Snow - Drunk Man's Theory Lyrics

James had a look on his face that I couldn't explain
He said "Man, have you heard the news?"
Ronnie killed Jackie, caught her screwing around
While Hennesey was playing the blues
Having sex on the beach and before we could reach
Bacardi done blew him away
Let the sea breesw blow in the moonlight glow
I told ya nuff of what I think you should know

I wish I could fly
I, I wish I could fly
Fly away now
I wish I could fly, fly away

Sitting alone in my Manhattan home
I got a bottle of wine to drown my pains and sorrows
Singapore tune about this love I one knew
Margarita's her name
Got a gin fizz plan to make some quick fast ends
Hold up a bar and get drunk in the get away van

Shoot the shooting stars they know who we are
I said Mikey that's much too hard


If I don't know you by now I will never know
If I don't know you by now I will never know


As the sirens roar outside the liquor store
Stinger kneeled in cuffs as he started to pray
Mary's been shot, she's all covered in blood
What could make a man act this way?
No golden days, and that's the price he did pay
Getting caught up in love with a bottle shape lay
Its absolute he was wrong for leaving Johnny behind
The brass monkey was dead and Remy was blind


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