Snoop Dogg - I'm Ya Dogg Lyrics

[Hook - Snoop Dogg x2:]
Baby, I come running
Baby, I come running
Just keep me coming
And I come running
Cause I'm your dog
Baby I'm your dog
So whenever you call
I come running

[Snoop Dogg:]
You ain't listenin'
So you can talk to me, don't listen to him
A body like that ain't hard to feed, cause girl I'll eat you up
All in a couple of seconds, girl I'll eat you up
It's when you realize you're in Heaven like how'd you get there?
Baby what you doin' in this chair? Couldn't let you sit there
You need help, somebody should get there
You see girl, time is like money, both of which men loathe
Spend them both with me and then for sure you'll know


[Rick Ross:]
She's impressed by a fat boy
Cadillac, weed, pistol on his lap, boy
Home run hitter, thought I was a batboy
Search warrant for the crib, you better get a map for it
Paid for, meanin' I ain't gotta rap for it
She a alley oop, I tap it off the backboard
Hustlin', baby what you lookin' for? Just ask for it
Blue Ferrari, I'm the envy of the task force
Impeccable suits, as I run with my dogs
Pinkie rings and things that come with my wonderful job
Dogg pound niggas, and we came to fight
I was several million up before it came to light
Now they callin' me the truest one to ever do it
Status symbol for the pimps, now enjoy the music
Smoked out like a player and you know the name
Break a bitch quick, really, biggest in the game


[Kendrick Lamar:]
I got... Rottweiler in tube sock
Pitbull... lock on your neck, kiss it and you'll die
Boxer... you take mine's off then hallelujah
Shando, count my blessings, spin around two times
Freaky... freak like it's the 80s
Fuckin' explicit, radio prolly say we
Should tone it... down with the clean version
Dirty... but in public you're like teen virgin
I like it... make me realize my vices
Enticin', flower bombin' all on your privates
Private... meetin' inside your bedroom
Head in that Maybach boomin', thank God for leg room
It's a trophy in that pussy, I'ma cum in first place
I'ma cum in first place, cum in, cum in first place
I'm your D-O-double-G and I need more Pedigree
What it D-O? Puppy chow, I've been grown and so off the leash, ho


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Snoop Dogg I'm Ya Dogg Comments
  1. Bustakita Yancey

    I just heard this song for the first time yesterday on the way home from work and while the lineup is classic n dope because of the artists no doubt n props to all on the track but it was too much for me and me n my son was like oh hell no lol

  2. Ralph Richards

    Can play this Album back 2 back .

  3. Danny Pena

    This that vibe !!!!

  4. Simon Romlie

    I remember when this came out. I remember putting it on just after I smoked and riding my bike around the neighbourhood and it felt like I was floating. This whole album I feel like makes you not walk around but float around.



  6. Geraldine Clark

    Big Bird is Da 4769

  7. J P

    Lmao was wondering if snoop did any other songs with Kendrick and this is great

  8. Ari Terrell

    Perfect song to roll and smoke a blunt too

  9. My Opinion

    Could've left Rick Ross' verse off of this. Listening to this in 2018 and cutting though Ricky Rosie's part still. 💪🏾💪🏾The song is perfect to cruise to.

  10. The Unimpressed

    This song is highly underrated


    Right! This song should've definitely been a hit. I expected more views for this video too. smh

    The Unimpressed

    @Kimmica20 Exactly like wtf lol


    DeathWarPower 👌🏾

  11. Sasha Anderson

    ugh I love this song. plus peaches and cream 😭😭😍😍

  12. Ali Olshan

    Someone please make a public playlist with similar tracks! This thing is unreal good!

    bran peep

    Ali Olshan have you found one yet ?????

  13. freshCoblaise. Martinez

    #DOGGPOUND. #Blaise up big homie.

  14. The Jew Crew

    Rick ross fucking sucks

  15. TheIntrovert83

    When Charlie Wilsons on the track I know its a hit!

  16. Daniel Houston

    this albums my favorite cuz it's not filthy as fuck. snoop at his top performance here in my opinion

  17. Lester Olp

    kendrick verse wasnt needed on this

    donkor thomas

    your comment wasn't needed.

  18. juarez.gooden

    Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar, stfu with the complaining, you won't see another lineup like this again, plus throw Boosie Collins in on the bass guitar.


    Who TF is complaining about this classic??? If you don't like this song it's problems 😂😂

  19. 1queagent


  20. bigmils44

    this album is slept on!


    bigmils44 I swear

  21. Anjel Lee

    Shania vibes 😉😈😊💘🔥🔥

  22. 18k Loco

    snoop could of done more effort........ I want hardcore rap from snoop......

    Bob Dole

    +Samuel Munoz want da old snoop? then play his old albums nigga

    Bob Dole

    +Samuel Munoz fuck out of here Samuel

    18k Loco

    Shut the fuck up I have my own fucking opinions @Bob Dole​

    Donna Loveday

    hey get over it

  23. Fiyahmane

    im ya dogg dope track most of em assisted by uncle charlie wilson...i love everything and i mean everything he is on. especially on bound2 he should make his own version with that beat re vamped.....rick ross was cool kendrick was dope ....snoop is a legend with extra respect because of maturity and growth and versatility in music....this whole album dope

  24. Kush#1 Super#TM

    I'm ya Dogg.

  25. PurplePandaClock

    G-Funk, Gangsta Rap, Pop Rap, Reggae, and now R&B. Snoop is way more versatile than people think

    Jaylen Risinger

    PurplePandaClock he even has a gospel album now too lol


    Probably one of the most underrated reasons as to why you can say snoop is the goat

    Tyrone Peisker

    More like trap.

    Marquez Bishop

    @Tyrone Peisker there's no trap on here, and thats what made this album great


    And now gospel

  26. n/a

    Did they really have to put in the MMG water mark? It's ducking annoying why does Rick Ross need "Maybach Music" exclaimed in all his features. At least it had proper placement in this one but in other features it adds nothing to the music and is an annoyance


    Relax its his trademark. He's been doing it forever it's not that serious. Enjoy the music


    @MarcIsOldies12 that shit whack and it throws you off. fuck maybach music and cop ross


    Kendrick Lamars is the best verse


    Rick Rosses raps are slow and not as entertaining to listen to


    +Jaxthefriendly1 snoop is good but he should have had a rap verse

    Mikey B

    i disagree, to me he takes a samurai sword to the smoothness of the track. totally not liking the lil wayne short sharp vocal pattern. it just doesn't make sense, well to me anyways...

  28. El Rey Es Jalisciense

    Man this shit is so dope! Loved k dot on this

  29. Kandie Carey

    Doggystyle fo yo eeeyyaaasss

  30. tv76g

    Is this a clean version of this album? This is the first time Snoop has a album that's has no bad words in it. WOW!! The album is Fuck'n great ! But would like to hear the censored album if there is one?

    Anonymous Anonymous

    tv76g this is clean enough to not get marked explicit on streaming platforms. But there are still some ex. Rick Ross’s verse

  31. Kalukabaka

    Why the hell is pear here?

  32. Ivan Gutierrez

    i'm your bitch.. i mean dog.. lol

  33. Craig Hill

    Kendrick should have gotten 2 verses.......take off ross verse


    Craig Hill rosses verse was better than k dots

    Lester Olp

    buggin , im kendrick fan n all but that was easily one of his weakest verses . not needed.

    Andre Farrington

    Lester Fortuna it's not his weakest it was a nice ass verse. But it's not his most lyrical because the sound didn't require that feel me?

    Lester Olp

    Andre Farrington not good to want two of em though lol


    Craig Hill you sound crazy Ross killed this shit you Kendrick stans are annoying AF

  34. David R Swinson

    Rick Ross = sophisticated rambling.

    Gunz n butter TV

    Lol! I think that about kendrick

    Pope Tyrone

    Gunz don't know rap

  35. Russell Lamberg

    Im a Dog too