Slum Village - I Don't Know Lyrics

(What you gon' play now, Bobby?! I don't know)

Yo I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
Yo I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
You, you, you

[Jay Dee:]
Could ask my man, T(3)
I ain't the, (one)
To be, played like a nigga that you use to play for money and
No time for acting, (funky), with me
You best believe that you won't, (do it)

I'm influenced to like uh, (you know)
And then I pick up the phone shit, (I don't know)
She walks by casual says my loot is usual
Battin says it's him (too)

To all my ladies in the place
I mean your whole crew is like (yeah)
You know the S is my crew we rule, (what man you know)
We got a whole flock of niggas with glocks (you know)
But I don't know why I'm fucking with you

Yo I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
You you

[Jay Dee:]
It's like, you know you scandalous as hell
Yeah I can tell, from your nails to the Chanel
Say (what)ever you doin you doin it well
You jockin my man R.L. (too)

Wait see you
Shouldn't do the things you do
But you constantly do (your bad self)
Also you, love to, (eh, eh)
See I'ma get wit you so we can (uh)

And if you don't know, your shit is crucial
To all my people in the place if you need to know I
(Rock with the band) enough to say (watch ya man)
Do my shit on the dance floor
And if you need to call me (you know)
My number is (3 2 1) 1 7 88

Yo, yo, why I'm fuckin wit you

Yo I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
Yo I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
See I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin wit you
You, you, you

[Jay Dee:]
Aight Jeff do what you do

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Slum Village I Don't Know Comments
  1. Darren Hicks

    Genius badddddd

  2. Joshua core


  3. Thitoss

    Goddamn I haven't listened to this album in like 10 years or something


    That's what I said to my x..😎

  5. Blue wolf

    Heard this on ballers... Had to find it

  6. Pap Smear

    Dilla forever.

  7. Cee Gee Incorporated

    I had this joint on repeat!!!

  8. Treasure Michalski

    How I feel rn about my ex..

  9. Eugen Walker

    Z-3 mc scratch “ come on yeah” ! Triple threat

  10. Glitterbox Glitterbox

    I wish o was born back in the day?

  11. SxuthFlxrida’96

    This beat sounds like madlib

    Casey Walker

    Same vibe. The fucked with each other when Dilla moved to LA

  12. 2 ManMob

    “YA KNOW, but I don’t know why the fuck I’m fuckin witchu.”

  13. Tony El Shabbaz

    J diiiillaaaaa

  14. Fahh Que

    Ballers 💯

  15. BiZmOeT

    Crazy hip hop

  16. Jacqui G

    Dude! I put in ‘hard phat hip hop’ and you descended! ❤️

  17. chicity37

    Fuck this is so beautiful Jay Dee was really special I hope more people hear this and anything he’s ever been a part of

  18. Surgeon Vault

    YEAAAH! ya know

  19. Wesley Ducker

    Damn this is classic.

  20. druha10304

    The funniest shit is the James brown

  21. Kermit Hitler

    Ma neck snapt !!

  22. xxdasiygirl girly

    Ballers baby. THEY Have the best music on the show.

  23. patrick y

    I don't know why 18 ppl don't fuck with this

  24. SirCedJr

    Ballers will bring plenty here.

    saad bachiri

    That's right, ballers brought some good music

  25. Cameron Byrd

    #Ballers #BallersHBO

  26. Billy Carter

    Ballers bought me here

    saad bachiri

    Same here

  27. Leland H

    Man listening to this makes me MISS NYC!!!!!!!

  28. Anthony Ferrer

    16 people know why they fuckin wit J
    Or they just "dont know"

  29. Deejay Alex Paz

    Baden Powell, thanxs Jay Dee!

  30. IAM Sam

    J-STEEZ sampled this,same song title with cj fly


    Hell Spawn Idontknow - 3rd kind

  31. Tyler Durden

    Fuck big sean dilla and slum village did it first (and better)

  32. Zev Love X

    First time listening to this album... It's amazing.

    Jadah Arrington

    Zev Love X boy oh boy I know this was a gem for you! Too 5 albums of ALL time!!

  33. David Jallow

    Jeff do what you do! Amazing

  34. Login Username

    Damn... I was really looking foward going to your circus... No Pomeras? no thanks.

  35. Login Username

    y'all take care of yourselves out there smh... shout out from cali.

  36. Delreal Moore

    Ain't kno jazzy Jeff was in this

  37. John Barrett

    Jazzy Jeff on the ones and two's . Dilla beat, Slum Vill .
    This is the quintessence of dopeness on a Hip Hop joint.

    Me You

    I didn't know DJ Jazzy Jeff did the cuts

  38. Jake oneup

    One of my favorites

  39. Elvis

    this is true hiphop

  40. Brice Jackson

    or is this

  41. A Johnson

    Sample is "Make It Funky"- James Brown 😊🎶 Just FYI Dilla & Jazzy Jeff what combo


    "i dont know"

    A Johnson

    @Commander Blaha You got super upset for no reason, all these people are dead. Lol I wasn't even thinking that deep or trying to only credit "black artists" I only knew the song by James Brown. But I'm the ignorant one, yet you calling me all sorts of dumb fucks because I didn't mention who you thought I should have.

    Kaza' xD

    A Johnson Not only Make it funky, you can recognize other songs or JB like Sex Machin

  42. A Johnson

    Rip J dilla & Baatin 🎶❤️

  43. bry bry

    Life 😏


    Gawt Damn!!! Jay and Jeff, a most splendiforious combination.

  45. kendo512

    The scratch at the end is mindmelting


    kendo512 the magnificent dj jazzy jeff on the 1's and 2's

  46. mr offkey marc

    this is from my fav slum album jazzy smashed this.

  47. Lucien Lopez

    Did he fr sample fred sanford or is that someone else?!?


    he sampled James Brown-make it funky

    A Johnson

    Its a James Brown Sample using his voice


    I don't know 😀

  48. dbgbeat dbg

    Daniel Balog ..Liberec.................foooorever,,,,,Love...  Love......Love

  49. Julian

    Dilla please grace me with your knowledge from the heavens above..R.I.P.

  50. PPLTV

    The best who ever did it.

  51. Brian Evans

    aaaight jeff do what you do

  52. NIQUE LE

    #love jazzy jeff cuts

  53. ananixon

    D O P E

  54. Thomas Johnson Jr

    Classic Dilla, RIP!!!!!!

  55. TheSmiles923

    such a dope record! 

  56. SpaceGhostPurps

    Dj quik is also a great producer

  57. David Cary

    R.I.P Jay Dee

  58. Greg F

    it only happened once though (still have those 2 songs on my phone of course ;)

  59. Loyal Productions

    haha thats dope!

  60. Tyler

    Tryna find the instrumental

  61. AtticusFresh

    Good ear. He does that on alot of beats. He had such a great subtlety and ear for detail. He was a producer in the truest sense of the word. His beats would compliment the rhymes in a way that was beautifully musical. He could have a beat that was just one loop but it never felt repetitive. Apart from being arguably the greatest hip hop producer ever, he was also one of the greatest musicians of his generation.

  62. melissa flores

    @abe339 no truer words have ever been spoken. I think I'm in love with you lol

  63. Mbole Nku

    great track!

  64. Stylez Davis

    I just got that lol

  65. infyouth

    The placement of those James Brown vocal chops are smooth as hell.
    Peep how Jay makes the snare hit a little earlier when he says "doin' it well" to mimic the drum pattern of LL Cool J's "Doin' It".
    That was pretty slick.

  66. kkim1177

    J dilla documentary brought me here. FUCKING SICK ass song

  67. linjapanese77

    its funny... this very thing happened to me the day i finally found the "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" lp by Roy Ayers... the thing is that for years i've always refused to buy it online because i want this feeling of accomplishment so i just waited it out and find it one day... so i finally find it, right... walked out the door turn on my Ipod which was on shuffle... and the first song that comes on is Erule's "Listen Up"... it felt like the planets aligned at that very moment...

  68. Anthony Bee

    Jazzy Jeff on the scratch.

  69. abe339

    J.dilla is the g.o.a.t of all producers, along with nujabes, madlib, and dj premier. I don't give a fuck what anybody says, his production is the most beautiful thing I ever.

  70. cyrusjerome

    lol my bad... whatever now you know why the fuck your fuckin with it

  71. cyrusjerome

    "I don't know why the fuck im fuckin witchu"*.... "its like, you know you're scandolous as hell, yea i could tell from your nails to the chanel's, (WHAT) ever your doin, you're doin it well..."

  72. may34434

    I like the song and I wanted to hear the song in a clean version, I did not mean to upset you when I made the statement. I love listening to music without hearing curse words.

  73. redshad0w

    fuck censorship

  74. may34434

    Sounds good but is there a edit (clean version) to this song?

  75. The Uppercut

    Best Ever Producer/Beat Maker J DILLA WORD IS BOND

  76. oskamadison

    The most creative use of James Brown vocal samples if I really needed to say that...

  77. beetz15s

    the way the vocal sampls are choped in is genius

  78. HMZ

    1:15 :D

  79. Sydneylrn2

    8 people dont know why the fuck they clicked on this link and disliked this amazing songg

  80. Nick S

    Rest In Peace. aint nobody like Jay Dee and there never will be

  81. JB_84

    I used to bump this album like crazy back in 2001-had NO clue J Dilla was behind this at that time

  82. Connador

    @JBC16 Ahead of his time? No man, he's right where he needed to be. He was amazing.

  83. Giselle Meriwether


  84. ReminisceTheSankofa

    Jay Dee asked 6 people that question.

  85. JCTV

    Jay Dee was so ahead of his time and this song one of many that proves that point...forreal who thinks of sampling JB's words to incorporate it into the verses??..and what ?uestlove was saying about his ability to match the beat to an artists vocals are so true...this track is simply genius

  86. Greg F

    @CapTainBuckAHOE paris,france

  87. Giancarlo Garayburu

    @Fjord76 where are you from?

  88. ArsiniMusic

    This song is so chill. Just heard it at a local event, had to check it out.

  89. Skelet Kasket

    @TheBBoyCompany haha, yeah! Classy! :)


    yes i knew it had an awsome sound too it
    could have been made by a legend

  91. TheBBoyCompany

    @hi1049 Jazzy Jeff

  92. TheBBoyCompany

    See I'mma Get Wit U
    So We Can 'Uhhh'


    was this beat made by jilla ?

  94. dabears5408

    This is the most played song on my iTunes. For damn good reason. RIP Dilla

  95. Empty Tome 303

    An bes believe that you won't DOOO IT!. Yeah man Ya Know. lol. Coo song.