Snoop Dogg - Freestyle Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg:]
Yea man, I heard you wasn't gonna do it no more
They said it was overwith for you
Overwith? shit nigga I ain't going nowhere
Shit nigga I ain't going nowhere
Shit nigga I ain't going nowhere

[Snoop Dogg:]
Snoop Dogg this is me
Back up in the place to be
I walk a bit, I blaze a jay
I talk some shit, hey hey hey hey
I'm going at baby
Listen close we gon' dream
And we gon' toast, this that year
When things was bad this that time
When I'm gon' smash getting cash
Is all I know, I think the year was '94
Or was it later really don't matter
Cause I gets cheese, I gets cheddar

Funny style, funny niggas
Funny style, funny niggas
Funny style, Kurupt in the building
They funny style, aye Snoop
Punk motherfuckers in disguise I can tell
Soon as I see them when I rise in the spot
Gotti in the building everybody realized
Looking in my eyes niggas is surprised
What the fuck is cracking don't they know what's happening?
The next time this nigga get close, clap him
This nigga like a bitch moving so slow

[Snoop Dogg:]
Just bring the beat back and let the shit bang
Cause Snoop is on the mic and I came to bang
I don't come to play I come to drop heat
And niggas like you get dusted in the streets
You just try to rap about what you know
And I'm gonna keep this shit way on the low
Me man my clique me and my crew
We come through this bitch and banging on you
You think you can fuck with us
But I don't think you'll fuck with us
See we the shit DPGC
For 20 years and thats all me

Bitch, run through the spot
Tipping the hit
Run and get all my money nigga I get
The bitches they love me and they stay on my dick
I'm rolling with dabs, little half [?]
Me and big Snoop getting that bread
Make them pussy lips spread
Bitches is crazy, they all on my dick
Loving my Mercedes what up bitch

[Snoop Dogg:]
I'mma show you motherfuckers whats a poster G
And let me get these niggas close to me
You can size me up, you can picture the frame
You can study my style you can write down my name
You can change up the beat and you can slow this shit down
You can try to get close but this is still Dogg Pound
We be fuckin it up, we be smoking the dope
We be on the tour bus from coast to coast

Got all my money, all my hoes
Every corner, all my hoes
All my homies, all my souls
Like what's crackin, and they know
In a second niggas get hit then it's over
Look look, why these niggas trippin all over
In the spot with my homies deep with heaters
Looking at these suckers pulling out they millimeters

[Snoop Dogg:]
So y'all should know when you stepped up
You got fucked up and that's what's up
See this is true we gray and blue
DPGC I thought you knew

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Snoop Dogg Freestyle Comments
  1. Rob S Taylor

    Snoop look like a pack of Newport's.

  2. SmAiL-ProD

    February 2020 y'All Snoop !

  3. hairyHarry

    Bruh just imagine u high asf and listening snoop free style live right next to you

    Ira Gravity

    I just did.. lol

  4. danya smurf


  5. KoR빛의향연

    대놓고 대마하는 ㅋㅋ 역시 .쩐다 ㅅㅂ새끼

  6. Дмитрий Савинов

    from Russia, this masterpiece

  7. gizzem


  8. Setyx !

    Tupac king of rap
    Eminem rap god
    Snoop dogg smokes rap

  9. Sai Divakar

    Me:Give him a weed
    He : start verse with"i got one already"

  10. glassGloss

    I played this to my boxer dog. He beat the shit outta me

  11. Noel Kaaya

    I really understand you father...

  12. Ben Rodriguez

    Snoop is the best ever to freestyle off the top. He does it with no effort in all his freestyles

  13. Mladen Prelovac

    Lyrics please ..?

  14. 초등학생

    So nice raps that Even make octopus dance

  15. Lisette Nicole'


  16. Powerless Hero

    I wanna see snoop's lungs

  17. snow90ify

    “Don’t get close coz I represent the coast
    Burn a nigga like breakfast toast” 🤯

  18. salam fatal

    What the fuck that I just watched

  19. Karel Appel

    This is epic

  20. Robby Marwood

    anyone know what this instrumental is!?!?!?!?

  21. Mr Torque


  22. Omar Espinoza

    King of freestyles

  23. Create Peace

    Snoop is the best freestyle artist . sticks to the beat like glue and makes tracks on the spot off the dome. Just like me .Salute to the OG every time. notice how he remembered to bring bk the getting money hook . true freestyle artist . BTW check my page for some of my music .peace

  24. Mang Thomas

    0:38 so dope!!

  25. Deep ____

    Att krwayi pi jatta 🔥🔥

  26. Wow Wow

    This dude is not even trying..
    Smooooth as weeed ..
    Mother of weed 😅

  27. Samer Mohamed

    Snoop voice weed

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  29. Guido

    que estilazooooooo por dioss

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    gold is gold love you snop dogg from morocco

  31. тнє ιммσятαl вυтlєя

    Why haven't any reaction channel reacted to this yet?

    Karel Appel

    Its very old

    тнє ιммσятαl вυтlєя

    @Karel Appel it's only 4 years old. Many reaction channels react to videos which go way back to 90s or 00s. Anyway I hope someone will do it.

  32. Bro Beans

    Great. Now I need to change my pants. You know, cuz I jizzed in them.

  33. 한줌리뷰

    옆에 문어대가리 춤추는거 보려고 계속옴

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    like si vienes por damn xd

    Autolike para no desaparecer

  35. тнє ιммσятαl вυтlєя

    "I'm here now n*gga Yeah!!!"

    Damn the way he started was dope af.

  36. Muba Derick

    Snoop Dogg the legend lives on

  37. Saaim Shah

    Listening to snoop makes me wanna get high 😂😂

  38. Дмитрий Савинов

    попросили фристайл, получили трек, это пиздец... он реально крут!!!!!!!

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  40. Umair Khan

    Did anyone notice how classy he started this? Like gets offered a joint and goes "i got one already.., and there he starts it. Damn creative

    Not Chuck Norris

    Dude thanks for pointing that out. Didn't notice it before. Had to go back and hear the start 5 more times.
    Doggy dogg is dope af

  41. Марат Габидинов

    Im fu***n white boy in Russia, but i love it!!!

  42. Hostile Threat

    What's the original song

    I Hate Kids With Fortnite Profile Pics

    Hostile Threat it’s a freestyle

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    Freestyle KING OTHER THAN ICE CUBE🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  45. Дмитрий Башлык

    Who is song producer???
    Amazing instrumental!

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    Does anyone know how this jacket from Adidas is called?or someone can give me a link to buy it pleasseeee

  47. Best

    Snoops flow is just legendary

  48. theKING KGR

    Unique. Real G.💯

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    Y'all.....I don't think Snoop smokes.

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    Jesus fucking christ!

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    Snoop dogg is icon man

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    I think this is my favorite of all time and I’m a huge Eminem fan too but snoop is my boy before Eminem

  53. Joseph Ward

    This shits hard as fuck his homie C walking also man GANSTA SHITTTT I LOVE SNOOP

  54. Joseph Ward

    Tight as fuck

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    Shutout to Amsterdam!

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    I'm here now... Snoop best all time freestyler with hits ever

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    One like for Eminem
    One comment for Snoop Dogg

    Somali Best Clips

    Prema Prasad big dogg 🐕

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    This shit is what causes global warming 🔥

  60. Samuel Bulletproof

    "I got one already" Goddamn

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  62. Sunny Mutsvedu

    2019 07 09 still so goooood

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    1:26~ 빡빡이 백댄서 아재 스웩 좆대노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. C Taylor

    My most watched YouTube vid 👌🏻

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    1st time smoking with Snoop =getting admitted in the hospital 😷🤕🤧

  66. Mj W

  67. John Niro Yumang

    When Rap Became Human.

  68. AHMED

    the scary thing is that he ain't even trying

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    Dogg holdin' it down

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    *starts bending the will of the universe*


    For real

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