Snow - Crazy Feeling Lyrics

I seemed to think I had you to myself
But I've been living in a second doubt
The look in your eyes tells me something else
And now I know I never had your heart

Girl I got this crazy feeling
You know I never stopped believing
You turned all my lonliness to truth
Baby don't you break this feeling
Whether or not my heart starts beating
Tell me did I mean a thing to you?

Catch the midnight train to go back home
It's hard to tell how long my soul can roam
Things don't feel right I can feel them in my bones
As the train pulled up I saw you in his arms
I never knew the reason why everytime I asked you lied
Now I know that you ain't coming home
You used up all your alibi's its hard to tell the reason why
Why you have to leave this boy alone?


Some of the time I think I might be going crazy
Some of the time I think I might be going mad
Your the only one I know that I think can save me
Your the best thing that I've ever had


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