Smokey Robinson - Easy To Love Lyrics

Oh, my darling
Where are you tonight
Our situation wasn't really wrong
But it was not quite right
It hurts so much to say goodbye
Still I'm so glad we met
'Cause you're easy to love
Hard to forget

I really miss you
But then I knew I would
We had some rough edges that needed smoothing
But the good times were really good
Oh, we didn't make it this time
And that's my one regret
'Cause you're easy to love
Hard to forget
I say you're easy to love
Hard to forget

Oh, you won't release me
Release me, release me
I can't get over you
I'll always love you
You will be in my heart
No matter what you do
I keep saying it'll be better tomorrow
Tomorrow ain't come yet
You're easy to love
Hard to forget
I say easy to love
Hard to forget

You're easy, easy, easy to love
Gotta come back
Oh-oh, hard to forget
Easy to love, hard
Yes, baby, gotta come back
Yes, come back, come back, come back
Gotta come back
Easy to love, yes, baby...

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Smokey Robinson Easy To Love Comments
  1. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love

  2. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love that's me I really miss you because you easy to love and hard to forget

  3. Helen Card

    There is absolutely NOTHING about Smokey that I do not love. I have loved him forever. His music is actually the soundtrack of my life. His music is the only music I spent my money on. Others bought my other music. Love, love, love!!!!!

  4. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love you easy to love I am so glad we met I really miss you

  5. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love I miss you

  6. Maureen Cuddy

    Beautiful voice beautiful human being x thanks for your beautiful music smokey grew up with your music xx

  7. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love baby

  8. Bernard Snyder Snyder

    One of his greatest songs ever!

  9. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love you are I love you so much

  10. Ron Rossmore

    I dedicate this timeless SR song to my forever beuatiful sissy Julie Ann Becerra Asher for all the love she had, has, and for our unique love of little brother and big sister. Julie, you are the only one who I have ALWAYS THOUGHT OF and LOVED from afar, even though it appeared otherwise. Anthony.

  11. Tamiko Clinton

    This song was my life for several years after a tough break up and I still listen to it and smile. Thanks Smokie for that song

  12. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love I love you Keith I will never let you going promise

  13. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love

  14. Wolf Girl

    This song will be better tomorrow

  15. Wolf Girl

    Song where have you been all my life beautiful

  16. Wolf Girl

    Beautiful beautiful sony

  17. peaches wright

    this is for me n felton he forever be mine i will be hes love u babe miss u

  18. Marcus Ballard

    This is a true song every one has been here

  19. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love

  20. Astarra Love

    Beautiful ♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹♥️

  21. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love

  22. Sandra Robinson

    Easy to love Smokey Robinson

  23. Avalon Park

    This is my favorite Smokey song.

  24. Deanna Temple

    My mom use to sing this to me all the time when we were on edge with each other now this song is in her memory easy my angle

  25. Earthly Love


  26. Annette B

    The One An My Only

  27. Tashana scott

    Love this song...... 💞💕💕💓💞💞💞

  28. Deann Keys-Pate

    So Sweet and I LOVE IT!

  29. Blacky Houston

    Easy to love Sandra Robinson my Sandra

  30. Hazel Archer

    Smokey takes me on a painful ride with this sad but beautiful song

  31. Blacky Houston

    Easy to love Sandra Robinson

  32. Ms. C Melson

    This song takes me on a journey and no matter how old it gets, its one of the best!!! I lost my mom and three sister in a row and we all loved Smokey so when I come across this song it takes me there, a place with them all....Thank you Smokey Robinson, I hope to meet you one day soon

  33. thumbsaloft


    Dee McC

    I TOTALLY agree

  34. Blacky Houston

    Smokey Robinson easy to love i love this song i dedicate this song to my love Sherman Houston

  35. Douglas Sharif

    Smokey Smokey Smokey dam you you're to easy.

  36. Robert Lockwood

    Smoky Robinson is an Island he's out there by himself there is no other like him and there never will be the mold was broken may God continue to bless this brother to do what he does

  37. Marcus Reeves


  38. Eddie Bradley


  39. Roger Zebrowski

    Hands down one of Smokey's most Magnificent vocal performances, simply Beautiful! :-)

  40. Rhonda Herndon

    Real music

  41. davelle tate

    How does this song only have 50,120 views!!!!!!

  42. Frederick Bey

    The lyric's you won't "release me" aptly describe a love gone awry and the pain that lingers on.

  43. Kimberly Betties

    I blessed we met but hard to forget I really miss you but I knew.. The good times was good u was easy to love but hard to forget... Oooh U wont release me I cant forget it no matter wat but it u you always to love.. Ure my ECSTASY

  44. Dorian Thomas

    I reate to this in a way that sucks;-(

  45. Debra Muniz

    Easy to love hard to forget love it



  47. Charles Bryant

    The Mayflower Of Songs

  48. Louise Watson

    Lawrence YOU played so many troubled emotional traumatized rollercoaster twisted dark upset

  49. Louise Watson

    TO what didn't feel like a sincere fit :-)

  50. Sheila Palmer

    you are so sexy

  51. Sheila Palmer

    you are superb

  52. Velinda Gates

    only Smokey !

  53. Velinda Gates

    only Smokey !

  54. Overshadowed by God

    @ Davelle Tate, Delivery is flawless & his vocals take you on a journey....absolutely beautiful, no doubt

  55. Floyd Mason II



    this song always inspires me.first heard it in Chicago 89.auntie Dora house, CHUUCH

    Mary Ann Toney Howard

    KEITH DAVIS m 'll

  57. Latonya King

    October 17th 2015, is my 1st time ever hearing this song. A childhood friend dedicated to her sister that passed away and once I heard it i immediately fell.

  58. Tammy ST Wilson

    This song is so sweet.Beautifully written.Only Smokey can put it out this way. Mellow. I love his voice to the music.

    davelle tate

    Love your name and i believe Smokey wrote songs for you also.....take care

    Arnold Sullivan

    Tammy ST Wilson I really liked this song

  59. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!

  60. 70’s Fashion &Hair Channel

    Does anyone remember Smokey had a radio program here in LA? He promoted this album on it ... I used to laugh and talk with him on his show ! He has the nicest sense of humour. His show was on Hot92.3 FM, on Thursday nights. It aired from 1999 to 2001 at. 7pm to 8pm. I missed him terribly when that show ended. He even had a radio segment on Sunday mornings where you could listen to the weekday segments if you didn't hear the show during the week. He even allowed a DJ on Hot 92 to create a nighttime show called The Quiet Storm, and Smokey would start his show right after it was done. This DJ 's name was Sean Andre... Look him up I think he 's on the 94.7 the Wave under a different name because Hot92.3 is now gone.

    70’s Fashion &Hair Channel

    no problem!!! I was happy to share his album!!!


    OH YHESSZ ! <3 
    OH GAWSHH ! <3

  62. Linda Roscoe

    Beautiful song I love it!

  63. Dee McC

    Halle-lu-yer -- I LOVE the entire album, Intimate.   Thx for the post.

  64. gmconly1

    Jennifer Vargas....OMG!!!!

  65. The A.M. Comedy Show

    OMG  I love Smokey and all his music

  66. Eva Lewenski

    My favorite song forever


    Damn this song is right on the money.

  68. Charles Bennett

    I Love Love Love This Great Great Great Love Song!!, I Mean It Is So So So So Smooth!!, And It Really Speaks About Real Love That's Happening Everyday!!! Ooh Wee!!.....

  69. gentleall

    Another brilliant tune YouTube users has slept on. Their ears must hurt something awful.  Too bad!

  70. C Cunningham

    Hard to forget.. This song is easy to love!! ;0)

  71. Edward Gilbert

    This is Smokey at his best.

  72. davelle tate

    His delivery is flawless and his vocals take you on a journey....absolutely beautiful

  73. TheAvalonpark

    This is my favorite Smokey song.

  74. Kato Cooks

    Just a beautiful song. It doesn't come any better.


    Sing it SMOKEY, what talent I just LOVE it.

  76. Serg H

    Smokey = smooth....long time listener of his music from the early days..

  77. Michael Foley

    In a word, Beautiful!

  78. Victor Parker

    This is true music. One of the greatest artist of all time.

  79. jacksor2

    This Here Is MUSIC Y'all. This SONG Is The SHIT!!! Spitt IT Smokey..

  80. Janet Martin

    so true

  81. Frederick Bey

    This is a song that brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it,I've placed so much hope in love as being a remedy for all lifes ills and yet when one needs to open the faucet of your heart and pour out all the pain and misery,yet hold no regrets"Easy to Love"is the "Swan Song" the last lyric's say 'Come back....Come back...gotta Come back'. Simply saying that hope is still and always will be alive.

    Valerie Casas

    Frederick Bey Thank you

  82. Boblet233

    @soulsupremeful Thank you, I just love this song.