Smallwood, Richard - Your Love Divine Lyrics

Lord, You know the pain, pain we bear,
and Lord, You know,the toils, toils and cares.
Send Your direction,
send Your protection,
send Your compassion,
and Your love divine.

Help us love those who would do us wrong,
send Your cleansing power from above.
Unite our hearts as one,
make us vessels for the flow through of Your love.


Your love divine
Your love divine

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Smallwood, Richard Your Love Divine Comments
  1. incandescent62

    Praise The True & Living God for this song which places First Corinthians, Chapter 13, Verses 1 thru 13 at the forefront of our purpose here on earth~~~Charity, Charity, Charity which is greater than Faith & Hope....oh, yes, I truly need God's Love To produce unfeigned love through Jesus Christ Our Lord & Saviour.

  2. bill martin

    Steve Ford is SICK on the Hammond B3
    he is such a BEAST

  3. mstee401


  4. Sheridan Williams

    Steven Ford is killing that Hammond

  5. job Brumaire

    this woman can sing;matter of fact this whole choir can sing.I would love to see this choir.

  6. Cibele Maria


  7. Trishonly

    This song is beautiful i love it :)

  8. ccth22

    Someone needs to put out the flames on that organ. My god!

  9. Tiago Rodrigues

    oh my goodness, that's super amazing... really really beautiful song

  10. Delores Allen

    This one song is simply a beautiful song. This background is just awesome. And the lead couldn't be done any better. She expresses every word. I felt every word and almost lost my mind. She is so good and Vision is just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Terri Champion

    i LOVE THIS SONG....

  12. PrazHymn83

    @MzBreezy555 Oh ok. Isn't she great?! I love Tara's sweet spirit...and she can SING!!

  13. PrazHymn83

    @MzBreezy555 Tara Fentress. What about her?

  14. Wacky Pick

    OH YES LORD!!!!!!!

  15. nathan damaine

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow oh Lord u are worthy to be praised

  16. Tatalalicious01

    thank you sooo much fir posting this video....i loveee this song sooooooooo much...amen

  17. Kelly Windham

    this is a beautiful song

  18. Blacksister184

    Love this song. Praise the Lord. What a day it will be when we all get to heaven and sings with the angels.

  19. dudeguy927

    Love it!

    A love song to Jesus! We need more of these.

  20. malealto11

    i love how vanessa did this song..... she kinda made it look like it was effortless

  21. hihosilverlining2

    I don't like the ending either...sorry :-( I love the original when it just ends. Please don't shout at me lol

  22. hihosilverlining2

    I love this song and remember it from childhood. Ms Williams has a lovely voice, but I think there is too much in this version. The original was so simple and beautiful. Too much riffing and stuff. Doesn't need it. But blessings to her anyhow :-)

  23. islabonito

    does Richard Smallwood have a new album out?
    after "journey" i mean

  24. islabonito

    holy thou art God is one of my favorites... i think she has a beautiful voice

  25. Bk Keith

    i agree she has a powerful instrument i can listen to any song she sings over and over i replay holy thou art God everytime i drive

  26. Matthew Kirk

    Vanessa under rated...:(

  27. PrazHymn83

    I'm glad you like it. Please check out my other videos too! God bless!

  28. BELauriette

    Thank you SO much. I love this song. So beautiful.