Snoop Dogg - Perfect Lyrics

[Charlie Wilson croons in the background]

[Snoop Dogg]
Beautiful.. perfect.. flawless.. debonaire

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Where'd you get that silky skin?
And the colors those eyes come in?
Does the light come from within?
God made you, did he make the grin?
Wings are under all your clothes
You worth more than your weight in gold
Where did God put down your mole
Or were you only made for show?
Girl you're perrr-feeeect - when God made you
I wonder if he kept the mold, or are you just for show?
Girl you're perrr-feeeect - when I see you
it takes my mind to cloud nine, girl you're so fine, yeah - hey

[Snoop Dogg]
Lovable, and yeah you're pursuable
Everything is beautiful, even down to your cuticles
It ain't about me, it's all about you
You make me do what you want me to
Yeah, it's just like that
Here go my number baby girl why don't you get right back
You're a, perfect dime, I'm workin mine
Just the thought of me and you I mean it's blowin my mind
Cain't explain it doe, but if I'm wit'chu
I can't remain a ho, or stay in the flow
It's a shame to know, I maintain the flow
Baby girl me and you is unexplainable
Mm, yeah - we need to get into actin
Cain't you see this is a natural attraction
A lot of maxin and relaxin
C'mon baby girl, give a player some action, I'm askin


[Snoop Dogg]
If you would, if I could
You make the bad boy in me go good
Tell a lie? No I tell the truth
Baby boo on the real you know you hundred proof
Mm, I can't even believe that
You livin the single life, damn I need that
I hate to see a queen without a king
If I had you I'd get you e'rything
Coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago
See my baby go wherever I go
Costa Rica, Obregato
If I get you I hit the lotto
Loco shoppin, get what you want to
Sky's the limit, so go on and spend it
I said it cause I meant it
So go and give me your love and get in it to win it
Hit it


[Snoop Dogg]
Mm, I know you dig my rappin
I see you smilin so I might get some action
Yeah, so let's get it crackin
It won't be no +Rerun+, "Hey hey hey - +What's Happenin'+?"
It won't be no type of scrappin
Me and you, this is everlastin
I hate to sound sarcastic
But we'll make a classic, it'll be fantastic
We need to get into actin
Cain't you see this is a natural attraction
A lot of maxin and relaxin
C'mon baby girl give a player some action, I'm askin


[Snoop Dogg (Charlie Wilson ad libs)]
Mm, the perfect girl, livin in the perfect world
Like I said, I hate to see a queen without a king
I'm available, let's make it happen
Yeah, the dime or the dub, how you love that?
Ha ha ha
Yeah, 'Beautiful Part 2' - thought you knew

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  1. Veronica Locke

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    Tyler sent me here in 2019 !!

  3. oto Acee

    u alredy know it produced by pharrell

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    One of the rawest albums I ever heard💦💣💣

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    This one is better than the classic that Snoop & Pharrell created! They topped “Beautiful”!!!!

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    2019 still banging this

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    This my shit, makes a nigga feel like a playa for real. 🌞tribe

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    Big Snoop and Uncle Charlie should make more music together (-:

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    one of the best

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    one of, if not, THE greatest rapper of all time


    +KB TV Not sure if sarcasm or stupidity

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    One of my top 5 fav albums. I could listen to this from start to finish!
    Snoop Dogg > snoop lion

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