Snow - Everybody Wants To Be Like You Lyrics

Girl comes home and checks her phone
She fools herself that she's not alone
Everybody wants to be like you
When it all boils down and all this ends
You turn around and you got no friends
Everybody wants to be like you

I would really hate to be her think they love her when they see her
When she's gone she just don't know what they say
She inherited the drama it was passed down from her mama
And her daddy he would only drink wine
Only if she came around...but she's slowly going down

Girl comes home and checks her phone
She fools herself that she's not alone
Everybody wants to be like you
When it all boils down and all this ends
You turn around and you got no friends
Everybody wants to be like you

She looked a whole lot older yet nobody ever told her
You would never know that she was 16
And as far as I remember she was standing on the corner
Just the type that loved to be on the scene
Only if she came around...but she's slowly going down


And if you want it and you need it and you want to go out and get it
When it all boils down and all this ends you turn around and you got no friends

Everybody wants to be like you
Girl comes home and checks her phone
She fools herself that she's not alone
Everybody wants to be like you
When it all boils down and all this ends
You turn around and you got no friends
Everybody wants to be like you

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Snow Everybody Wants To Be Like You Comments
  1. Justin Martin

    Thanks for the memorys

  2. mugm2

    It’s a shame what his label did to him in the 90’s. He’s really a good artist. They just wanted to cash in on a one hit wonder and neglected his talent. He got mixed in with Vanilla Ice. Damn shame

  3. TJ Wolf

    So proud to be from the 6.

  4. sunflower jam

    Heard this song on our local Canadian channel today..sweet song ..oldey but one of the best :)

  5. Ignacio Varga

    just realizing now that snow was SO much more than just informer.

  6. T Regan

    I rock this tune on Spotify at least 3 times a week. I always think of the same woman when I do. This song described her to a Tee...

  7. Calvin MGS

    Listening from Halifax, NS. May, 2019!

  8. Louise Damecour

    A genius, way ahead of his time for music, moves and truth!
    A Canadian masterpiece! This natural resource should be supported by Canadians for his comeback.

  9. L M

    I watched for the car. Loved this as a kid for that reason haha

  10. GamerForces

    My son-in-law did a remake of this, Chris Douglas passed away On Wednesday February 27th 2019 at 27 years of age he leaves two beautiful daughters. Keep them in in your prayers. Thank you, cheers

  11. A Girl From Another Light

    When I used to be a guy, I used to fondle over him and imagine myself as his girlfriend. Good times.

    jeff figelstein

    You must have been such a weird friend

  12. Ron420 Kellestine

    Jan 14th 2019 Toronto Canada <3

    A Girl From Another Light

    I'm with you, sister.

    Ron420 Kellestine

    A Girl From Another Light I'm a 34 male )

    I Get The Girl I Have A Corvette You Don't

    @Ron420 Kellestine Im with you queer boy

  13. Denise didi

    This came out the year I was born

  14. Dora Dennis

    High School memories....good ol 90's :)

  15. stephanie whitefields

    Why am I listening to this song in 2018 😭😭😭. So much memories! Love it!


    stephanie whitefields cause this song is timeless 👌🏻❤️

    jeff figelstein

    i can't wait for your dementia. those will be the best days of your life ;)

  16. Trent Strickland

    Still listening in 2018


    Trent Strickland fuck yah I am 👌🏻🤘🏻

  17. Liights Owt

    Only if she came around, but she's slowly goin dooooown

  18. WPGinterceptor

    aaaah diddly diddly diddly diddly when your all alone

  19. Rahimo

    1:30 - I hate to be the one to break it to you, Snow, but that defense won't hold up in court.

  20. whisperienced

    Welcome to the song that was on all day in the grocery store I worked at as a kid.

  21. Dadding AllDay

    I remember this song. hell ya

  22. dj merfy

    snow only the best

  23. jsunn dancer

    great 90shit i mean 90s hit

  24. The Unwitnessed

    Anyone know what word is said at 1:59? Is that the name of a person? I can't find it in any of the lyrics because it appears to be said by one of the background people. Thanks!

    Ben Schyan

    hear this


    It is? Innis? In this?

    "Hear this" makes the most sense, but ironically I can't hear it.

    Ben Schyan

    Snow was never really known for being articulate ;-D

    The Unwitnessed

    Thanks. I'm with Frabjous on this, while "hear this" would make sense I can't hear it. I hear "Innis" as well but it seems weird to just throw a name randomly in a song.


    Hear this

  25. bstove24

    Is this one of the oldest uploads on YouTube?


    The first youtube video was uploaded in April of 2005, so it's an oldie for sure.

  26. Allan Cosgrove

    Snow can rap and sing awesome, I wonder if he will ever come back. Just because you don't get a ton a radio play does not mean your music isn't golden.


    +Allan Cosgrove His career got destroyed because of legal shenanigans from his manager... so, no, he won't be back...

    Dog and Crow

    I just looked on wiklipedia. He releases stuff online

    Guy Incognito

    He's back!

    Crystal Stoner

    HE'S BACK!!!

    Ignacio Varga

    Look up Con Calma. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

  27. Mitchell Kusi

    This song isshit why cant there be music like this nowadays

  28. Josh Taylor

    Ahhhhhhhh I LOVED this song!!!!

  29. Roon Mc

    I love this song to this day.

  30. AdrianINDK

    i liked this song.

  31. randy ravivann

    this is when Muchmusic was good

    holly pietrzak

    +randy ravivann yes it was I miss it so much it aint the same like today

  32. chritters1

    One of the first artists from Toronto!!

    Jeremy R Hansen

    @chritters1 Might want to be a little more percise as I am SURE Neil Young, Rush and MANY OTHERS have been around a tad longer! ;)


    Triumph, Rush yes your very correct, 

  33. Wesley C


    jeff figelstein

    cringey memories


    This became all irrelevant the moment I hit puberty

  35. Aprille J. Rhomer

    Snow used to talk to me all the time when I was homeless and hanging out on College Street. he signed my then bf's New Testament with an orange  coloured marker.

    Rob L

    Beautiful. Favorite song of all time here.

    Daniel Kinsman

    Hes a solid dude, he was an old neighbour in toronto, good friends with my mom.

  36. S Khewro

    Informa..a licky boom boom bam.

  37. thisfuckinsucks1

    its true! everyone does wanna be like me

  38. J Stannah

    Thank you for helping me realize being alone did not mean being worthless :) You were right!

  39. mch2ld

    check out New Beginings ( in my shoes ) let me know what you think

  40. jackedpunk22

    i didnt think videos were older than 2006 on youtube

  41. jackedpunk22

    fuck this brings back so many memories of jr high

  42. DanMarc Bardo

    Woah a 2005 vid dont see many of those

  43. ReliveTheDream

    Master/Slave Dialectic from Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit??? .. anyone? ... no... :(

  44. kimmilil

    nope lol

  45. Ziv Ziglaub



    lol thats funny

  46. goonzie Le stab

    lol.. diddly diddly diddly..

  47. realloser1

    This has to be one of the oldest videos on youtube!

  48. elena

    a good song never dies.

  49. Stevie Stormz

    ahahah At first I didn;t even get it

  50. Kay Aye

    0:18 so apparently Ned Flanders makes a guest appearance

  51. madison b

    amazing song ~

  52. kimmilil

    @BlushResponse1 not quite

  53. kimmilil

    @therealDKLo kinda on the right track pretty close though

  54. kimmilil

    @BlushResponse1 hey hey, actually at the time it was a response to a bad breakup

  55. UhOhBlahh

    Great song.

  56. SwimmaLbC

    @YoungGOMusic My mom used to smoke crack with him down in Etobicoke. Friend of mine got in a fight with him at the CNE like 6 years ago also... LOL... That dude was always into some shit.

  57. drunkennewfiemidget

    @BCAlipine She passed away from cancer.

  58. kimmilil

    didn't go down . went up substantially actually .14 years later and tons of friends lol xx still check the phone though


    13 people are fed up that nobody wants to be like them

  60. Jin Brown

    True story. My grandpa and snow beat up a guy in don mills

    HotCrazyCatLady Me

    Informer lol. ;)

  61. kimmilil

    @babii009 hi I am NOT referring to when the video was made or released, but rather when he received the inspiration for it .. He and I both know xxx

  62. brandon carmichael

    What happend to snows wife?

  63. ReliveTheDream

    @aero2700 wow I never knew someone could dislike this song

  64. Ernesto Ernesto

    Sounds good snow, great, holla at you in Toronto soon.

  65. Shane905

    @aero2700 You do know this song is really old right? If you never heard this song before you have a problem.

  66. simplenamedotcom


  67. spark0girl

    @Caila02 no

  68. Ali BV

    Snow is amazing. Through all the hard times he turns around and makes great music... I hope the more that piled on he still holds his head up strong

  69. Dan Yee

    is this guy actually talkin bout dating a 16 yr old ?

  70. TheDudeYouHateToMeet

    @lalasuga like how your dad abused you?

  71. michael cammidge

    detectvmansauihgfangpkjaihgpa gpuihphhpaguh a licky boom boom down

  72. Adrian

    Toronto, eh?

  73. Mr.JoSaN

    viva snow

  74. xWithEyesLikeSunsets

    been searching for this song for like an hour now, xD
    so glad i found it. :) thanks for putting this up

  75. Moshaaay Herdsman

    @AzurePalmsSensation Lool you're probably right but i have no regrets in what I said

  76. Ariel Y

    lol Bill Crothers secondary school english symposium.

  77. AJ O

    haha, same as you all!
    glad to know we all came across this video once again after 9 years because of the symposium :)

  78. inomniaparata

    @MZ4life omg me too.... i heard this song at the symposium so i wanted to check it out

  79. Mojann

    @plastichearts3 ive known him for many years now, but i was there at the workshop too :) small world

  80. avaava

    @MZ4life mee tooo! i met him today at the words words words workshop thing :)

  81. Mojann

    i know the writer of this song

  82. Tamara lynn

    his wife died :(

  83. poula yé

    @miszsexiishortii3 the singer die?? sorry for my english:S

  84. doggie1971

    seltz8, Snow is still alive. He hasn't passed away.

  85. Moshaaay Herdsman

    the best snow was the one from 12 inches this one is okay but the one from legal looks old and scruffy

  86. Tamara lynn

    D.Snows wifee
    hopw to see u postin up
    in da hood again soon

  87. aria j

    probably my favorite song of all time
    i remember growing up listening to this song

  88. Mitchell Krog

    One of my favourite songs, strikes a chord in me.

  89. vince f

    this song video so Toronto, even though he aint talking about my city you can feel that tdot vibe

  90. 00nlove

    i love this song so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  91. D. Ernest Smith

    2:55 !!!!! WOW!

  92. Tr0llsNeverDie

    @brixton92 lucky still

  93. Nileland

    may your wife rest in peace my heart felt condolences

    always loved this song

  94. Ryan

    "IN4MER"... Awesome.

  95. sizzle

    snow, may your wife rest in peace.
    my condolences. Stay strong

  96. rickyrich

    he used to hang around wit alot jamaicans ,