Slum Village - Beej N Dem Lyrics

And get drunk off my dick tonight
I want you to get plastered off of my meatsock tonight
Please blaze my dick like a blunt and
Make me want your cunt
It's all I want
It's all I want, that's all I ever want in my life...

You said you lookin for them niggaz yeah we be them
[?] EPM
This year 'bout to blow up like some helium
I usually rock around 92 BPMS
Like BDM, the Lexus what you see me in
Homeboy don't ever step to S.V. again
Shoutout to 5 Illa, ain't no beef with them
Gotta say what's up to Al Shoes and Beej n Dem
Oh, I gotta go it's like, we be on peace, peace, peace
Peace, let's get into flow again
We be them, niggaz yeah we be them

T3 got the same flow continuin
Y'all motherfuckers say the 3 don't be freestylin
I got a flow that got these hoes buckwhylin
I got you diggin and reachin for your wallet
You want it boy and you know who - got it
You claim original and sound like somebody
Shit I've been rippin shit since I first started
Been challengin niggaz and leavin 'em de-parted
I don't wanna but I gotta like build this body
I said this shit goes out to everybody - body - body - body...

(Yeah we be them niggaz, yeah we be them)

Niggaz come back to life, yo, I do the usual again
Hoes is givin me blows, cause I'm a sexy man
Niggaz is comin with rhymes I ain't feelin
You think you know me boy I used to be a hard villain
Niggaz is mad cause they shit ain't genuine
Don't even come my way boy with that cause I'm chillin
Fillin my shit, like Rollo fill up my click nick
Steppin to S'll be your last and, feelin the flow again
We be them niggaz, yeah we be them

Yeah we be them niggaz, yeah we be them [x4]

You think that'll roll~?
It's gonna have - that's gon' have to roll
Fuck that

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Slum Village Beej N Dem Comments
  1. T. Brown

    This shit still slap 🔥

  2. Rob Morgan

    Damn 3 killed this with 1 of his skipppiest verses

  3. Joshua Lewis

    Sample ?

    Samuel Neale

    Friday the 13th - Gil Evans Orchesta

  4. Los Angeles Street News

    What happened to shamrock hip hop playlist?


    Who knows I noticed a lot of songs being removed. Then uploaded from different people


    I fw the sample

  6. Vernell Thomas

    Dope ass beat tho

  7. Vernell Thomas


  8. GantzIsSloppy

    dope ass sample

  9. Krusario