Slum Village - How We Bullshit Lyrics

This one goin' out to, all these bitch niggas
Talk shit 'bout me, 'bout my clique
Talk about how much we bullshittin', knahmsayin
You gotta get yo' shit together, shit

You ain't got yo'self together and I'm bullshittin'
I got cash, you broke, still I'm bullshittin'
Listen, I could give a fuck about what
You do, and you do this, what
Is it, my man, you know that I don't play

"I don't [4x], I don't play
And if you take offense fuck it! Got to be that way, J.D."

TIME [3x]

It escapes me; aw shit was so funny man
Was you what, what burn
That song uhh, the first song they ever came out with (hmm)
Umm, "Bullshit"
[Singing:] Can't cook up a good man
Pull up about, yeah, pull up
Nuh-uh, pull up a seed or some shit

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Slum Village How We Bullshit Comments
  1. Samuel Elizondo

    That beginning part on repeat mane. Who got the instrumental? Lol

  2. Jordan West

    I hate that they didn’t make the beginning the full song

  3. Kaizen 92

    ill bass

  4. Kasino Marxs

    Does anyone know what the sample is in the beat? It's filtered, so it's not easy to detect. Shit is Dope tho!

  5. MF DOOM

    that picture is not Detroit


    +MF DOOM nowhere did I state it was

  6. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Fucking jay dee man his flow was unlike any other ive ever heard so fresh so smooth..Damn man. R.i.p J Dilla. Also this was too short 😩😩

  7. s.lowe

    flow so nice

  8. chakabantou

    thanks for the upload