Snoop Dogg - Awake Lyrics

When you're awake
When lightening strikes you know
When you're awake
It definitely starts glowing
All the girls that's in this room
Get up close, you'll feel so much better
It feels so good to know
When you're awake
With the G come to the light

Put your hands together and close your eyes
Smell the aroma, visualise
Do not try to get higher than me
Why stop it there? Get high as can be

[Pre-Chorus - Pharrell Williams:]
It's time to spark up some [?]
Feel the blaze
The [?] number one (there's nothing new under the sun)
Feel the awake


My name is Snoop Dogg, not to complain
I gets my groove on, I do my thing
My planet's Krypton, home of the freaks
Come get your moon rocks, I am a G


[Chorus x2]

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Snoop Dogg Awake Comments
  1. into ully

    dreamcatcher 💙

  2. Lord Machiavelli

    Ring my belllllllllll 1970

  3. DeLuxis

    Snoop Dogg with Dreamcatcher on one stage 😁

  4. Just KPOP

    lol i thought i was the only who came for dreamcatcher and this underrated song

  5. Maks level

    Fuck BTS

  6. Peter MJ

    2019 !!

  7. Carlos Alejandro Martínez Mata

    I just can think about Dreamcather dancing this song when I listen it.

  8. Sleepy Sagittari

    Finally #AWAKE 🔥💯

  9. R. Lopes

    Ele pode não ser lindo né, mas essa vozinha.. " My name Is Snoop Dogg. " é muito gostosa de ouvir. voz de malandro mesmo hahaha #SnoopMito #Green ♡☆☆♡.

  10. Yojie Chan

    Dreamcatcher brought me here.. listening to this while imagining they dancing to this.. damnnnn.. they really slay this.

  11. nanu

    dreamcatcher brings me here hehe

  12. Maria Laura

    Dreamcatcher 💞

  13. marilau ;;

    Dreamcatcher 💜💜💜

  14. Pocket String


  15. dai é inSomnia

    Dreamcatcher ❤

  16. BUDDY T.T

    Mano achei a música cara eu ouvir essa música do Dance practice do Dreamcatcher

  17. Baguenaudeur


    King of Eden

    Dream Catcher✌😄❤

  18. Sanchez Escobar

    The Gap Band/Neptunes vibe is crazy

  19. loonathecrunch

    as always. DreamCatcher brought US here xD

  20. Free World

    01:52 my favorite part

  21. DanDan

    Da fuck is DreamCatcher you bitches ?

    Silvia Marcato

    A girl group who did a dance cover of this song:

  22. MephistoBelek

    fuck off dreamcatcher, im here because snoop

    Help Me

    MephistoBelek no u

  23. Juliana Beaugerard

    I'm here because the music not dreamcatcher whatsover

    Silvia Marcato

    Juliana Beaugerard
    It's bc they did a dance cover, that's it

    Pocket String

    Dreamcatcher always picks the dopest songs to cover, so, we are here for the music too.

  24. F A

    Dreamcatcher bring me here 😝

  25. theFINNISHmonster1

    Whos here cuz this is just an fucking amazing song!?


    i think everyone


    Doesnt look like it in the comments LOL. Many are here just cuz of some dreamcatcher goon.

    Ritsu Tainaka

    theFINNISHmonster1 you're retarded, everyone from dreamcatcher came here coz it's a good song

  26. Flavius Hg

    I am fucking drink :)) but i listen this mudic with succefulz :))

  27. Rown Aerith

    I knew half the comment would be about Dreamcatcher when I saw the title of this video

  28. Mr.Utan

    Someone pls tell me who the fuck dreamcatchet is?


    search up dreamcatcher dance practise 01
    its this song and there a girl group that can danse rly well and have good vocals
    yw haha

    Silvia Marcato

    They did a dance cover with this song:

  29. EXO AOA

    All the recent comments are about Dreamcatcher they really are powerful aren't they?

  30. Joohyun's fabric softener

    Here because of Dreamcatcher :D

  31. Bibi Coutinho

    geral aqui por causa do dance practice das Dreamcatcher uiui adoro

  32. Mary Darlene

    Dreamcatcher brought me here <3

  33. hånsel grätel

    crazy 😁😁😁😁😁😁 snoop du bist der beste seit 1993 steh ich hinter dir 👼

  34. AD Shizonaru

    dreamcatcher brought me to snoop dogg hahaha

  35. Siyeon's curled bangs

    I just noticed Dreamcatcher only covers sick songs, i'm discovering some good music because of them.

  36. Phandom at the disco

    Best ever

  37. KpopAddict addictedTuSeoul


  38. Rafael Cesar

    What effect is used on some of the vocals, it seems like a pad in the voice, what does it take to create this synth in the voice?

    Rafael Cesar

    Ah, remembering, it's in the refrain


    It might just be backing vocals, doubled with some crazy reverb? It doesn't sound that processed to me. Many layers interacting for sure though.

    K-Rave Dance Revolution

    Very late response! I think it's a vocoder, used on some of Pharrel's parts.

  39. INF6Lov8GCha10RP6

    Dreamcatcher is guilty :D

  40. mar msh

    because of dream catcher- who too ?😏

  41. Denys Aranda

    I'm here only for Dreamcatcher ♡

  42. ʚ frιdα .

    DreamCatcher. 👻👻👻

  43. kimlip subliminals

    dreamcatcher brought me here😂

  44. Yasmin B

    When dreamcatcher brings you here

  45. anel anjel

    Dreamcatcher bring me here

  46. Hunaidah Sulle

    I'm here because of DreamCatcher~ who too? ^~^


    What?! How can you read my mind lol :)


    Hunaidah Sulle MEE

    Lord Machiavelli

    Hunaidah Sulle Who too and Tutsi

  47. Kush#1 Super#TM

    Awake Awake . feel tha Awake

  48. Jay Kali

    Your Awake

  49. Vinicius Canovas

    Love this album bro,
    but this Awake on friday mornig ... you felll like Awake for real,

  50. D-Boy XO

    Fucking doggystyle


  51. ~SeahorseMcGee~

    The bass is great on here

  52. tonyspacecowboy

    snoops best album since doggystyle