Snoop Dogg - I'm Threw Witchu Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah man, this is another 9 inch dick classic
We wanna dedicate this one, to all the fellas
who got a hardhead bitch, who just won't listen
Y'know? The best thing to do, is leave her
Don't hit her, shake that ho (bitch I'm gone!)

[Chorus: Soopafly]
Bitch I'm gone.. I can't take it no mo'
I can't get through to you
There's nothin I can say that you seem to understand
Bitch I'm gonnnnnnnnneeeeeee.. I'm out oh yeah yeah yeah
I'm through wit'chu
Oh I'm through wit'chu, yeah

I knew that you, was a ho back then
And bitch you're still one now
Ya like to bust, nuts in your face
But with that big-ass mouth
you need to shut the fuck up, you talk too much
I told you once before, yeah
That pimpin don't, like to tell you twice
So I'm walkin out that dooooooooooor

[Chorus: Soopafly]
Bitch I'm gone.. oh yeah bitch I'm, oh I, I got to get the, hell outta here
I can't get through to you
I can't get through to you, you talk too much, I can't tell you shit
Bitch I'm gonnnnnnnnneeeeeee.. oh yeah I'm goin I got to get out
I'm through wit'chu
Oh yeah, I'm through wit'chu bitch, yeah yeah

(Bitch I'm gone) Bitch I'm through wit'chu
I'm through wit'chu, cause I refuse to lose
I can't be locked in your world
(Bitch I'm gone) I need to breath, I got to roll
(I'm through wit'chu) Ain't no way
I can stay another day wit'chu

Bye bye bitch, and wit all the other pussy, yeah
a nigga got besides yo' big head good and butt fo' ugly kids
Still livin with ya grandmama buckin mouth ass
You shoulda known, you was fuckin with a mack (MACK)
Instead of steppin your game up, you got pushed way to the back
(Step off, step on back)
I seen yo' expression, when you seen me pimpin in the club
It looked like, it looked like you wanted to break down, down and cry
But I just didn't give a damn, I didn't give a damn, no no I didn't
Cause bitches ain't shit, anyway, so don't even ask me why

[Chorus: Soopafly]
Bitch I'm gone.. I'm I'm gone hah, yes I am, I got to get ta
I can't get through to you
Got to get ta, got to get ta hell outta here, oh yeah
Bitch I'm gonnnnnnnnneeeeeee.. oh bitch a, I got too many bitches, anyway
I'm through wit'chu
To be, foolin wit'cho, ugly, ugly, ugly ass

Oh, break it down (break it down)
Oh we got to break it down (break it down, break it down)
Whoaahhh, aw yeah yeah yeah yeah

Hey hey hey, what's up baby?
Come on in, sit down, what'chu got, what'chu got there?
Y'now, I seen you today baby, you know what?
Just sit the fuck down bitch!
I ain't playin no God damn game wit'chu right now bitch
Y'knahmean? There's a lotta time and effort up in this shit, y'knahmean?
Wanna tell you a lil' somethin like this bitch
I got everything, you don't have nothin
Bitch, I ain't believin a motherfuckin word you say bitch
Get yo' shit, and get the fuck outta here
Even though it's yo' motherfuckin house, get the fuck up outta here
You know what? I'm leavin this motherfucker
Got a fo' bedroom upstairs, I'm movin your sister in bitch

[Chorus - singers only version, in background]

And I gotta protective order against yo' punk bitch-ass
So we gon' partyin all night long
And your sister a twin so the bitch is the same bitch
I'm out

Aw, my car is parked right outside
I got a full tank of gas, and away I go

[Snoop] Bye bye

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Snoop Dogg I'm Threw Witchu Comments
  1. Conservative Donkey

    I miss this Snoop.

    Samy Atabi

    Everybody grow bro hes almost 50 now lol but he a legend and we all apreciate alm his carer. Long live snoop


    If you left a lame ass disrespectful comment in this thread, That shit just proved that you're one BITCH ass PLAYIN' hatin' ass LAME ass MUTHA FUCKA 2-15-19

  3. frogtastic1000

    So beautiful..

  4. Jersey Rican

    This is the funniest song ever!!! Lmaooooooooo

    Frankie Joseph

    It is pretty funny haha

  5. Google User

    Real nigga shit 💯

  6. FUNERALCLUB777 Piss on my grave

    I just left my bitch to this right now

  7. Derrick Jones

    In a dead end marriage and this song reminds me that life has more to offer.

  8. Bryson Polhill

    Snoop a fool for this here

  9. Ro-Mitch

    3:49 "even though it's yo house..." lmao

  10. drogariasneptuno


  11. Two Cents

    Daz: Get the fuck out outta here. Even though it’s your muthafuckin house get the fuck up outta here 👉🏽🚪

  12. Kevim Green


  13. Miguel Forster

    I couldn't appreciate this album when i was a 14 yo shorty. what a masterpiece

  14. a guy called c h o o


  15. EdDY Pöt

    Buenos tiempos

  16. Prototype aka El Nino Fresco

    Love this song

  17. Alexis Guzman

    the best thing to do is leave her, don't hit her. shake that hoe

  18. Jennifer Willis

    Bitch I'm gone

  19. COLOR J Neiry

    I Love this song

  20. splizot

    I dedicated this song to a hoe way back in 2008! That bitch was mad AF!

  21. Neil Nix

    baby mamas bye bye bitch

  22. Dr8ven145

    Still living with your grandmama bucket mouth ass! lmao, Classic!

  23. splizot

    I lived this shit thru a couple of bitches! I know this song word for word! "I got a Protective Order against yo punk bitch ass!" 😂👀💀💯😳

  24. Corey Bailey

    I usually laugh at this song but, as I listen, the lyrics are so real.......i brought this infantile bitch up from the DIRT and showed her things in life she would have never known/seen......

    Now the bitch talks to me worse than any niggaz on the street would.......only time this bitch is silent is when I tell her I'm threwitchu...... I'm a second away from slapping her hair off her head....disrespectful bastard kids......bitch I'm done.....i will gladly pay alimony.

    Bitch is more manly and aggressive than a fresh out kneegrow from the penitentary......bitch living in one of the most expensive and upscale condos in the city and she cussin and yelling like she still in the projects........bitch, deep inside that is where u belong...that is y u act that way hoe.....idgaf who u WITH who u fugg just stay da fugg away from me!!!!i

  25. Keith Witcher

    [email protected] title hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Snoop Dogg is funny dissing black women. I like his album cover above. His album RBG sucks LOL.

    FUNERALCLUB777 Piss on my grave

    Keith Witcher ur a bitch & hoes probably walk all over u hoe

    Jamel Williams

    Dam that’s a 1st but hey gotta respect your opinion

  26. meffy

    remember bumping this in the summer of 06... good ass times

    Dank Hankerson

    I had got this cd that Christmas the best present that year lol

  27. Leon Rue

    Klassik shit! Fo' the fellas. Finally a "bitch get the fuck on",song. Alot of females deserve this song,this one's for you.

  28. Scott Walker

    Ain't no way, that I could stay another day...

    Jamel Williams

    Scott Walker bye bye bitCh lol

  29. Николай Сулейман

    Cuz i refuse to lose

  30. Vago Loco

    wayy to gone biatchhh....

  31. Grace Jegels

    i dedicate this song to my ex husband bye bye bitch

    Carsten Bager

    HAHAHA nice one bitch.. now go back to your other man and live his life as it was yours. bet thats all you have going....... bitch... and im danish so i dont care if my spelling is shit...

  32. R. Chris Bromell,II

    This the song that u play when u break up with your ex

  33. Mista Dntplay

    going thru it feeling dis shit.

  34. Mista Dntplay

    going thru it feeling dis shit.

  35. Mista Dntplay

    going thru it feeling dis shit.

  36. Mista Dntplay

    going thru it feel in dis

  37. Shannon Mason

    my husband comes to mind as I listen to this song minus the busting nuts in the face part but the general notion of the song yeah totally

    Mega Dutcher

    Then you missed the point, this song does not apply to woman.

  38. Polo Sauage

    snoop dogg you the man pimp on og

  39. Red Jones

    gangster shit

  40. throwedessay1

    Mayne dis my 💩