuecos

    1:40 CRYING HAHAHA💜💜🤭

  42. Indian A.R.M.Y

    Good luck girls

  43. 田柾國Jungkook

    How old is the eldest trainee ?

  44. Lamia Prokrity

    Am i the only one who could guess the songs by just seeing the dances from 2:33?!!

  45. Feliee_Jung 4


  46. Celeste Mendez

    When I heard the song in the beginning I was like “omg isn’t this Dean❤️” anyways Stan dean

  47. park jin

    pues voy a audicinar IDKW

  48. ARMY BTS

    1:25 When I saw BT21 I died :)

  49. Miranda Mayek

    I can’t be a K-Pop Idol because of this:

    -I’m not Korean, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Taiwanese, or from Thailand, or even Asian. I have a totally Mexican type face and body
    -I do not speak Korean
    -I can’t weight less than 60 k. My body it’s not designed to that and it isn’t in my ADN too
    -I’m not such a good dancer, I’m pretty normal I think
    -I don’t have an amazing voice, I can’t even reached so we’ll high tones
    -Don’t know how to rap
    -I don’t fit with Korean beauty standards.
    -I don’t own so much talent, so I can be reemplazable.
    -I can’t travel to Korean and I’m too young for that and my parents won’t let me do that.
    -I have limited energy.

    And that’s why, my friends, I can’t be an idol

  50. Izu Shibutani

    How much is it in total if you go to the camp and not the school? And do they pay for where you stay? I thought it was based in Korea not japan


    I hope you can be an idol some day💖

  52. 1402 JaeHyun_trash

    What song at 4;12?

  53. jiahui0108_

    Let's say if we get accepted and be a trainee but what about our studies? Like will the company pay for us and will there be a foreign school for us or sth?

  54. Soojin’s ponytail In Senorita

    I really want to be an idol, I’m preparing to be it
    I mean-
    I have good skills at dancing, rapping, and singing
    _(I am way better at Singing)_

    But I don’t have an asian face _(Even tho I have been born in Japan, but I guess I got the face of my dad who is from Spain)_
    I weight too much to be an idol, and I can’t loose weight fast.
    And I know how much I can get criticized just because of these two problems…

  55. 한다슬

    A lot of my friends and teachers told me to stop trying to be a KPOP IDOL because I’ll never succeed. But the rest really support me. But I go to an ISLAMIC school (even though I’m not that religious) so a lot of people are against it and make fun of me. I’m Asian and my parents support me :))

    J K

    한다슬 HAN DASEUL Then show them what potential you have. You must be very good in all the aspects which fit a kpop idol and maybe then they’ll believe you and won’t judge you.

  56. Yumeitaku

    *me wanting to be a kpop idol*

    Also me: *doesn't speak Korean, lazy af, ugly asf*

    And then there's all of them being so damn pretty

  57. CrystallCream AJ

    I would love to do this.. but i may have to risk being on a diet owo

  58. urfren gail

    is it just me or does anyone else also guess the songs their dancing to

  59. hi hooman

    I support them but is It just me or even if you have to have power while dancing you still don't need to overuse the power in dancing

  60. hwang hyunjin

    *as an Asian I feel disgusted by my culture NOT EVERY IDOL HAS TO BE ASIAN*

  61. Yaku Zafier

    Don’t forget us when you’re famous!

  62. Stan Loona u cowards

    How to become an kpop idol:
    • be Asian (seeing non Asians in kpop is kind of weird, it's kpop for a reason let it stay that way)
    • be slim
    • actually know or practice how to dance and sing
    • audition
    • be mentally prepared for the kind of shit u have to go through

    J K

    Stan Loona u cowards I don’t agree with letting kpop remain as Asian based, neither do other fellow Koreans, I know many who would like drastic change and adore the presence of foreigners. There’s the Russian idol Lana, she got recruited purely because of her nationality and appearance, which pissed me off. But I believe everyone should be allowed to do what they want, there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

  63. _ moonbubble04 _

    I want to be an idol but the training...

    Edit: I’m fine with dance practice and stuff like that but the gain weight and you’ll be cut thing is kind of harsh. Well we can’t really change their way of evaluating trainees

  64. minimonienomie

    Ive been to the exact line store before 😂

  65. peachy.nxcole

    I auditioned for bighit in the plus global audition..wish me luck!! I rlly wanna passss

  66. blue wales

    I really hope they make it especially if they gave up their entire life but what happen if they fail. Broken dream, trainees debt, slavery, regrets and has to accept reality and probably commit suicide.

  67. 앤자밀라

    Army??? 😍💜

  68. Krystal

    Song at 4:16 mm

  69. hwang hyunjin


  70. A Random Human

    Do you need to be able to speak Korean to join acopia?

  71. Ernie n/a

    Fury.. stfu b*tches during film and fu ignorant me; moron singers during film.. takeout

  72. Malka Ganj-2 Timarpur

    Medical student also become a kpop idol I thinking .....🤔🤔????

  73. JAYANT J.

    What if you fail in these auditions?

  74. The Armlink

    Me: Tried to dance like them.
    Also me: Ended up lying in bed.

  75. debora

    Seriously just let the Kpop industry be how it is. It is hard as it is for Koreans/Asians, how do you think you will make it as a westerner?

    If you enjoy kpop and dancing/singing you can also open a youtube channel and post videos etc. eventually you‘ll get noticed, and if not just do it for fun.

    I mean, yes at the end of the day, everyone has their rights to do what they want. So if you are a westerner and want to audition, do it. But don‘t complain afterwards about not making it. We all know how hard it is to get in, specially as a non asian person.

    Oh and there‘s no need to come back at me, just accept my opinion.

  76. Emilee Avraham

    I have an audition soon and I wanted to know if I need to make my own dance or if I can do a dance cover

  77. Jexxica bangttan

    BT211111 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  78. TaeLoveKookie xoxo

    Im here just dreaming to be an idol but im sure this dreams will not come true
    And TY you put Dean Song on This video hehe.....

  79. Jungkook The first

    I really hope they make it

  80. awmXyeet

    *And what time is bedtime?*

  81. uKnow


  82. uKnow

    They aren't visually appealing, but they move pretty good and I think that's all that should matter is TALENT real TALENT WHO CARES HOW THEY LOOK *?* SHOULD BE DO THEY HAVE TALENT? IF YES, PASS THEM THROUGH, IF NO, THROW THEM ASIDE

  83. KoreabooIdiot

    I hope you all become a kpop idol i really hope to see you debuting since you all are sooooo good!

  84. Mr. Jungshook

    I'm not Japanese Chinese or Korean I'm Canadian and background is Jamaican so I'm black........I really wanna become a kpop idol I can dance sing but I'm only 11 my parents say I have the talent of singing and dancing but I don't know how to speak or write Korean me and my friend both dream of being idols we can work out butts off and learn to speak Korean! We even try to study Korean!! Just like how we know french well we can learn Korean too!! But we are afraid we'll be judged for being black well just me she's Japanese but still I'm afraid of being judged but I really wanna achieve my goals!! Any tips guys? Can I get a little help?😞😖😩

    Flamflan 101

    Just keep on trying your best & when you & your friend become older. Then you can try & audition for a company (preferable A company that takes foreigners exa:Jyp)
    Also you should wait for your company of choice to have global auditions so you don't have to travel too far. Anyways I wish you & your friend the best of luck in chasing your dreams :)

  85. Serai Jane

    can someone tell me what song is that at 4:05 :0

  86. Wanderer

    It's sad knowing what they will have to go through next to debut

  87. 3angel

    The reason so many girls of different ethnicities want to join kpop is because in the USA there are no “companies” to join. Our music system is so much worse. We don’t debut or join a company. We aren’t guided. KPOP is. You join a company, work hard and other people decide if you’re good enough.

  88. Anastasia Arts

    they all seem so good at dancing

  89. Kim YeonTan

    I really want to audition for big hit but I know they will never choose me because I'm fat,ugly:(

  90. Btears _

    It looks really easy but when u audition u really are working hard and ur dancing or things u dO is really good and ur ranking sometimes can look the same as other but my question is why do the judge say to the others they didn’t pass
    And also how do u know if u pass
    Sorry I’m just dumb at these things

    J K

    Btears _ It depends on the company. For some, they’ll email you back or will ask you to stay behind and compete against the people who had got through based on charisma

  91. Bre-zay Cool

    I wish I could be a trainee but I’m black and in america

  92. Bre-zay Cool


  93. Yukina Chanchama

    Pgn deh ksanaaaa, yg buat shopping itu😍

  94. FilmsAreBest

    What’s the song


    i auditioned for sm entertainment i hope i pass even tho i heard some people say sm entertainment is strict i will still accomplish my dream of being a kpop idol😅

    J K

    BANANABOAT Yeah I wouldn’t dare thinking of auditioning for sm, due to their disrespect and depression they’ve given kpop idols. But I wish you good luck

  96. Seungwoo’s Son

    Iraq is part of Asia so that makes me Asian right

  97. Sumitra Gabur

    I'm indian but I really want to go for audition but my is don't believe sad for me😢😢😢

  98. Xxxx FãTïmà Xxxx

    Hey guys im 13 i wanna be an idol .. i can dance and my friends always say that i got the beauty and i could be as a visual in a kpop group and as i said i can dance too .. but im not asian and i cannot speak korean😭💔

    J K

    Xxxx FãTïmà Xxxx Nowadays kpop is becoming diverse. There’s a Russian Kpop idol who isn’t Asian at all - Lana, so you can do it. And they accepted her purely based on her appearance and nationality

  99. 재연박

    Ayee future trainees are ARMYs 💜😂😂