Snoop Dogg - Promise I Lyrics

Promise I never leave you...

Boy Boy Boy
You know that you got me Snoop
You're a joy joy joy
It's all the pimpin things you do
You got me in a daze
And I dont know if it's the haze
Cuz we smoke so much ooh ooh
(Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh)

Yea the bitch gotta bitch
Hang out with the D-O-Double
Girl be apart of this
Now hang up your coat
Blaze the dope
Never missin a stroke
Yeah Yea
Now this here is a tapita
You ever seen a stretch Li Jet two seater (No)
It aint what you want it's what you need
A real ass nigga to help you kick your feet up (Yea)
Now flip your channel to Lifetime
You stay on my mind even when I'm writing rhymes
We can chill all day until the nightime
I'll let you know when to go at the right time
I know you don't want to go
But you got to get the hell up outta here
I say go, you say no, Go


Have a drink have a toast
What it do, whateva you want
And we dont wait until the first of the month
We never hesitate to roll a hundred dolla blunt
Nigga money it's nothing to us
It's big pimpin over here baby you fuckin wit us
Struck it rich with the struck of the luck of the dutch
Tripled you up you alittle late for the flush
You got plans for a honeymoon
I got plans to move your fine ass up in my living room
At the studio on the D-low is you wit it
You gots to stay committed
To do what I say no matter how I spit it, you wit it
If I say go, that means go
Now go


ooh ooh
Yea come spend a week with the Black jack tripper
Unzip your zipper
Got a couple of bitches that's Gonna help you up outta that
I want you to sing wit 'em
All of yall sing together
Come on we gon get
Let me hear you say
Promise I never leave you
All my bitches let me hear you say
Promise I never leave you
C'mon let me hear you say
Promise I never leave you
Promise I never leave you

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Snoop Dogg Promise I Comments
  1. Dom Jú

    One of the best yet

  2. Gustavo Agrizzi

    2019 melhor musica pra transar

  3. arabica85

    Never leave you

  4. Duane Mayfield

    I'm still bumping this. Smooth as helll!!!!

  5. Nez Beatz


  6. Гиза Песни

    Такие у тебя девушки я не стесняюсь

  7. happyhappyjoyful

    Found it!!!!classic!!!

  8. Kurtis RIPKOMNC

    Still bumping 2k19

  9. Gustavo Agrizzi

    Cadê os Brazuka nessa porraaaa

  10. Lil joe

    I love to get my d*** wet Haha hoes can gobble d***.

  11. connie lockhart

    This my favorite album😍

  12. Mateusz Tadeusz

    Hot song to fuck

  13. rodrigo mendes

    keep head up with bone

  14. Mikalah Greenlee-Davis

    Promise I’ll next stop banging this song. 💯2k19

  15. D Streez

    This my theme song. When im in the house. When i leave the car wash Caprice on 8's. Stay playing.

  16. JMAN Certi

    type of song u play while getting head LMAO

  17. Andres Marinello


  18. jr dn

    2018 💨💣

  19. Mauricio Barton

    Da shit.?

  20. hyppe Nkosi

    rhythm and gangsta my shit till this day

  21. raw raw

    Real playa💯💯💯💯

  22. Djuan

    "Papito, te amo, nunca quiero dejarte"
    I love spanish language.


    Both versions of this album are underrated.

  24. Rice BroCoin

    i never knew why i liked this song so much... its got a detroit slumville feel. didnt know this whole time it was produced by Denaun Porter of D12... no f'n wonder

  25. Anon Gymie

    2018 still listen damn so smooth

  26. odd stranger

    Forgot about this one, dope track!👌

  27. Buffalo Willis

    Still a Snoop Dogg fan always will be

  28. Future Society Of Gentlemen

    Some real playa a*** stankin funk right here

  29. Charles Macro

    THIS GO SO MOFO HARD!!! OUU OUU!!! Ten Plus years later. Still GO! Burnt many Brain Cells ta dis one!!! UNCLE SNOOP!!!

  30. Jason Tipeni

    og smooth the chosen one

  31. Quendarious Jones

    Scrolling through the album and heard this song for the first time ever today... done had it on repeat since then

  32. Tesha Burton

    I had this song on repeat back 2004 that my oldest son knew the song word for word

  33. Zofa Lipa

    produced by Denaun Porter of D12

  34. Anthony covington

    i was ridin gettin high to this the other day i was Straight Westcoasting it brah

  35. LA BoutaBagDoe

    My Fav Snoop Album💯

  36. Dre Day

    like snoop when i say go, that mean go, now go!!

  37. Alex

    2k17 still sliding to this

  38. Alex

    Never leave you no


    Still slapping this in 2017


    was in the pin when this came out .. would play this while cleaning my cell in wasco cali state prison awaiting my release bacc in 2005 ..been out since 2006 off parole an doing everything I said I was...

    leilani sutton

    GHOST SQUAD what's up My nigga this lil Dee from Watts i was at wasco at that time 03 04 05 06 07 did nine all together it's good that u still out bro


    How impressive

  41. Cool Grande

    2017 still got this shit on repeat

    Rob Saunders

    2019 same

  42. Jaron Ross

    this song be knocking wit 12's in yo trunck.


    Jaron Ross
    Or one '15 in your Honda civic Hahahahahahaha Yeah this shit knocs tho.....

  43. acura12b

    2016 still hottttt

  44. Sanchez Escobar

    This is 1 of Snoop's HARRDEST songs

    Bubbles LBC

    Minnarrow Ratcliff I work at a hospital and bang this shit with all my windows down 😩😂 pulling in the parking lot 💯

    Rice BroCoin

    just said the same thing today

    Baste GOD

    The whole album was slept on.

  45. Eastsiderz from tha south to tha west

  46. Albert Knight

    2016 still bangin this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    kane Garrott

    Dopest slap ever

  47. HOTTNESS427

    Too Much FUNK!!! TO DOPE

  48. ThatBoy Vell

    Got my first lap dance to this song for my 13th birthday😏


    good times, bro !!! <3

  49. Gary Goode

    hella times ta dis

  50. BosshoggJewels

    Classic.. love big G like homie you helped raise like OG's before us all.

  51. Bill Moore

    I say go you say no but go

  52. Mazzaratti P


  53. Laura Romo

    ¿Como se llama la cancion de la imagen del minuto 1:34 ? Me urge!


    ya sabes el nombre? también me urge

    Laura Romo

    That's that algo así😁

  54. KentRJr

    Who is the woman on the hook?

    Latonya Gene

    +KentRJr her name is Tone Trezure

  55. Champagne Hec


  56. Mr. WHITE

    one of my fav on the album

  57. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!

  58. 24CAIN

    check out Nonstop - Never Leave (FREESTYLE) to this beat, he kills it

  59. 3rdEyeWISEProds

    say word, this Tone right here..

  60. Acabitis Armenios


  61. Jóska Kis

    All day!! This song is more addictive, than drugs :D

  62. gonzobrains

    black jack tripper? where janet and chrissie at?

  63. Venessa Roy

    Like if you STILL bang this is 2013

  64. BigoeWekzer

    This album was/is the shit!!!!!


    lf ya head dont bob 2 dis ya hiphop vibez retarded!!!

  66. diamond rich

    og west coast banger right there...classic

  67. Joshua Stephens

    Snoop Dogg on a Mr. Porter beat That's that bomb shit

  68. Latonya Givens

    that's Tone Trezure

  69. Derrick Nice

    Playa shit

  70. dregos88

    itz 2013 n this is still n rotation..

  71. Chris Notgivingmylastname

    lol drake and lil wayne coppied the intro in right above it :P

  72. Chilly Mike Tube

    Of ALL TIME - this is Pimpin 101

  73. kingreddeyezz


  74. SupremeSoulstice

    Like if you stil bang this in 2012!

  75. swagonmydick510

    this the song you slap on the highway when you riding solo. feeling ya self off grapes and vodka. i remember bumping this everynight b4 a date. made me feel real pimpish

  76. Fit Jase

    Con Artis aka Mr. Porter did his muthafuckin thang on the beat!! ROCKIN'!

  77. Joseph Mwita

    this my #1 snoop joint

  78. d1rdyd

    @kmcshaw Second that.

  79. andre persaud

    A blunt and an OE, or Colt 45 would make you feel this song ;)

  80. Bossradamus

    For 6 years official smoke song.

  81. stackpofficial

    back to 04

  82. d1rdyd

    @thelegendsociety Thanks

  83. Kyran Mcshaw

    does anybody have the instrumental to this? i need this 1

  84. RalphyP

    this is rythmacly gangsta lol

  85. Dav Thadon

    Somebody please roll up.........grab the brew

  86. chrisjp20

    This will always be a CLASSIC!!!!

  87. Gunther Spade

    you got plans for our honeymoon , i got plan to move your fine ass up in my living room

  88. d1rdyd

    who is that woman singing?

  89. teddet87

    This song by itself makes me high.

  90. Martin Barrilete

    @Guttaboyslimm "daddy i love you and i wont never ever leave you"

  91. Misstye Paul

    my shit! 2 this day!

  92. wietplantje100

    i have tha Album: Ego trippin, Dog
    One Word = GREAT =D

  93. gruffgruffsmokepuff

    @CripKeesNL cant find it anywher but thanks

  94. gruffgruffsmokepuff

    @CripKeesNL cant find it anywhere but thanks

  95. gruffgruffsmokepuff

    @CripKeesNL serchin somethin easier , but kool neways

  96. carlos alonzo

    this is for the pimps and the playa's


    i need another cd like ego trippin, foreal!!!!

  98. Chilly Mike Tube

    I saw him on Larry King a few years ago. He stole the show saying he wanted to open a chain of SnooperMarts around America. Larry said why dont you tell the people and he starred into the camera lookin BLOWED and said "I JUST DID LARRY"

  99. Chilly Mike Tube

    This album is the B O M B
    It helped me survive the 1st few months of divorce and missing my daughter like crazy. Funny reflecting and General Pimpin 101 at your local Jr. College.
    You Can't Controll your Hoe... Snoops a f-ckin comedian. Not the best lyricist but By FAR one of the most engaging brooding approachable rappers ever.