Snoop Dogg - R U A Freak Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

Hurry, hurry, write your number on the napkin right now
And if you feel it let me hear you say oh, cause I gotta go
Something's burning, you see the party people rocking side to side
And if you feel it let me hear you say oh, cause I gotta know

She DTF cause she's down to feel
That aromatic, now unlock it baby this is for real
Are you a freak, or what?
I'm just a squirrel tryna get a nut
You crack me up
Are you a freak? So am I
So could we see eye to eye?

You must like gold, I bet mind control that's coming out your television and radio
You must escape (say what) escape from here
Get intelligent when you hit that shit and let it go (go)
Far from here, let it go


You try to survive, you're under pressure cause you're running outta time
But this is not a chance you wanna blow, cause we gotta go
The deal is murder, you think long, you've been wrong, get it out your mind
Make you move when you hear them screaming oh, cause I gotta go


Why don't you swing, swing side to side?
Dear, dear, glide and glide
Swing, swing side to side
Dear, dear, do it one more time
Why don't you swing, swing side to side?
Dear, dear, glide and glide
Swing, swing side to side
Dear, dear, baby let that ride

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Snoop Dogg R U A Freak Comments
  1. Uncle Thomas

    As others have said, a very underrated album. I love the chilled back vibes that each song gives you. I can almost imagine myself cruising down Malibu with this song on blast. It would great if Snoop made another album like this.

  2. Oleksandra Vorobkanych

    7 days24 hours, simply the best for 3 years)! Best album LOVE



  4. Cedric Nash

    Amazing album!!!! Turn it up!!! Everyone don't blow that chance in life go for it!! You deserve it!!!

  5. phonk production

    Trop lourd

  6. Geraldine Clark

    Left to right

  7. Geraldine Clark

    I don't have a squirrel who say that

  8. Geraldine Clark

    61 how come 25 down you know you in where you not suppose to now what am I a freak don't tell me dead tcf are you are you just want a nut then Gove that squirrel say what

  9. Geraldine Clark

    How can that be when I save you from harm

  10. Geraldine Clark

    Now where the one that say you killing

  11. Geraldine Clark

    So pick on me and I am chosen that murder what murder

  12. Geraldine Clark

    Right I heard say what I just leave but not until I get ready that mean you trying to kill for someone else not me

  13. Geraldine Clark

    Snoop gave the call yet say what I am the same woman that been around now make the hit

  14. Geraldine Clark

    I don't freak must be 57

  15. Geraldine Clark

    Who am I don't have time for fake asses, now if you can see me and only to abuse me then you don't belong to me can't keep the fake going

  16. Geraldine Clark

    Now what ever mine done I know who had the mash on at 4835

  17. Geraldine Clark

    50 is who 20 is who that 70

  18. Geraldine Clark

    See my butt see I can do nothing can't go out side how come can't do anything where my job at now where everybody is are you freak no just a WOMAN trying to love be in love with my love you know soulmate who got that where the mean studying group murder who murder who, dtf, where my mother at down bring me and bring me to the fake now who kill who not my children

  19. Geraldine Clark

    Ask Israel you know 1922- I know put that 48 to her instead of who tell me why my life were ruin

  20. Geraldine Clark

    Ask 48 am I one since you all send him for 1922

  21. Geraldine Clark

    Escape, murder you got to go dtf sway sway side to side

  22. Geraldine Clark

    I am not a r u a aur just put the a freaky d, that what Mickey and Shawn started say what escape from here how come i must escape from here unless they BEEN killing and there no survive how come ave f street do not set any one up here.dtf who that let see dit mean you dat or you dit

  23. Geraldine Clark

    Me and the Lord or prophet or what you all going to call me

  24. Geraldine Clark

    Sway sway

  25. Geraldine Clark

    Heart must could not take

  26. Geraldine Clark

    Murder don't kill me that way

  27. Geraldine Clark

    Who just want a nut and not bust

  28. Geraldine Clark

    You telling me something

  29. Geraldine Clark

    I am a artist too

  30. Geraldine Clark

    Now am I freaky no but I can do that dance no I am for love romance ask a woman

  31. Geraldine Clark

    I call mine a cat,

  32. Geraldine Clark

    Your music Linda that the name I heard when someone's were coming to see someone don't ask me how come i came out in the hall

  33. NoNaMeD777

    Sensual Seduction #2

  34. Bulls Are Man-Cows, Not Their Own Type of Animal

    My favorite verse on this album is

    "I'm a just squirrel tryin' to get a nut, you CRACK me up"'

    #lol Clever! Not too easy to catch either, which makes it an even better verse in my opinion.

  35. Esteban Aguilar

    Mi cancion favorita

  36. 937dboy

    gwen stefani frickin rocks👍

  37. pilotjones

    this album so underrated , its so good perfect for snoop style

  38. Bryan G

    I'm ya Dogg and this track are my favorite

    Holly Rausch

    B Gonzales me too!

  39. Stixx Rozay

    they need to do another collab album!!! This too nice right here

  40. Stixx Rozay

    i think they should do another collab album

  41. Daniel Alvarado


  42. Dead Pool

    From the Red and Black Guru of the East Coast to the Blue and Gray God of the West Coast -



    이 노래 계속 머리에 한 1년을 맴돌아서 앨범을 샀다

  44. Stevie Critique Newby

    Dis is a hot album the production is so incredible Pharrell is the best producer in my opinion he can produce any type of music🎶Snoop Gwen Stefani and Charlie Wilson blend there vocals together....Mainly Gwen Stefani singin wit Snoop like a group on the vocals wit Uncle Charlie puttin the icying on the cake....🔥


    Stevie Newby shit hella lit up💥💣

    Thabane Sihle

    And Chad Hugo

  45. whosVariations

    I'm so glad this album is underrated

  46. dreadmafia1

    Neptunes all day

  47. Marquis Xavier

    my fav song album. is dope tho

  48. DaftMau5Mafia

    This has to be the best track on this album, so much good funk


    DaftMau5Mafia there all good sept maybe this city is kinda trash

  49. Littlebeep

    Kewl G-funk :D

  50. Kush Skywalker rip 2018

    " 'cause I gotta go... "

  51. DeszoGaming26 tilley

    snoopy, bru dis is da shit another successful album!!

  52. Sharpkrees

    anybody else notice the similarities between Erykah Badu's control freak

  53. Kush#1 Super#TM

    That chit smooth

  54. Weltall

    The production on this album is incredible this has to be Snoops most ambitious project ever.

  55. Felicia Tucker

    one of my favorite!!!!!songs on the album

  56. Marquis

    this sounds just like Morris Day's-Get it up.

  57. garciaGZ1

    Been loving Snoops Feel-Good approach on Music since 7dayz of Funk...
    Hella Authentic & Will definitely Last The Test of time

  58. Dom Jú

    Thhe voice of dom Charlie Wilson is another level and the production by Pharrell, so you get finest vintage and new at same time

  59. A Paige Of A Shaolin monk

    The best song on the album

  60. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    This shit is groovy!

    DeszoGaming26 tilley


  61. Dustin Mall

    dope fav off album but every song is a banger

  62. David R Swinson

    She's D.T.F. cause she down to feel...
    Great stuff Snoop.

  63. Nicholas Taylor

    Great album snoop