Snoop Dogg - Take Yo Panties Off Lyrics

[Chorus - Snoop Dogg (Craig Robinson):]
Girl you know you get me off
Girl, it's nothing to a boss
Give it to ya nice and soft
Take your panties off...
(You are beautiful, you are wonderful)
(I adore you, I appreciate you)
Girl I'm off this alcohol, leaning up against the wall
Put your hands up on my balls
And take your panties off...
(You are beautiful, you are wonderful)
Slip 'em to the side, girl (I adore you)
Let me slip inside, girl (I appreciate you)
(She is your queen, she is my diva)
Take your panties off (she is my queen)
Slip 'em to the side, girl (she is my diva)
Let me slip inside, girl

[Verse 1 - Craig Robinson:]
The problem that I seem to have
Each and every time I try
To break down what I'm thinking
Girl, you know you got my eye
I gotta see what's under there
I gotta take my time too
So come on, baby, come tonight
And please take off your panties too


[Verse 2 - Craig Robinson:]
Somebody told me one time, ask
Ask and you shall receive
So this is me being very polite
Take your panties off, please
First you say yes, and then you say no
And we ain't goin' tit for tat
You might think that, you being cute
But baby, ain't nobody got time for that


[Verse 3 - Snoop Dogg:]
Pancakes and that NESQUIK
Mouth full of that lipstick
Play your cards right
And you just might get yourself that dipstick
Lick me, lick me, lick me up
And you can lick me down
And let me slip it in, and let me take you down
Damn, girl, understand, girl
Your panties look better on the floor
So me a favour, misbehaviour
Let 'em go, let 'em go
Leave your panties on the dresser
Bad girl, now lift your dress up
Sexy-ass girl, and I'm your professor

[Bridge - Craig Robinson:]
Take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off...
Take 'em off...
Take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off...
Take 'em off...
Take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off...
Take 'em off...
Take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off, take 'em off...
Take 'em off...

[Outro - Snoop Dogg:]
What is a king without a queen?
What is the ding, without the ding-a-ling?
It all matters, it's one thing
With you pulling those panties down
So, no time to waste - this is the place
You're forced to so something you've always wanted to
So take 'em off...

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Snoop Dogg Take Yo Panties Off Comments
  1. eric aragon

    Bounce that booty up against my balls LOL

  2. eric aragon

    They should of said bounce that booty up against my balls lol

    Raw Beef

    @Louis Gabriel Gabuya are u serious?

    Louis Gabriel Gabuya

    @Raw Beef yes I am. I see a mistake, I correct it. No harm done.

    Raw Beef

    @Louis Gabriel Gabuya nobody fucking cares, english teacher

    Louis Gabriel Gabuya

    @Raw Beef why are you crying? Failed english at school?

    Raw Beef

    @Louis Gabriel Gabuya I said nobody cares. I didnt say Im crying. Learn how to fucking read you piece of shit.

  3. Micah MX600

    I'm the kid who'll be playing this at the prom

  4. Crooklyn Reactions

    Thank You Martha And Snoop Show 😭

  5. Jaren Barbour

    I forgot about this joint. I used to bump this often, Adding this to my playlist asap lol


    2:23 - 2:50 LOL



  8. Jose Heredia

    Best song ever to be made.10/10classic

  9. XxxDragonpeen69xxX

    and now all the rapists

  10. juno09able BL

    THis is how I feel in a strip club

  11. Kyther Simmons

    TAKE YO PANTIES OFF screams krillin

  12. Adi R

    Hahahaha dang

  13. QC Da Mo6sta

    They need this on soundcloud,this a classic

  14. Jeremy Kauth

    Fuck u snoop w/yo mink coats in every color motherfucker

    Son Goku

    Jeremy Kauth lmao

  15. Yung Spagooter

    Take yo panties off lol

  16. tpaina380

    girl... imma tell you one time.... take them panties off

  17. JokerReaper 313

    Lamp this shit is funny

  18. BOO YAA


  19. nightmuffin937


    Jake Casey

    @CynicallyObnoxious I'll do one of those things XD 

    Timothy Underwood

    Like an angel

    Levi Finch


    The Dipping Queen

    Hey! You're right!

    Kyle Swanson

    nightmuffin937 hey craig can fuck of me

  20. Trysten CONN

    "now every guy needs to sing this song all sexy like in your berry white voice"

    Diablo Rojo

    -Come on rihanna take your panties off for me
    -Come on greg you can fuck off for me

    Jadden Vlogs

    Diablo Rojo *craig :/

    Mark Luk

    Jadden Vlogs lol Greg, rip

  21. Eli Kingdom


  22. twingley

    isn't he snoop lion now ? xd

  23. Shawn Nixon

    Take em off take em off take em off take em off TAKE... EM.... OFF!!!

  24. Andres Espinosa

    love this movie

  25. William Zender

    TAKE YO PANTIES OFF!!! *charges into monster*