Snoop Dogg - Happy Birthday Pt. 2 Lyrics

Yea, sound good too
The piano man
Come around my way

Let [?] stay, everday's a holiday
Everything's a [?]
You should come around my way!
Let [?] stay, everyday's a holiday
Already know we don't play
But you could come around my way

Pimpin' in the worst way
I fall up in this bitch so quick
Happy birthday!
Celebrate, drink up, get your cake up
Baby pick up your bank up
The music is cranking
I blew one bleezy, had the whole speezy stankin'
Laws outdoors plotting and thinking
Dip off through the backdoor in a 7, 6, lincoln
Flammable, flavour, flavourfull baby
Interchangeable and available, baby
Listen, intermission, for wishin', [?] in a mansion
Seventeen room expansion
[?] starts on the keys
Blond bitches with palm trees and bomb weed
Lord have mercy
Baby baby please
Come dip out with some real motherfucking OG's


I party like Mick Jagger
A go-getter
My Nigga Imma go get her
I walk through the living room
See that trick door right there?
Yea that lead to the swimming pool
I got about 30 whips
Baby say dogg, if we strip can we skinny dip?
I oblige fool, I'm from the eastside
Nigga we reside, eyes on the [?]
Talk to me baby boo it's your world
Ice you out now they call you a snow girl
Uh, lincoln with the range rover
Boss dog, Boss lady, game over
Yea, these are the pimpalympics
Let me lay down these new linguistics
Combination like fries with fishsticks
Or a good girl with some bad intensions


Walk your tips off now talk your lips off
It's my birthday, so break my gifts off
Computers screens and buddha green
Doggy Dog is the king, baby boo you the queen
And I'm, I'm much meaner than [?]
I'm feaning her body
Lodi dodi convening her potty
Extremely naughty
Go ahead and beam me a [?]
Cause this is a D.P.G.C party
Happy birthday!


Everyday's your birthday if you fuck with me
Happy birthday
Yeah, it's your birthday
Happy birthday

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