Smallwood, Richard - I Love The Lord Lyrics

I love the Lord,
He heard my cry
and pitied every groan.
Long as I live
and troubles rise,
I'll hasten to His throne.

I'll hasten to His throne.

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Smallwood, Richard I Love The Lord Comments
  1. Iantha Britt

    I love the lord because he first loved me!!! He's never stopped loving me.

  2. buttafly1075

    I love the Lord! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. paul green

    This recording is a classic example of the “definitive original.” This vocalist evidently gave this song thoughtful, prayerful input. The message is pure, strait forward and executed with soulful ardent restraint. Though Whitney Houston’s rendition appealed to the populist it is very peripheral in comparison. For me this soloist stamped this song “indelible” so that all other covers simply pale into the background. This song being included in Richard Smallwood’s debut release pretty much(in my humble opinion) guaranteed his preeminence among Gospel artist for posterity and the most admirable of contemporary Gospel composers. Though some of his arrangements struck me as somewhat high-strung and overdone; he nonetheless has achieved a notable level of moving expression in the Gospel genre. “I love THE LORD”. Paul W. Green

  4. Angel Barrett

    No other remake of this song does for me what the original song does. I love this song!

  5. Blue Ice

    The second verse the lead sings is hard to understand, it sounds like she is saying “ Oh let my heart, no more despair, while I have breathe to pray”

  6. Victoria Byrum

    Lyrics 😊

    I love the the Lord, he heard my cry
    And pitied every groan, long as I, I live
    And troubles rise, I hasten to his throne
    Oh, I love the Lord
    I sure do, surely do love the Lord
    He heard, he heard my cry
    And pitied every groan, yes he did
    Every groan
    Long as I live, long as I, I live
    And troubles rise, troubles rise
    I hasten to to to to to
    I'll hasten, I'll hasten to his throne
    I'll hasten to his throne hold on hold on
    Tears are streaming down my eyes
    I'll hasten, I'll hasten to his throne
    Yes I will, I'll run
    I know I can go to his throne
    I know I can go, I know I can go
    I'll hasten, I'm gonna run
    I know I can go, I know I can go
    I'll hasten, I'll hasten to his throne
    See I can run, Lord you know I will
    When there is nowhere to go I know I can go to you
    I know I can run to you oh
    I'll hasten, I'll hasten to his, his throne
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    I'll hasten, hasten to his throne
    Surely gonna be here

    Dianne Johnson

    Victoria Byrum CX

    Scot Mac

    The words were written 300 years ago, in 1719, by an English theologian named Isaac Watts. (He is better known for the texts of the hymns "When I Survey the Cross" and "Joy to the World"!).


    😇😇😇🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I JUST FEEL A PRAISE BREAK COMING ON 💃💃💃💃😇😇👏🏽

  8. biglamb Winston

    This song is so meaningful

  9. Lynn Watkins

    Thank you Mr. Smallwood for this song it blessed my soul to no end

  10. Dorothy Rose Rudzki

    A truly masterful blend, reaches ALL while still sounding "old time" because it comes from the ♥️

  11. Dorothy Rose Rudzki;KJV

  12. Dorothy Rose Rudzki

  13. gary robertson

    Man, this is just one of those songs.

  14. CakesSoSweet Youknow

    They dont make gospel songs like these many sister used to sing this in church...cant listen for long...I will start cryin and I am at work...

  15. Sandy Robinson

    💖💖💖 I can listen to this song all day 💖💖💖

  16. Mechell Graham Channel

    Thank you Christopher for posting this song. Is any way you’d consider adding the lyrics so I can sing along in my one-person kitchen housework gospel soul choir?

  17. Clapp To This

    When storm clouds rise in my life ❤

    Peace Maker

    Soul Clapp Praise God you have somewhere to go, you can 🏃to your Father's throne.

    Clapp To This

    Peace Maker Amen

  18. MsB Cheet

    Beautiful song. One of my favorites.

  19. Bigkiller87 King Killer

    Mr. Smallwood is the Best!

  20. gary robertson

    one of the most beautiful songs ever.

  21. Nevin Reid

    Whitney did a Great Job also

  22. Dorian AcousticKey

    This is so beautiful, thank you,  Amen !!

  23. Lemlem Tafere


  24. Pete Winston

    This song is so motivating

  25. Pete Winston

    This song is so motivating

  26. Luciana Caetano

    Simplesmente amo!!😍😍😍

  27. Wilhemenia Moore

    Praise God!!
    This is so Beautiful by Pastor Richard Smallwood!
    To God be the Glory!
    This Song truly touch the Very Core of your Heart.

    Sequora Anderson

    Wilhemenia Mop

  28. Germaine Mensah

    Yes I love the Lord

  29. Karen Pinkney-Seabrooks

    The anointing breaks the yoke

  30. Ruth Zange

    Hi y'all! I'm living in Spain and want to sing the song with my gospel choir. Anybody has the SATB music sheet for me??? I'd really appreciate. Thanks a lot! Please email me at: [email protected]

  31. Bonita Belle

    When I was stressed, I heard this song, and the lyrics inspired me, hold on to all I have heard of Gods everlasting love for me...dispite the trials and tribulations facing me, momentarily, ...God is faithful to them that put their trust in HIM.


    One of my favorites... we sing this a lot in service... <3

  33. Marcus Baskin

    I love the lord too

  34. Sherry Munguia

    Who sings this song?

    Christopher Blacksher

    Dottie Jones


    Dottie Jones who was/is part of the Richard Smallwood Singers. Underrated singer in my opinion. This was recorded in the early 80s. 82', I think.

  35. MaKunene Tshabalala

    thank you for posting this song, my first difficult songs I learnt in the piano.

  36. constance thela

    I love the Lord

  37. Adelia Kimsey

    About 3:50 I'm just :'O

  38. Karen Seabrooks

    I love this version of the song much better, Very annointed!

    c b

    this was the original version sing over or cover was done by Houston

  39. Maxine Bennett-Marsh

    I love this song.

  40. Marrissa Patterson

    The vocalist at minute 2:19. That's the clincher right there. Jazzy, but classic and lovely. Thank you God for Your anointed!


    That's Dottie Jones for you! Underrated singer who was apart of Richard's group.

  41. Gail Pullen

    I Love The Lord!

  42. Anastasia Osho

    Richard Smallwood is under celebrated. I'm sure he doesn't mind with the royalty checks he is getting for this song......

  43. Asa Lee

    This is a beautiful song that provokes strong emotions. It makes us feel good inside. It draws out tears from our eyes. But how many of us truly love The Lord? The crowds followed The Lord and some even sought Him out when it came  to fulfilling their needs. He fed them fish and bread. He healed their sicknesses and deceases. He forgave their sins. In all of these things they "loved The Lord."  But when it came to bearing The Cross, they were not willing. When it came to dying to themselves, they were not willing. When it came to denying the world and its pleasures, they were not willing. Demonstrating what they truly thought about The Lord. Feed us, heal us, forgive us. Make us feel good inside but don't tell us how to live our lives. Don't tell us to live holy. Don't tell us to come out of the world. Just be our genii in a bottle and fulfill our wishes. I think a lot of us are moved by emotions but not by obedience. So how many of us really love the Lord? “If you love me, keep my commands......Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching." John 14.    As human beings we are all pathetic hypocrites. Most of us do not truly love The Lord. How does He put up with us?

    Summer Fancy

    Asa Lee. Cuz like Paul said he does not treat us as our sin deserves


    It was not intended for mankind to bare the sufferings of the cross; that is why mankind was not willing, and God sent the one who could that salvation would come. We do love the Lord, but we are only human and God is aware of this fact. Be blessed and prosper with the Lord.

    Jesslyn Hodges

    A late post, yet I have to be honest with myself. Do I truly love him for what He can do, or do I really love Him for what He has done for me? Bless you

    Charley Boone

    @ Reign Clouds Say That Brother God is love!!

    Linda Enoch

    I'm glad God knows our heart, and motives. When you have been saved for many years, you know it's not for the fishes and the loaves of bread. You start to realize the God loves you so much He was willing to become flesh for you and die That's LOVE.

  44. Patricia Kemp

    blesses my heart everytime i hear this song - since i saw the movie THE PREACHERS WIFE WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON. THANK YOU.!!!!!!!

  45. Nadezhda Wall-Rossi

    Every time I hear this, I feel the Spirit so strongly and the tears come. 

    Bonita Belle

    Nadezhda Wall-Rossi /Me too, after all I've been through, should have given up by now,...but God's love gives me strength to keep on holding on to faith, will get better, soon! If you believe my brother and Sistah,...take my hand, we will together Hold on, to the goodness and mercy of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

    Roger Winters

    I fee the same way because we just don't realize how short life is, I pray I was a good Christian

  46. Brian Gainous

    Taught this to my worship team. The flow of the holy spirit always came through strongly.

  47. Venecia Phillips

    I Love The Lord He brought me from nothing to something. Amen Glory to God The Most High God

    Folasayo Onireti

    Amen Same hwere woop woop

  48. Tkaye Hump

    Just takes you there! Gimme that old time religion!

  49. Tkaye Hump

    Praise the Lord!

  50. Hai Snipes

    I really do love The Lord!!!!

  51. Patricia Kemp


  52. Leslie Hudson

    Grew up on this kinda' it! Old school...robes and all!

  53. juli reys

    Actually Alysia, truth be told. I do feel Whitney barrowed this song from Richard Smallwood. This song was Originally recorded in the late 1980's on his CD. and Whitney later re made a version of her own, many stars re-make a song that isn't thier own and put thier own spin on it and i agree no one can do a Whitney song Like the Late singer herself, but Richard Smallwood is a Gospel Genius on his own. R.I.P Whitney but I give FULL PROPS TO RICHARD SMALLWOOD FORTHIS SONG.....LOVE IT!


    Actually, Richard originally recorded this in '76. Then made this version in '82.

  54. mstee401

    Richard Smallwood and his choir are so overlooked...this man has to have the most beautiful sound around and his singers the most beautiful voices. I just can't get enough of him!!!

  55. FearNoWeapon777

    Pt. 3

    THIS song by Richard Smallwood is such a BEAUTIFUL, and deeply spiritual song. It is one of those RARE gospel songs that forces one to deny self, and look up, seeing Jesus on the cross. I helps a person growing in Christian grace and maturity to shout in rapturous awe: "I LOVE the Lord".

    So it distresses me that with THIS (and most) gospel songs on YT that the focus is on how the band sounds, or how the singers sound and great memories when the song came out.

    JESUS is the POINT

    Dorothy Adams

    More than 33 years ago I was given a tape with this song on it .I accepted Jesus as my Lord and
    Saviour during that time. I loved to
    worship while listening to one of the most beautiful Gospel songs
    ever. It is as inspirational today as it was nearly 35 years ago.

  56. FearNoWeapon777

    Pt. 2

    There is very little Gospel (i.e., Jesus died for your sins. Therefore, give your life to Him for what He's done for you. Take up the cross and be DEAD to the world. He is coming back for the righteous) in "gospel" music.
    In addition to the POWER of the Word of God, the purpose of the ministry of music to lead people to fall on the Rock, Jesus Christ. To give their ENTIRE lives to him, to forsake the world- the DESIRES of the flesh, the DESIRES of the eyes, the PRIDE of life,

  57. FearNoWeapon777

    Pt. 1

    Part of the reason why I don't like listening to most Gospel music is that the music tends to appeal to our CARNAL natures. NOTICE how on so-called "gospel"/"praise" stations that the songs tend to sound A LOT like modern rap and R&B music. Even more depressing than this is the fact that the lyrics themselves appeal to our FLESHLY desires for comfort, riches, and blessings APART from doing God's Will.

  58. Jay Mac

    I think it was '82. We were rocking the album in '83.

  59. Diane Jackson

    wonderful done. thank you d.jackson


    You mean Dottie Jones? That's the lead singer.

  60. Kevin Garrett

    Loved it

  61. MIchael Gibney

    I listened to this song when I was a teenager one does it better!

  62. MissLolaBunny

    What year was this recorded


    carter394able 82'

  63. trkk01

    i agree with you i love me some whitney i love the her version too especially the direction of the music but this sister doesn't have to have whitney voice she has a unique style that she is delivering the meesage from god


    This woman's version was magnificent! Perfect! Dottie Jones lead vocalist.

    Nadya Rossi

    She is so sincere, singing out of her belief.

  64. trkk01

    i meant my opinion

  65. trkk01

    listen there always going to be different opinions i love both version whitney i love the music direction but this original is more soulful more conviction i love my whitney now but the original from the chorus to the lead singer they brought it too but thats my original.

  66. Ingrid Gaddis

    Are you serious. Whitney didn't get credit. I was remade for a movie. She praised Smallwood for this song. Great vocals but NO WAY better than Ms. Houston.


    Ingrid Gaddis crazy talk.

    camacjr Oooo

    Whitney's version lacks depth and conviction. It doesn't even come close.


    @camacjr Oooo THANK YOU!!! no way in the world Whitney's version is better than Dottie's vocal here.

  67. john daconqueror

    wow- this song is already 30 yrs old. doesn't sound a day over 5.

  68. Theresa Taylor

    This is my absolute favorite all time Gospel song.

  69. 3bunnies100

    this was my favorite song I didn't find out untill 20 years later that whitney houston stole this song for her movie (lol) just kidding.........really i didn"t know that richard smallwood's group Psamls 8 had done the song first.

  70. Lillith Sternin

    This song was recorded in 1982. 1982!!! Its really is more than ok.


    This was actually his second version. First version was in '76. It's on youtube.

  71. Juslin X

    this song speaks to my heart!!!

  72. Melanin Latty

    such a blessing...i really love and enjoy songs that don't have a lot of screaming in it, just to make it effective. smooth and effective is my thing, gives you time to hear the lyrics and worship

  73. danni green

    It jus sends chills up my body and tears down my face..I love This song!!

  74. neetrab

    Her name is Dottie Jones. She was a part of the Richard Smallwood singers. Isn't this beautiful??? Her voice is magnificant on this and I can feel her emotion felt through the recording.

  75. neetrab

    this needs more views. total TOTAL shame!!! Whitney's version was nice... Le'Andria's version was the best female version or maybe tied with the underrated Dottie (for me)!! But come on... Richard Smallwood Singers. You do NOT get better than the original. That just ain't gonna happen.

  76. mali carter

    I thought the hawkins wrote this. Oh well, it's still anointed no matter who wrote it.


    mali carter the Hawkins? Lol


    I love this song, I can never listen to it without crying.

  78. Darin Brown


  79. qarahiyo

    I can't believe that even songs about the Lord ppl still think of petty things such as better versions of the song

  80. LaTavia Alexander

    Who is singing lead on this version?


    LaTavia Alexander Dottie Jones of the Richard Smallwood Singers. She has the most gorgeous voice.

    fredrick Davis

    Dottie Jones

  81. Alysia Hicks

    I once believed NO can sing a a song recorded by my beloved sister Whitney with grace until I heard this. Now I'm not saying she has a "Whitney voice" but I am saying she has a ministering voice that I can appreciate. I have yet to listen to a song done by whitney without breaking. RIP sis


    The woman lead singer here was very underrated as a singer, in my opinion. Her distinctive voice sets her apart from many in my opinion. But from my knowledge she only performed as part of the group not really trying to pursue being a solo big time artist and enjoyed her time with the singers.

  82. Zion Gate

    You're right. As great a singer as Whitney was, her version doesn't close to this - the vocals, the sound, the feel, just everything came together on this. Kudos to Mr. Smallwood for this wonderful arrangement. Can't be touched.


    Baba Booey pls... this woman can sing!! But let’s get real. Ain’t no Whitney vocal here

  83. neetrab

    I can see it that way.. I STILL don't like how they give her ALL the praise for this song, though.

  84. neetrab

    FARRRRR better!!!

  85. neetrab

    "there is nothing like to original version." ---

    You said that right. I kinda hate when almost everyone gives Whitney Houston all the praise for this song. SHE did not originate it. She made it more popular to the masses, but I wish people gave the RICHARD SMALLWOOD SINGERS (the best singers in the world) some love too!!

    enlightened child

    I know I'm late to the conversation (4yrs to be exact), but I just wanted to know.....
    do people actually think Whitney's version of this song is the original? I can't see how anybody would think that. This song was written, produced and recorded by Richard Smallwood, with Dottie Jones featured on lead vocals, and backed up by the Richard Smallwood Singers (1983). The movie, "The Preacher's Wife," starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington, didn't come out until 1996. How could anyone in their right mind think that Whitney's version was the 'original?'
    Richard Smallwood is a musical genius; the likes of Stevie Wonder and Prince. He just uses his talents in the gospel genre


    enlightened child yes, people thought whitney was the original. I think it's young people who said that. Has to be. Young people that don't listen to gospel music but I just found out that this song was REALLY recorded by Richard in 1976. That version is on YouTube. You should look it up! This is the 2nd version.

    Jamaal Shelton

    No one thought she was the original any one can sing a gospel song if they want. She’s dead and you phony religious zealots have zero respect

  86. momo smiith

    and my grandma love this song

  87. emerybayblues

    This song just makes me cry every time I hear it.

  88. psalm124

    GOD BLESS YOU, there is nothing like to original version. I have been to find this song for years and to hear it again brings so much joy. Thank you for the post.

  89. Joanne Jackson

    @WBFbySteefen It is O let my heart no more dispair. This is my FAVORITE gospel song, so I know the whole thing. LOVE it :)


    Thank you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  90. Hilda Henriques

    I need the lord, Yes. I love the lord.. most beau ti

  91. William Collins

    My spirit was longing for God the Holy Ghost everytime i listen to this song. Jesus Christ is the only way.

  92. WBFbySteefen

    Beginning at 2:07 she is singing "O let my heart." I've listen to this song about 30 times in the last two months because of a car commute that is 1 hr one way and 1 hr 20 min.s return. I couldn't make out what she was singing. When I googled I see this: I love the Lord; he bowed his ear and chased my griefs away (which she doesn't sing), then the lyrics continue with "O let my heart..."

  93. Emily Genopeak

    Absolutely amazing!!!

  94. Bluzey30

    @mygirlniecy AMEN!

  95. Fatty Kurz

    Thank you for posting this song, i used to hear it on the radio when i was a little girl and always thought it was beautiful! Amen

  96. chrispleasantable

    I'm gonna try and play this on the piano.

  97. Joanne Jackson

    This is my favorite gospel song of all time. I love it so much! And yes--it is BETTER than Whitney Houston's version.

    c b

    it was the original, Whitney own is the cover


    Please don't compare God's work. He has a part for all of us to play. her's was beautiful in its own right.