Slim Thug - Water Lyrics

[Slim Thug:]
Know what I'm talking 'bout?
Slim fresh out the shop man, I say man, let me put some motherfucking music together for this shit

Big wide body ship, taking off at the light
Only come out when that sun out, '4s shining so bright
I was mixing '4s and Sprite before you came out your pop's pipe
I been a boss your whole life
Little nigga get your mind right
This is Texas
And you gon' respect this
Baddest bitches in the city, put them on my checklist
Your house ain't worth my necklace
Thuggers stay flexing
Hit the gym five times a week, so no stressing
Boss like dressing
Hope you get the message
Only got one life to live, I hope you catch your blessings
Look at me finessing
The flow I be undressing, your hoe
Told me please hit it slow
Then she say she can't take no more
Damn bro, life sucks
Like these Instagram sluts
With them big fine butts
In her DM tryna cut
What the fuck too many ballers
Throwing beers, tryna sprawl her
Picked her up in my Impala
Hit it once and I ain't call her

[Killa Kyleon:]
Yuh, let me talk my shit
Uh, never hear Bill talk cheap
Sipping on mud, Ima talk in my sleep
Hoe breaking salt, but it calms my peace
1500 what I got on my feet
This Off-White what I got on my back
Selling off white, what I got in my pack
Don't play ball, but I play with them racks
City Gear niggas don't know about sacks
Just dropped 30 in the 5.0
Roger gon' blow when I ride through slow
20 x 9s in the beeze I'll go
VVS diamonds, yeah I got that glow
Woah, better when I slip and slide
Pretty little face with the hips and thighs
Screw in my deck, jamming hypnotized
'Wood full of gas smoke grip the 9
Cups stay muddy like Harvey hit it
Ain't 'bout the money, don't bargain with 'em
C-O-D, I don't argue with 'em
Tryna take something, I bet a carbon hit 'em
Boss-like nigga got an army with him
Take a nigga bitch, I'm charming nigga
Pocket full of paper like Charmin in 'em
I'm with the smoke bitch I'm farming, grilling
Yeah, bitch I put on for my city
I'm in the coupe that don't come with no ceiling
Won't take a deal for no less than a million
Your bitch American, that's how I'm feeling
Ice on my neck got me cool so I'm chilling
Rapping ain't working so I'm back to dealing
I ain't went broke that got him in his feelings
Go get forensics I'm making a killing, yeah

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Slim Thug Water Comments
  1. Dead Game

    Big Love Slim Thug. ✡🔱✡

  2. Reggie Williams

    With them big fine buttttsss 😂😂😂

  3. Abdoul Aziz Wade

    King slim thug

  4. Jordan Fade

    Rest In Peace Screw the Originator

  5. Kaja Fertin

    im gona name my daughter water because of this song, so i will never forget this song. this is gold

  6. Cameron Hocking

    This song would have been dope 15-20 years ago

  7. Barry Bradshaw

    Big wide body ship takin off at the light

  8. Suade shoes

    Kyleon shit is dope

  9. Bruno Rodrigues


  10. Sir-Lean Serve-Daily

    Underrated jam right here

  11. Don Hopson

    "BUMPIN" $$$

  12. C. Thump_

    They both wrecked on dis 1

  13. Fields Jammie

    🔥🔥🔥🔥2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Josh Moloney

    Hit it once i ain't call her

  15. Joseph S

    Slim thugga! Still dropping heat. Much luv from Cali.

  16. VLoggin With YellaBay

    The whole entire song too clean

  17. Sick Widit

    Them rims gotta be a Texas thang huh

    James Redic

    Elbows & vogues. Down Souf shit.

  18. OfficialBear


  19. Thuro Brown

    This shit CRANKS!!!!

  20. myndwork

    This is Texas and you gone respect us!

  21. BEN GEE

    Thugga back for reala.. Downunder mafucka!!!!

  22. Anthony

    Nun like a Texas classic 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. Bust3r Sw0rd

    Dat instrumental damn

  24. Serghio Tachinni

    you stain real nigga. 4 real.
    from Russia, respekt

  25. comfort richey

    I miss u bro thanks for me bro

  26. Zone Jetson

  27. Zone Jetson

  28. FerrariMan FXX

    Was Thugga swangin thru Cypress in Htown? S/o all my Cypress Kingpins!!

  29. joel champagne

    Slim you got them DDs but they bout to be the past..

  30. Jose Lucio

    Killa killed it 🔥🔥

  31. Slickster Slickster

    id rather hear me some jt money

  32. 1NB5! BND

    Slabs Clean! Joint🔥,who is it??!....
    Slim Thugga

  33. B Dogg

    I need some steer horns on my prius

  34. Alexander Andreev

    gangsta af. sick

  35. Rodrick Hayes

    Slim THUGGA! Get Yo Mind Right!

  36. Cristian Antonio


  37. Barry Bradshaw

    Ice on my neck got me cool so I'm chilling, rapping ain't working so I'm back to dealing

  38. Edinan Luiz

    The sample in this is Gangsta pat - empty tha clip aint it?

  39. Isaiah Johnston

    This slims best song. 🏆

  40. Trey Metting

    3 months since this dropped and forensics is still trying to figure out how to charge Killa Kyleon for MURDERING this track...

  41. Mike Owens

    Love what they have done with this song

  42. Brandon Murphy

    I love slim and killa ... but , killa kills slim in this song . Enough said .

  43. DIVINESound

    Killa kyleon Killed It

  44. Low-Life TV

    i aint eem gone lie, that was hard af right there

  45. Bina G

    Hey Big Slim T. I'm ready to join in on the labs witchya lme know already Boss and God bless u and yourz til the day I die and after shawty

  46. Mr. Big

    Hahaha. That beard looks like a mix up between bin Laden and a hidiuis disguise lmao

  47. Brian Woltz

    Better slowed and chopped doe!

  48. Tee Jones

    Killa kyleon go 2 hard. He is not underated we now he rep htine right!

  49. DAngelo Shanks

    I'm from Detroit and I f*** with Slim Thug hard I'm going to be the first with 80 Foles in Detroit

    James Redic

    Lol. Awready

  50. Daniel Brown

    Name of song at the end?

  51. Mex Luger

    damn this beat cold mane, slim got that beard goin on

  52. Gabrielli Digiorgio

    No disrespect thugga the boss of all bosses but anyone notice the cups were empty

    Gabrielli Digiorgio

    @James Redic you cant even have videos with drank in it tho??

    James Redic

    @Gabrielli Digiorgio not driving on the street. If they pull you over and test ya cup, they'll charge you with possession of controlled substances. Remember sippin started in Texas so the laws done caught and now.

    Gabrielli Digiorgio

    @James Redic thats the same everywhere im pretty sure its illegal to drink controlled substances and drive. but i still drank lean and drove all over my city yesterday and im just a bum so why cant slim thug have syrup in his cup in a music video, there was deadass nothing in his cups

    James Redic

    @Gabrielli Digiorgio first off lil don't make you fake because you don't ride around with codeine in ya cup. Man was shooting a video. Second...Slim is from the city of syrup. This man probably done had more oil than you'll see in ya whole life. You got the game twisted homie. Ain't nothing fake about our culture in Texas. The fake is these out of towners jumpin on something that they really don't know nothin about.

    Gabrielli Digiorgio

    @James Redic I respect that, I just think its weird his cups were empty 🤷‍♂️

  53. FOM FamilyOverMoney

    Kyleon best verse ever

  54. Caleb Collier

    Keep coming back to this one Thug, gotta be from round here to feel it.

  55. Jp Stoelting

    Kevin, and Tracy be ballin. Fxing them cars and swearving, and sealing out them shows and being part of their own label ,"world star",. Its your boy John Paul

  56. Jason Thorn

    Thugga!!! Finessing that flow since way back! 💖💖💖

  57. phatbabby

    Hey Mann, that Buick is holdin'!!! In my Pimp C voice....

  58. may!!0

    That empty cup tho

    James Redic

    It's a case dine hea in Texas homie

  59. ThePocha1991

    Hardest shit Ive ever heard so far from this nigga its been a while but aye TEXAS on the map baby!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 thugga

  60. Phillip Scott


  61. Keyshaun Summers

    this is DOPE!!!!

  62. Marty Lemons

    Beautiful song love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Mandito Guerrero

    killa kills this bitch deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam

  64. Andrew Luebke

    +1 for DD subs in the trunk

  65. Caleb Collier

    I love the old school effects in the video. This one a banger. Reminds me of ol school Thug.

  66. Alexander York

    Wack he did own his disable child if my child do have special need I would love him the same this not cool

  67. Oliver G

    My man best Rapper

  68. maclac48

    Man this my nigga yo!

  69. Saiga12 HTX

    Mann this is 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🤘🏽🤘🏽

  70. Killamoto

    Like no other, PLANET HOUSTON

  71. Ronnie Royal

    I wish ESG had a verse

  72. Brandon Murphy

    Kills Kyleon kills this beat .. slim thug still bomb but killa wins this .

  73. Gilbert Vela


  74. He Got Hustle _

    Got this MF on repeat 🔥🔥🔥💯

  75. Dalila & Dejan Naj Jaci

    Slim thug killed this beat song of the year after kill shot

  76. John Aron

    So.... Uncle Junior from Crank Lucas is actually a real thing

  77. Anthony Williams

    Sippen on mud I might talk in my sleep

  78. Adam Skadas

    Aint Call Her

  79. Big TEX

    Texas #1

  80. ResinLip B Face

    i love schoolboy Q but this version slaps.

  81. Star J

    Go so hard 🔥

  82. IntoTheFray

    Wow Killa rekt

  83. Wear Montgomery

    Houstonia Magazine (@HoustoniaMag) Tweeted:
    Are you TRYING to raise our blood pressure, @astros?!?
    ¥Watch "Slim Thug Feat. Killa Kyleon "Water" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)" on YouTube

  84. pjmarc1

    Hope u and Killa keep making more music together. This shit is banging and the bass is bumping. I respect Texas. Good gym song. Muscle up up bro.💪

  85. Jon4

    I'm agreeing with others ' killa kyleon is and has been under rated

  86. 2Tan Quan Lloyd

    Killa kyleon kicking azz on you haters.

  87. pjmarc1

    Excellent collaboration. Both rap flows together very well. Sound like the new bun b and pimp c 2020 version. Great track. Nice bass. Easy flow bro.

  88. CasterMods


  89. TheMrdenton


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  90. preston kopecky

    Name of song at the end ?

  91. Nicholas Crum


  92. Durden

    lebron james ??

  93. slot crazy

    That car is clean as fuck

  94. Snow Poodie

    Slim Thug And Killa Kyleon Wreck This Song Period Real Talk Dope Song And Video Real HTown Legends They Very UnderRated

  95. Shay Moye

    Mane hold up!