Snoop Dogg - Girl Like U Lyrics

If I didnt have no dough would you love me, if we didnt have a place to go would you still be
There or would you leave me alone when the chips are down,or would you stay around, and lay down,
Oh girl,
I gotta have a chick like you,
I gotta have a girl like you,
I gotta have a chick like you,
I gotta have a girl like you,

Oh yeah who that is standing there like that looking from the front but I can see whats in the
Back, hips like oh, eyes like oh, pretty toes in a row and they be looking like wow

I dont know nephew lets just do what we do, lets just slide up on thise hoes and put this pimpn to use,
(agree) and then what we do (what we do) you take the one in the white I'll take the one in
The blue


Hey yo I dont know if you been told but you look like you should be gold, youre so preasus the
Way you shape up im just hear to help you step youre game up you look like you might ride for me
Hop in front of the bullet and die for me cause when I fly you be fly and when I fly to other
Countries you goin fly with me


Now as the night wines down and the weed gets down, playas till playing and im still on the
Floor, I groove to the beat untill my feet get tired I just want to be youre dessire, eva caneva
Best beliva youre not a dime pice youre a diva take it from me you can be the O.N.E if you roll
With me

If looks were the case babygirl id be a federal the top perfect incredible the bottom
As editble uh I aint telling you what I heard man im telling you what I know and I aint telling
Her what to say but where to go, but if she wants we can take trip down with the homie d-o double
G and if she wants we can form a lil down if its low key yes we would go down


Clap your hands everybody,
Everybody claps your hands, and if you came to party with the d-o double g and the n-e double l-y band, I saied clap your hand everybody,
Everybody clap your hands, and if you came to party with the d-o double g and the n-e double l-y band

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Snoop Dogg Girl Like U Comments
  1. Darrien Clark


  2. Acorn Africa

    2020 still slapping no mumble rappers allowed or skinny Jean's or face tattoos or dyed hair haha

  3. Frankie Joseph

    Might be my favorite song on the album

  4. illbaby86

    This was the shit back in high school 🔥👍 #StillABanger


    Still the shit November 2019 AYE!!!!

  6. DizzydTDE

    hidden gem

  7. Bria Dijon

    This was my song when I younger ... stop banging in 2019

  8. Matthew Peterkin

    Girl like u is the top number one thank you for letting me hear this Snoop Dogg and Nelly

  9. Matthew Peterkin

    This song is on fire I love this music Snoop Dogg and Nelly is the best of the best

  10. Tyrique Gunn

    Til this day this song is a mood

  11. RAM YouTube Channel

    I miss back in 2008 when my Mom's old friend used to play this in the car & one night comin home from the movie he had this up so loud me, my sister & his niece was snappin & clappin to the song. Boy them were good times

  12. Shalon Thomas

    Thank u snoop dogg for putting out great music homie we love u for that big snoop

  13. Chrissy Mayweather

    Who here in 2019? 🙌🙌

  14. District 9 Heems

    Been bumpin dis album since I was like 7; shoutouts to Uncle Snoop from DC/PG Murland Holmes

  15. Champagne Hec


  16. † EpDoesIt

    2019 yuhhh digggg

  17. Cindy Ace

    This sucks😂 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂

  18. Ace Capone

    me and my girl

  19. Okechukwu Eke

    Still banging this in 2019!

  20. Rog Beasly

    got some kitty cause of this 💪🏼

  21. Tubzy Wilson

    First album i ever owned

  22. Kevim Green

    💯💪💯💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤that's is that shit💯💯💯💯

  23. Malik Edmond

    The memories hearing this back in the south Va ,Chesapeake 2004 boi the chill vibes this song gives me

  24. Biglee Agbonifo

    Good song

  25. Jerome Byrd

    Big fan of this disk/lp.....on point...came out at the right time in my life and always will be one of my favorites. Cuz I gotta have a girl like you!

    Jerome Byrd

    Worked out just fine!

  26. IronspiderDion Haskins

    Love this song

  27. SWU TV


  28. Artreprenuer Ship

    Makes me wanna Mack again like wow! This joint riding!

  29. Kaizer-Man

    Take away the vocals and Snoop Dogg invented Lo-Fi Hip Hop tbh


    N.O.R.E on da adlibs?!?! Fuego🔥

    Michael c

    @FLAVA NATION that's not N.O.R.E


    @Michael c Who is it? I always thought it was lol


    @Willow Arran Got u

    Michael c

    @FLAVA NATION it's was L.T. Hutton background talking I know Nelly singing on the hood


    @Michael c Ty💯

  31. Just Kickz

    Play this song to your crush and she's yours.

  32. the legend

    I swear this album was overlooked. It was damn good. used to bump the hell out of it in high school....damn time flies, cant believe its been 13 years..damn

    joseph gibbons

    facts I was a freshman when this album came out 2004

    Malik Edmond

    They only played drop it like its hot back then i knew it was popular and most talked about on the radio .they really wasnt looking through his songs like * lets get blown * girl like u * *

  33. jay scott

    either this or blue carpet treatment was snoops last good album

  34. Corey Rae

    I love the beginning...
    "Uhh uh uh uhuhuhuhuh oh aw uh uh"

  35. Zip TOPHER

    this is definitely my youth classic snoop song

  36. Bruno Carvalho

    Música muito boa, BRASIL

  37. Amber Briggs

    This song should of had radio play

    Julien Conille

    Damn you are beautiful

    Julien Conille

    And you are right they should have played this on the radio but instead the record companies control it smh.

  38. Shakira Williams

    still listening to this in 2017...good summer backyard BBQ, ride down the street with yo windows down, get dressed and get ready to enjoy yo day type of song...don't forget to 2 step while listening ☺😊

  39. Austin Edwards

    Ones of the chilliest hip hop song's in hip hop history

  40. Austin Edwards

    The most chillest r and b songs ever


    Austin Edwards you must not have heard much r&b

  41. Veli Henny

    Now clap ya hands everybodé, everybodè clap ya handss 👏👏


  42. Rigga Ru

    My SHIT still

  43. Lil Phenom 17

    I feel like singing this song to my crush 😍😍😍

  44. Tooo Stoners

    snoop is been one of my favs next pac and 50 and jay z

  45. Jane Doe

    wish we could reverse time

    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    Yeah, wish he'd make a R&G 2.

  46. Southcidal Music

    I always hear people say that Doggystyle was the only great music Snoop made... It's too many great songs from him I've heard, so that's a huge lie.

    Oliver Hernandez

    Southcidal Music well it is kinda true doggystyle is one of his greatest works then when he signed to no limit


    Oliver Hernandez Its no debating that Doggystyle was his best album! Not even Snoop would deny that! However, I do agree that he does have some great songs outside of that album!


    That's some grade-A bullshit nigga, Snoop made a lot of amazing shit outside of Doggystyle. Yeah it's his best album but come on, he did so much more.

    Jared Smitha

    Southcidal Music Bruh, Snoop only got better and better after doggfather

  47. Alexzia Winn

    This one of them DING Dang songs that gives me the Good Chills!

    :-P Oh heck yeah! Shut yo mouth! I love it!

  48. Greg Cummings

    from the lbc to tha Stl Nelly and Snoop Classic

  49. Zen IsLoveJulyFlower

    This song is so relaxing ...

    Fernanzo Jamison

    Zenyatta JulyFlower one of my favorite Smoke songs

    Lavelle Watts

    Zenyatta JulyFlower yes it is

  50. R8ders0121 life

    Classic Album enough said!!

  51. MavAttack

    Man, being in middle school, this song and R&G brings back so many memories. Fuckkkkkk

    Ebony Holt

    MavAttack riiiiight! I tripped and landed in 8th grade on accident

    Jeremy German

    Yes it do


    Yes bro

  52. Cisco Montoya

    Rimineds me of living in Tj

  53. iamjaymcintyre

    if I didn't have no dough would ya love meeeee.

  54. Dontay Minter

    Remember when this album came out in high school. Always had this on repeat.

    Josune Nieves

    totally true

  55. pheeuh

    gotta have a gurrrl like u

  56. Tiffany Dillon

    One of my favs

  57. Rashawn Antoinio

    good collabo

  58. Andrew Flood


  59. mreaton2u

    yesss siiir..!!

  60. wietplantje100

    tis sounds so true

  61. leeshels


  62. AB-N-KingK86

    i love dis song

  63. Dandys11

    place to go sounds like west coast XD (00:20)

  64. Toby yayo

    Fucking been looking for this song for ages, thank you so much for posting!

  65. Claire Marie

    one of the greatest albums in the world IMO ;)

  66. Global Misfit

    I still have this R&G album....thought the Neptunes produced this too at 1st, like half of the album.

  67. Tommy Knoble

    @SMS2RR i dont know why people sleep on this album......

  68. Emily Olbera

    thank u for posting!!! ive been looking for this song for forever!!! thank u so much!!! lb in tha house!!! love snoop n nelly!!!

  69. Emily Olbera

    @hulkamaniac25 damn me too... i love this song!!!

  70. 3 0 1

    @ukochrono2 I agree, this album was DOPE! 301 IN THE HOUSE

  71. Robert Greene

    I love this song!!!

  72. Patti Anderson


  73. vanshexd

    @loupremo lmao hahaha

  74. blurelic4

    Easily one of my favorite Snoop songs. I love the production on this...So simple and laiback. I'm not really a Nelly fan but he was a great choice for this track.

  75. Alessandro Ferioli

    The dislike button isn't a download button!

  76. LouPremo

    at first i thought snoop had his hand on his own thigh looking

  77. fatboy714

    GREAT POST!!!!!!

  78. Harli Kwynn

    So many memories to this song..foreal! I love the way Snoop and Nelly came on this one...thx so much for posting this!

  79. Brandon Grisson

    This song reminds me of 04 winter time...

  80. Ca$hLady

    snoop jams on everything!

  81. TeffsPlanetMusic

    my boyfrind dedicate me this song =)

  82. tokyohiphoprules ryan

    nice 1 dwag

  83. Stephanie P. Love

    @flowmanz i use to listen to this on repeat literally!

  84. Makaveli7196RIP


  85. SVDM

    no problem man

  86. Zartan25

    thanx for putting this up, been looking for it!

  87. chsboy

    am i the only one that things that the guy talking in tha background sounds like ll cool j ?

    Jared Smitha

    chsboy He does

  88. mike ruiz

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i havent heard this song is a kool ass minute...since 2004 when this album dropped...good lookin on the post homie!!

  89. Amid Harris

    i love this shit 4 real and nelly parts is hot an snoop just snoop

  90. Ant White

    Naw...This is not a Neptunes production, its prod. by LT Hutton. & thats not Pharrell's vocals either.

  91. M. Ihab

    he's far better thn tht

  92. nellifan

    lov itttttt

  93. braxkins

    would u leave me alone when the chips are down...this my shit

  94. j-wee !!!!!!!!!

    I love this song. This is a summer theme song.

  95. Pay Mitchell

    thank u!!!!

  96. GOILL

    no hate I cant stand Nelly so I dont listen to him but this was a hot collabo.