Snoop Dogg - Can U Control Yo Hoe Lyrics

Niggas, get your milla genuine draft, cause its milla time, we about to go hard on these hoes on
this one right here.

[soopafly] Can you control your hoe? (You got a bitch that wont do what you say)
You can’t control your hoe? (She hardheaded, she just won’t obey)
Can you control your hoe? (You’ve got to know what to do, and what to say)
You’ve got to put that bitch in her place, even if it’s slapping her in her face.
Ya got to control your hoe. Can you control your hoe?

I went to your house; your girl came in and started cussing you out. You should have slapped her
in her face, I wanted to tell you, but it wasn’t my place. I kept it on the low, cause I know you
was gonna check that hoe. But instead, you was quiet as a mouse, maybe you started to think it
wasn’t your house. Cause she was acting like a nut, you got a kind of bitch that would kick your
butt. What kind of pimp holds back? Never met a bitch that a pimp can’t slap, whats wrong with
the pimpin’? Why you get a whippin’? All I got to say is this:


[Verse: 2]
This is what you made me do; I really didn’t want to put hands on you. But bitch you playin’
with fire, i'm so sick and tired, of loud mouth bitches like you, a nigga had to go and put tips
on you, cause bitch you playin’ with fire, i'm so sick and tired.

This is what you forced me to do, I really didn’t want to put hands on you, but bitch you
playin’ with fire, i'm so sick and tired. Of bitches like you, a nigga had to go and put tips on
you, bitch you playin’ with fire, I’m so sick and tired.

(No: can you control your hoe? At the end.)

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Snoop Dogg Can U Control Yo Hoe Comments
  1. Denz

    Nate needed for this hook

  2. HERU Apocalypse

    When This Jam came out. I was a Brutal and a Stone Cold ladies Man 4real.Awww Man Fun Times back then.Anyway!The Radio wouldn’t Dare play This Shit.Why The Rise in Black Masculinity would be at all Time High! Even if it it’s from sort of a Negative aspect of Energy.

  3. Ibrahim Ousmane

    U got to😂

  4. London 80

    Who bumpin this in 2019 ? 💙

  5. Jeremy Kelley

    Who playing es🔥 in 2019

  6. Dante Griffin

    Need a video for this

  7. Pablo Chans

    Celebrate for dr dre and snoop.. Still alive....

  8. frank miller

    Still bump in 2019-2020 shit🙌

  9. G. vuitton

    Imagine this coming out now 😂

  10. Christopher Ellis

    2019 still banging this

  11. Aaron Grandara

    Bitch gonna mind somebody real talk reppin that Long Beach.

  12. Sally Martin

    Im so sick an tired of loud mouth bitches like u!

  13. Jermon Powell

    It's amazing to see a bitch Nigga that's broke....get pistol whipped.... And then press chargez.....court is held in the streetz cuz

  14. hollywoodsfinest

    One of the sickest Snoop track's

  15. J M

    Yo if Snoop released this in 2019 it would be hilarious.

  16. jokebooks

    I’ll smack a bih if she ask for it.

  17. JMAN Certi

    this is a message for all these niggas not to be too nice to these hoes

  18. Blaxta Boy

    nowadays hoes can pick a knife and stab you to death and avoid jail, so be careful with slappin

  19. Guillaume A


  20. Jémine Emcee

    preach it snoop

  21. Dark _Siren

    I'm that hoe he's talking about 😄

  22. Aviv Ariel

    Snoop is a relationship expert

  23. NO LE

    I need to play this for my homeboys.

  24. Scretch

    2018 ?? any one ? :D


    Yup on to 2019

    Vernon King

    Scretch 2019 nigga



  25. FlameOn24

    You got the kinda bytch that'll kick your butt 😂😂😂

  26. Big Smoke - Beats

    that beat is shakin my head to much 💯♥️

  27. Konnor Lee

    What im wonderig is why is this song on soopafly topic soopafly aint even in it

    Michael R

    He made the beat

    Steve Budd

    Konnor Lee First verse is Soopafly

  28. Danny Bz

    This song Gave Me A Dv Kase Damn, Bitch Told, Said I Wouldnt slap The Nigga Down Street, Thats When i Tee'd Off, next thing i know im in Jail thanks Snoopy, lol guck these hoes dont hit em, fuckem and m8nd fuckem em at the same same time, similar to what they do to us chuuch

  29. The Frank White Show

    61 dislikes from non gender feminists

  30. Militantreturns

    This song is for those annoying hard headed bitches ✊✊✊✊✊

  31. King Bandzz

    Niiiiiggggaaaaaaaa. Aye this was my favorite song on the album 💪💪


    Mainstream was too easy to hear. You had to own the album to know about this song. It's still fire 🔥

  32. Christine Carvino

    hi snoop!!

  33. koortis miller

    Mi, el único 2018 <3 Snoop Dogg

  34. the legend

    I swear this damn song used to make me fall over laughing, Snoop was on that huggy bear pimp shit with this song,lmao.

  35. John Stevens

    But bitch you playin with fire...

  36. Tonio Solo

    54 hoes need a slap!!!

  37. trina Cisneros

    My boyfriend never comtrolled his hoe fernando soto lmfao

  38. Gregory King

    Ya got 2 control ya hoe✌🏾

  39. Yono Sepe

    hoes in 2k17

  40. Big Daddy ™

    now if y'all excuse me I got to control my hoe and put that bitch in her place even if it means slapping her in her face

  41. Keith Witcher

    [email protected] title hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Snoop Dogg is funny dissing black women. I like his album cover above. RBG album sucks LOL.

  42. trina Cisneros

    I love you snoops snoop thiz

  43. trina Cisneros

    you got the kinda bitch that will kick your butt lmfao yup yea!

  44. frogtastic1000

    Modern Shakespeare.

    Aviv Ariel

    What a comment!

    Aranacha27 Rose

    That's the way I viewed this track too back in 05 😂😂Im a Woman who would never put up with such A Man Id kick his butt too and Snoops 😂😂😂✅✅✅✅✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅✅

    Aranacha27 Rose

    But I honestly picked up the Comical part of this track but its real life for some Queens whos Identity was stolen by Childhood abuse and The Men controlling them suffer from Bad Parenting issues wounding they own inner child Dysfunctional and Toxic Generational curses BS

  45. Nate Rivers

    dam right snoop dogg!💯🔥

  46. King Achmed Detroit

    you got to control these hoes if you don't they going to get out of control you have to teach them how to lay it down and pick it back up

    Royal Rosei

    and this L's for you.

  47. Marcus Nickerson

    music to my soul💯💯💯

  48. Michael Jones

    What's wrong with the pimpin 😂

    Demetris Ssherrodsr

    He was lacking

  49. Imperial Inca Empire Of Zion

    42 Simps can't control Thier hoes...hahha

  50. stoner rocha

    bitch's ant shit now i maid the point. west up people

    Jay Coleman

    stoner rocha n*MADE

  51. stoner rocha

    i slaped my bitch all the time, she is a dumb ass trick. but were not together so next time i see her im going to whoop that trick an stomp that ho!!!

  52. ArwingFighter


    Jason Rougeau

    The anthem for any man who won't take shit from a woman...

    Wack 100

    Best comment lol

    D O'G

    Hahahah by far the best comment I've seen. Touché sir, Touché

  53. Jet Life313

    36 ppl cant control their hoe lmaooo

  54. Jet Life313

    should've slapped her in the face. i wanted to tell you but it wasnt my placeeeeeeee

    3oss Omok

    you got the kinda bitch that'd kick yo butt

    Jet Life313

    @mutcho kejo you need to put that bitch in her placeeeeee


    Playin wit fire

  55. LA BoutaBagDoe

    Man this shit brings back so many memories, my shit back in 05...

  56. lol this first verse happen to my homie last night kmsl that ish was to damn funny

  57. Luchador EMC

    Domestic violence.... Fuck yea

  58. flaylikespikachu15

    i got trouble controlin' my hoe,
    PLZ HELP!! ima gentleman, not a pimp
    and yet she's fuckin' me & my life up.

    lamar lee

    Damn dude. Take this L and leave!!!!!

    Jet Life313

    +BeatLovers 500 its miller time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    flaylikespikachu15 lmao

  59. spacekees102

    just was in the club drunk as fuck and some1 bitch was drunk as fuck acting retarded slapping people in the balls and shit and i said youve got to control your hoe! thats when i remember this song

  60. javier brown

    IT'S MILLER TIME !!!!!

  61. GregB gregb

    This my shit cuz

    So Fresh27

    @GregB gregb its a funny song lol

    GregB gregb

    Yes lol

  62. lesmoor kelly

    found this randomly on my iPhone lol how did this get there

  63. Derrick Miller

    I don't have even have to slap the bitch.... She know....

  64. PenUltimate

    you're all wrong, you dont hit hoes women or bitches... but its okay to shake the shit out of em


    That's the king pimp's whoopin

  65. StylezMoney

    I totally agree with you. Regardless of who the women is you never put your hands on her. Ever.

    Jay Coleman

    StylezMoney *WOMAN

    AJ Singh

    Unless she puts her hands on your first.

  66. Gregory _

    @crlrlgetter your girl probably cheated on ya bitch ass

  67. trademarktaz

    i was drinking with a friend and his hoe last night and she was getting loose as hell on me, he had no control over his hoe. i lost respect for him and her both.

    Juliet Acedia

    mordeczko ale propsy jak chuj!!!

    Rocks for

    you should have slapped her in the face i wanted to tell you but it wasn't my place

    AJ Singh

    Should have dicked her down after knocking her out. ROFL


    Sounds to me like they wanted to fk you

  68. K. Effandi

    @daleva187goligo I came here because of your comment. lol

  69. daleva187goligo

    @zanezanezaneouvre define "real man" bitch

  70. daleva187goligo

    @PrincessSunshine11 AHAHAHAHAHAHA u fuken stupid bitch actin like girls are all high and mighty n shit shut da fuk up, princess?? ahahahaha xD if a bitch come at me swingin i wont hesitate to check her n put da bitch in tha muthafuken hospital, maybe then she'll learn a lesson, if u step to a man, expect to get beat down like a man, bitch, i'll grab u by ur weave and stop ur head into tha fuken concrete, idgaf aint nobody puttin their hands on me n gettin away with it ... shiiet u fkn scumbag

  71. daleva187goligo

    Sean Connery approves

  72. Shoe3003

    the way he says control ya ho is hilarious

  73. seanbristow69


  74. Fred Nietzsche


  75. 808MixMaster

    this is the song of the day, i wanna slap da shit outta this bitch

  76. James Crowder


    amen lol

  77. trademarktaz

    22 hoes are uncontrolable

    Juliet Acedia

    to jest real talk!! a34

  78. Travelguy91

    Controll your fucking hooooe!!! Put her in a cage

    Ana ïs

    fuck you

  79. true6lue


  80. Two Bongs & a Guy

    @sparkie0704 hes not talking about respactable women hes talking about bitches that wont learn otherwise

  81. sparkie0704

    @ukochrono2 fun? degrading women? what if i were to slap the shit out of your mother? is that ok? how about your sister? No its not ok so why can he do it? because he is famous? not in my book...disgusted. he should be in jail for recording this filth.

  82. Darrylb123

    one of my favorite snoop songs of all time!! Soopafly was on one when he made this beat btw

  83. Tegan H

    I know it's a wad of cash, but I can't stop seeing him holding a tiny SNes controller...

    Big Daddy ™

    whats wrong with going old school ;)


    I actually thought it was a controller my whole life until u said it now.

  84. JPry0r

    Stupidest lyrics but this shit knock. LT Hutton<-- producers never get the shine they deserve. People forget often times more than half the song is the beat.

  85. HScott410_

    @crlrlgetter you a Simp lol

  86. john malone

    @andis101 i agree.. but only if she hits the man first.. if a bitch can hit a man she can take it from a man

  87. ODBWestCoastPHX


  88. stevie d.

    sum women do need to get hit.. love this song

  89. Vash Tea

    lmao this song is funny but he know if he hit his wife his scrawny ass is gone get his ass beat lookin like jim earthworm

    HERU Apocalypse

    Snoop got Hands Shorty 4real.No Female is Stepping to Him.

  90. sparkie0704

    This is disgusting.

  91. nw10nw10


  92. Lukas Funk

    Can u control yo hoe? this is real man,,,,,i like this shit bitches

  93. Grainne kate

    bitch you playin with fire, so sick and tired!

  94. coffeesick

    it 'cause bitches can't act in a civilized manner, especially house a ho, and sometimes you got to smack a bitch...but your fault fo laxing 'cause she shoulda been in place anyway.....sean connery thinks so too


    yea 11 people couldn't control their hoes

  96. whewkid

    @josuneta this song is about pimpin u ass, do u kno what a pimp is?