Slum Village - Pregnant (T3) Lyrics

Fuck, cause you're a whore
Whassup? Really nuttin - much~!
Yo, what?
The fuck, sup? Nuttin much
Yo, yo

What the fuck were you tryin to prove?
Tryin to disturb this nigga T3 groove see
I would prefer, all of y'all just to move
But every time I grip mics, you always in my face
I mean give me some space, but you don't, and you won't
Boy here's a pen pad, I'ma write down my number
for you, cause youse a fag
I mean you must have a want for me
Time you grip mics, first in line for open mic
You're, all on my cock rock you need to just stop
You're, all on my cock, my cock and in my rock
I mean stop the shit, you suckin my dick
You rappin with me? You rappin with X
The crew, I don't think not
You at the microphone like your panties was hot
Just like you was a young girl givin up twat
Yo homebwoi, you need to just stop
Matter of fact, get off my dillz jock
If I see you I'm gonna bust you in your knot
That's right

Uhh... uh-huh, yeah, sup
7-8, uhh
Tay what's that shit I said
That shit is fresh, damn!!
No shit, I had a little flow that was dope as hell

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