Snoop Dogg - Gangstas Don't Live That Long Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg (Mr. Porter):]
Alright I'm ready
Rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'...
For life, for life...

(I like that)
Gangsta shit
(We gon')
Real smooth, you dig?
The big boss dogg
Snoop d-o-double-g
(See you niggas on [?])

[Hook - Mr. Porter:]
Cause my life's worth more than
The money that ya' live and die for
And where I'm from my nigga you get shot
For sellin' out your man when he the reason you got on
(I ain't trippin')
You know they say, that gangsters don't live that long
But how can I be here homes if I wasn't real-ly that strong
I pro'ly should be long gone
Tell me (Tell me, tell me, tell me)

Tell me, what does it take to be dangerous
Everytime I look around, the game steady changin'
From coast to coast, rearranging
Them boys out west, we insist to keep it bangin' (Westside)
Ah yeah, we maintaining, burnin' up the charts, we spark, now we blazin'
My young home boy, he amazing
The cookie, rookie, shook him and took him
And now he famous (wow)
Couldn't quite picture that, wonder what he fishin' at
Now ya talkin' bout this and that
But pass that loc, I don't diss no mo'
I make number one hits, you know
Believe me, I make it look easy
You wanna know how to do it, then watch Snoop Deezie


Yeah, cuz, the game won't wait up
Dismissed all the beef and shook all the haters
And took on the new routine
Started coaching youth football to go straight clean
Like mean Joe Green, I step on the scene
They want an autograph and a picture, you know what I mean? (nah mean?)
I get to 'em, nigga, don't ask why
I'm real to my people, that's just how I ride
Yeah, since I slid in the do', I been at this
Some gangsta mack shit, but I did it with practice
Yeah, yeah, y'all know I get actin'
I live to learn, teach to reach my status
Top of the charts, have heart, have money
To have money, you gotta have heart


It's been thirteen years, no pain, no tears
Respected by all my peers
No matter where I'm posted at, my hands stay close to that
Ratta da dat dada dadat dadat
And as a matter of fact, no beef on the streets
No black on black. We gon' be all on one track
So I fall in ride or get lost in the pack
It's like that, fo' real, we ain't bluffin'
Right now it's West Coast or nothin'
I'll push that line and in due time
Y'all gon' respect this cause out here, fool, we rhyme
Oh, yeah, we bang, but right now it ain't time
So put away yo' nine, an' fall in line
(Tell 'em why)


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Snoop Dogg Gangstas Don't Live That Long Comments
  1. Jacob Valencia

    Fuck yea I love how Snoop isn't rushing to end his song like most rappers, he took his time n it slapped the whole n it actually has an ending instead leaving feeling like if it's actually over or not

  2. irr3 is on t1Lt

    He always been and will be my fav artist/person on this Planet. Influence of my talk, my walk, my looks, my mentality.
    2020 and going. Thanks for the past 30 years of my life.
    greetings from Germany,

  3. YSB Curry

    This song only on YouTube right ???

  4. Jeffrey Alexander

    True story.Real gangsters don't live long example 2-pac forward forevermore is the truth. 100%💪✌👂👏🤑

  5. tyrone crawford

    I admire You & Your other Half

  6. AeDee Da Realest

    Fuk snoop..thats why u still living cuz u ain't no gangsta

  7. Dane Lovell

    For life my brothers

  8. Gabsta _123

    Should come down to merrylands in Australia, that’s where all the shit goes down, the Compton of australia

  9. Johnny blowfly

    Gangster's don't live that long, that's why they killed eazy and not this sorry dude. Is stoop dug still with his high school sweat heart? How sweeeet....can anybody say Ethiopian?

  10. cult severs

    Check this snoop remix with some trap beats ✌🎧✌🎧✌🎧 click the link below

  11. 1sunstyle

    I am a real gangster. I eat juice and do clean not dirt. I am a Mexican housekeeper to afford meth so I can rap. I sometimes dig graves but hardly ever these days. The essays be gettin' soft.

  12. Matheus Salles

    available on Spotify?

  13. NoName NoName

    I guess snoop wasnt a gangster then and all his career has been a lie 🤔

  14. Tim Deinert

    2:08 isnt that chomg?

    Juan Vasquez

    Tim Deinert yea

  15. Lk FRS

    Snnoop ✌👏🍁💣

  16. Kid old age

    So if you a GANGSTA why you alive?

  17. ifyoureadthisyoustupid

    Right, thats why your fake ass is still on the TV hahah ...

  18. Grozavu Vlad

    Give me the model of the Adidas from 0:28. Please :)

  19. Владимир Васильев

    King of the Rap.......

  20. cefoluto taikua shimishurri

    Este vídeo me parece increíble

  21. Nina Evans


  22. Jackson Murray Morete

    Well in this case u be living along time so you ain't 1 then???

  23. James Barker

    That’s way hes still around

  24. James Barker

    I think snoop was more into smoking blunts and he was never that flashy gangster with all the jewerly and he had his high school sweet heart by his side 24/7

  25. Turan Schäfer

    Verhaltensregel von Edreon Faux.47


  26. Антон Чернов

    Rip SashaRigiy

  27. Антон Чернов

    2019 happy new year 🎊🎆


    FUMAR Y DIBUJAR!!!!!!!! 10 POINT S S S S S!!!!

  29. Anurag Singh

    no pain no tears respected by all mafias

  30. Wojtek Sokol

    One raper for The World autentic raper. Pokòj z Toba bracie

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    Smoke and music🌿🍁❄

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    Help I and hip hop ,old school real i Tumac guys ,tanx !

  33. Евгений Тыныштыков.

    Походу те 2.500тыс кто дизлайкнул всю жизнь буланову слушали и буйнова знают👎👎👎

  34. Fabio Abboud

    good work

  35. Fabio Abboud

    frafrafrafra yasss i lawv bic dawg 4 life

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    Stil ill doggy dog.

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  38. Bryan Bradley

    This song is tight

  39. T Smash

    Early morning vibe

  40. donte spillane


  41. TheGreatKhalid

    rip nippsey

  42. TheGreatKhalid


  43. Dee You bitch

    I went to get sum chicken

  44. Max Menezes de Attayde

    Algum brasileiro escutando tio snopp em 2019 ?

  45. alexey tarasov

    Как мумия которую на героин посадили

  46. Vance L. Gilmore

    Niggas is evil.

  47. Nto skt

    where is in spotify?

  48. Spice Cat

    BRAVO !

  49. Spice Cat

    YES !

  50. David Harding

    That's right Sky.....

  51. Léo Turbide

    I like how Snoop Dogg shows us that not because you once were under the influence of a bad cirrcle and bad choices doesnt mean you can't change and be a better version of yourself

    Daniel F

    He's still reping crips right now he's been going throu faze's this was toward the end of his snoop lion faze. Probably why its so relaxed but doesn't sound like hippie nonsense

    Léo Turbide

    @Daniel F Then that man is an hypocrit

    IceCubeGold ll Diamond PB2

    i think what you mean is , he isn't a mumble rapper of a flexer.


    While Snoop breathes, hip hop lives

    Jeffrey Alexander

    Snoop dog is a cheese eater get the fuck outta here. 🗣🖕🤚👂

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    Snoop dropped this song right after 50 went on social media talking about the French manicure tips snoop had got. I think is was subliminal shots at 5th. After that I haven't heard a peep out of 5th talking about snoop anymore lol!

  56. Herbal Essensses

    The Doggfather es la mera Verga en el Systema...

  57. Bonita Gosha


  58. Oroi Ginalee

    Snoop the Dogg the big boss , respect ! D:

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  60. o e

    Finde, Snoop Dogg aber besonders auch Dr.Dre, der in der zeiten und auch jetzt ein sehr bodenständiger mensch ist,seine

    Musik war super.

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  72. Alexander Knoll

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    Love the snoop way of life !!

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    Snoop dog is all of rap king, keep blessing up snoop lion love you forever i proud of you.
    I'm from Ethiopian the First Rastafarian emperor Hailesilase country..


    This beat and hook is banging

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