Snoop Dogg - This City Lyrics

A yes sir, radio station, BUSH69 when you're down
Take me to the streets, shout out to the people out there in the city living that life
We 'bout to get off into that brand new Snoop Dogg produced by Pharrell
So everybody in the city tonight, I want to you roll your window down and turn the music up loud, enjoy
Radio station BUSH69, holdin it down

Grab your money, we're getting out this neighbourhood
Milk and honey, we're gonna burn up Hollywood, ooh

Beach of Fortune and the neon sky
You know while back with us will be go tonight
That's what they told us and they must be right, so let's ride
They built this city for you and me yeah

They built this city for you and me yeah
They built this city for you and me yeah
They built this city for you and me yeah

Champagne wishes, taste like American pie
Rags to riches, you never know unless you try



All day wanna play, wanna rock with her
All day, every day on the block with her
My city, oh really be popping huh?
64s, hip hop and locking up
We changed the lane, remained the bain
Little bit of joy with a lot of pain
Is he Snoop Lion or Doggy mayne?
Ask me again, I tell you the same
DO Dubb with the key to the city
Me and Pete, we go DYD
Rip down, put my foot down
And if I'm in your town then I got to get down
Fight nights in Vegas
Bright lights we made it
Slayed it, slightly faded
Californicated and highly motivated


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Snoop Dogg This City Comments
  1. Lorenzo Giudice

    My EF Miami 2k15 trip anthem!

  2. Radu Popa

    Snoop can sing!

  3. Kaviar Djs

    Charlie Wilson’s harmonies are off the richter ❤️

  4. Omarr Koroma


  5. Daniel Smith

    I love this feel good .

  6. Geraldine Clark

    Key to the city who might that be smooth for who the you and who you and b s

  7. Geraldine Clark

    The American pie with that cross then that circle

  8. Majo Gtz

    November 2018?

  9. Naša djeca

    snoop & pharell = pop snoop & dre = g funk perfection

  10. Dom Jú

    Fine ass track

  11. Hiram Clarke Beats

    20 of november 2016 . I just finish my service in army for 1 year and flying home, listening this in jet. What a memories


    yoooooooooooo I was coming back from France in a plane listening to this

    it was so dopeee

  12. J STYLES


  13. Sonny Alexia

    This is MY SHHHHH

    Dom Jú

    And mine too, no doubt

  14. Ralph Pagnotta

    I will say the guest list Alesia kempf Anika Humphrey tom barber donny Swanson Matthew woodhouse Shane Gardner Michael levenstein Richard Leary Ryan Purcell I'm inviting everyone Mallory bjonnes wendy wyndrinski im the gm that day September 8th Michael prestigiacomo sal rizza Gia piccolomini gia Raimo mike olabrian mike Davis Noel Richardson Boris dashem still Ryan Demarco Jack loesch bob Cunningham Sedona

  15. Ralph Pagnotta

    September 8th GKHS party at the gym a lot of guests and it's the draft pick I'm gonna be the gm that day

  16. fishjet Ambee

    Nice post.

  17. B Cooper

    Charlie Wilson is amazing