Smallwood, Richard - Calvary Lyrics

Calvary, Calvary, Calvary, Calvary
Calvary, Calvary

Sure_ly Jesus He Died on Calvary
Sure_ly, Died on Calvary

Can't you hear the hammers ringing?
Can't you hear the hammers ringing?

Can't you hear the hammers ringing?
Can't you hear the hammers ringing?

Can't you hear the hammers ringing?
Can't you hear the hammers ringing?
Sure_ly Jesus He Died on Calvary
Sure_ly, Died on Calvary

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah

Can't you hear Him calling His Father?
Father, Father
Can't you hear Him calling His Father?
Father, Father
Can't you hear Him… in heaven?
Father up in heaven

I know sure_ly He Died on Calvary
Sure_ly, Died on Calvary

They put nails in his hands, Nails in His feet
But He stayed on the cross Just for me
I know sure_ly I believe He died
Sure_ly, Died on Calvary

A crown of thorns on his head
The blood came streaming down
He was on the cross
They mocked Him on the ground
Surely the Lord died, yes He died
Sure_ly, Died on Calvary

He didn't have to do it
He could have set Himself free
He didn't have to do
But He stayed there just for me
Sure_ly, surely, surely He Died on Calvary
Sure_ly, Died on

He died, he died, on Cavalry

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Smallwood, Richard Calvary Comments
  1. Shan Perrier

    My my my...

  2. Jabber Jay

    Hands down my favorite gospel song i sing the second part for church

  3. Radio Ele Virá

    Glory is God

  4. Edna Shepherd

    I love this

  5. Jesus in the Morning Radio

    What an anointed song. Richard is one f a kind

  6. mahoganyhoney

    I don't think I'll ever get tired of this particular arrangement.

  7. Octavia Jones

    Thank You Lord! I break down every time I hear this song. It just sends me in

  8. brendaiveyrobertsong

    Yes!!!! Nobody but Jesus died on Calvary for my sins. He rose and he is alive and he is real in my life. Pastor Jordan Ivey III, preached Easter Sunday Sermon: John 20-Doubting Thomas hid himself and Judas killed himself-The other 10 disciples locked in a room-Jesus showed up-showed teh 10 the scars from the nail prints in his hands-we have peace-proof-praise-purpose and power in our witness...Jesus is real and he is alive!!!!!!!!

  9. shawny coo

    She sung THAT!!

  10. James Green

    it because of His love....Amen

  11. PrazHymn83

    Since people seem to want to get in on this comment, I'll say this: Richard Smallwood's church is Metropolitan Baptist Church in Washington, DC. Not in Maryland. Not in Virginia. The church is actually located in DC. The first person asked if this clip was recorded at the church, and I replied that it was recorded at Jericho Church, in Landover, which isn't too far from Richard's church...again, Metropolitan Baptist. Neither of us were talking about the Metropolitan DC area.

  12. MzKocoa

    loved this gave me chills !!

  13. shay wall

    I love this!

  14. John Rawlins III

    I love watching Vision sing.
    RIP Uncle Jeffrey

  15. whipit951

    Darlene took me all the way in

  16. Rita Coleman

    Love Darlenes Voice All Are Great Singers The One And Only Richard Smallwood Great Group!!!!!

  17. Marcelo nunes viana

    muito bom !

  18. divatildaend

    This song always brings me back! What if he let himself free? My soul would surely suffer the consequence of death and hell! But he died 4 me that I might have life and a chance at eternity! Thank u Father 4 suffering ur only begotten son!

  19. Farah Wyatt

    The only hope for this dying world, surely He died........Thank you Lord.

  20. Tabitha Linzie


  21. Ronn Reeder

    In the name of Jesus

  22. Come Sit Under The Trees

    I love this song, I play it almost everyday!

  23. blackpstone20

    Yrs God

  24. Bluzey30

    Ok, I need this video. I'd be having church at home..Lord have mercy.....

  25. Katrice Polk

    This song stuck with me after my brothers funeral. Ever since it's being through my mind. R.I.P. Dino I love you. This is a very powerful song.

  26. RABBIT fatrabbit

    yes yes all day and nite long JESUS CHRIST is the way!!

  27. Tremaine King

    Thank u Jesus. And I'm praying👸👼🙏 for all those 18 people and more who dont know Jesus .👏🙌☝

  28. Prolific Jones

    that all jeuses

  29. Douglas Chew

    I was there for this recording. These women aint even playin' !!! Every time I hear Richard Smallwood Vision I am ushered to my happy place in Jesus. Such a powerful anointing.

  30. Tawanna Green-Edmond

    i know it was

  31. Jamal Mason

    One of the best videos I ever saw! surely he died for me! :)

  32. Desia Kilson-Wolford

    bless his name!
    surely he died on Calvary for me!

  33. PrazHymn83

    Ummm....that person was asking was this recorded at Metropolitan Baptist Church in DC...Richard's church.

  34. Kisha Preston

    Landover IS Metropolitan DC!!

  35. Rita Miller

    Thank you Jesus for your precious blood shed on Calvary that I may be justified and reconciled with the Father. Hallelujah !!!!!! I love you Lord. .....beautifully sung.

  36. Renewluv

    Thank you Father

  37. PrazHymn83

    Actually, it's called an arrangement.

  38. Marjorie

    He didn't create it but he did update a very old church classic, "Surely He Died on Calvary"

  39. Melanie Smith

    OMG! I have been looking for this song for the longest time. I had no idea Richard Smallwood created this song! It is so beautiful and annointed! I it ran chills all down my spine. My whole body! Praise be to God!

  40. Arnedria Hogg


  41. Arnedria Hogg

    I have tears streaming down. Such a beautiful song!!! We are rehearsing this for Easter Sunday at my church.

  42. Trinity Lhuv


  43. MoiMonPainpanzeR

    Yeah in God we Trust, Vive Jesus Christ, Love and peace <333 3 (from France)

  44. 1tiffanyba

    This is such a powerful song to praise dance to for Easter.

  45. jggettri

    this song gives me chills every time

  46. Nico Johnson

    i did a dance to this song!!

  47. Nina Jones

    MY GOD!!!!! I haven't heard this song since I was a lil girl!! This takes me back!! I ALWAYS loved this song!! (RIP replay button)

  48. Devante Venible

    Sing Maurette!!!

  49. nesoldier74

    always loved this..i have it somewhere on vhs..thx 4 uploading

  50. Joshua owusu-duku

    i love that part 2:10

  51. JoAn McCray-Booker


  52. AngelsPicks

    I LOVE the Classical infusion within his songs. I thank God for HIS gift on Calvary

  53. Yannick Taylor

    Amen. I love this song. This son really ministers to me and Reminds me that God sent Jesus to save a wretch like me. Surely He died on Calvary. I love the ending. Reminds me of Gregorian Chant

  54. Eli Bonner


  55. bbutterfly11

    Wow, just found this and it is awesome!

  56. UPT123

    This song tears me up ... crying

  57. PrazHymn83

    @pniggy711 Naw...this was recorded at Jericho City of Praise in Landover, MD. Not too far from Met though...

  58. pniggy711

    I'm seeing A LOT of familiar faces in the crowd. This must have been taped at Metropolitan in DC!! Can anyone confirm??

  59. Evonne Davis

    I had never heard of Richard Smallwood. He reminds of a musician that played for Fellowship Baptist Church in Chicago, IL in 60's and 70's.named Frederick Young. I song under the direction of Dr. Stirling Culp of Chicago., IL.. in The Chicago Christian Ensemble. We are all blessed to have the opportunity to be able to listen to Richarrd Smallwood and have people like Dr. Stirling Culp to help us do give some of the blessed talents God had given us. BE BLessed & continue with God's work.

  60. Ever Evolving with EC

    how could you dislike this song? it's so powerful!

  61. dward911

    I been following the Richard Smallwood Singers my whole life. There been SO MANY awesome gospel singers came out of his groups...Anybody see Ted Winn in the background?

  62. lag2463

    Every Time I hear this song my Spirit moves through my body! Hallelujah Thank yhu Jesus!

  63. MoriMack

    This song is soooooo POWERFUL

  64. MoriMack

    This song is soooooo POWERFUL

  65. divad

    Get Richard's new album "Promises" in stores now!

  66. Lateigo Herbin

    Carolene Hatchett Betta sing, omg I love her voice.......

  67. Lira van de Kamp

    oh my God,,Darlene Simmons..fully anointed...God bless Richard Smallwood and the Vision

  68. theo dubose

    @PrazHymn83 Mama who sang the 2nd gave me chills. she has a very goos use of melisma

  69. theo dubose

    Mama who sang the 2nd gave me chills. she has a very goos use of melisma

  70. Royal Image Studio

    The anointing in this song gets me every time.

  71. DesignerzOnly

    @GloryaDios Yes the CD is still available, you just have to look around for it.

  72. AidenPA

    another song that i've been looking for should have known it was by Richard Smallwood

  73. Keith Sargent

    The second soloist OBLITERATED this song. Oh my God in heaven and on earth!!!

  74. Thickbaby3

    I get chills when I hear this!!

  75. free2rimeanytime

    more people need to be exposed to this song!

  76. PrazHymn83

    @Faith25able 2001

  77. wdcox

    Wow, Carolene really looks like Monique to me... She sounds great.

  78. Porcelain Banks


  79. Angel Williams

    this is a wondreful song on a easter day for god and our lord and saver

    god bless this song and people

  80. Alex

    surely he died for me....thankyou Jesus glory 2 God

  81. duberry55

    Awesome, right Season, right Reason

  82. babygirlsims1

    Watch "Passion of the Christ" and then listened to this song. What can I say, but Thank you Lord.

  83. babygirlsims1

    Watch "Passion of the Christ" then played this song. You know where I am right about now.

  84. MrDae618


    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from D-N-T mime from true hollines temple our pastor is bishop athony dixon and lady v and chief apostle Albert E. dixon and mother Sarah R. dixon

  85. kken

    darlene darlene darlene....God is with u girl!! felt the annointing in ma toes!!!

  86. sumerluv404

    Mercy! or like the deacons used to say at my grandma's church back in the day "YES SUH, YES SUH!!!!

  87. Emmanuel Temple Church of God

    Our youth are ministering to this they have found a seriousness in Jesus it was an awesome vision to see. Thank you JESUS

  88. nicole hadnot

    love it

  89. Cashe Moody

    love this

  90. Kissie Lee

    @NiaSoul01 yes he is so anointed

  91. cherylsyree

    luv this video

  92. cherylsyree

    luv this

  93. Adam Price, BSN, RN

    I just got up and ran around my living room a few times....

  94. luv3ANNY

    getting goosebumps!!!!! & they r repn my AKG mics WINNING!!!!!

  95. Jovita Smith

    You know, I bought this CD when it first came out and am still as blown away by this song as I was when I first heard it. Richard Smallwood is soooooooooooooo anointed!!!

  96. PArokee

    OMG! 3:26 to 3:32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Eskembol

    Espectaculaaar! Espectacular!.... QUE GRANDE QUE ES DIOS!!!

  98. J Joiner

    i have no words for this song

  99. Beautifulcutie

    This song is so Powerful!!!!!!!!

  100. gregmason2007

    Ole girl at 3:50 cracks me all the way up! lol